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[Ancestral Link: Harold William Miller, son of Edward Emerson Miller, son of Anna Hull (Miller), daughter of William Hull, son of Anna Hyde (Hull), daughter of Uriah Hyde, son of Elizabeth Leffingwell (Hyde), daughter of Sarah Abell (Leffingwell), daughter of Joshua Abell, son of Robert Abell, son of Frances Cotton (Abell), daughter of Mary Mainwaring (Cotton), daughter of Margaret Mainwaring (Mainwaring), daughter of Randle Mainwaring, son of Katherine Honford (Mainwaring), daughter of Margaret Savage (Honford), daughter of John Savage, son of Elizabeth or Eleanor Brereton (Savage).]

[Ancestral Link: Harold William Miller, son of Edward Emerson Miller, son of Anna Hull (Miller), daughter of William Hull, son of Anna Hyde (Hull), daughter of Uriah Hyde, son of Ezra Hyde, son of William Hyde, son of Samuel Hyde, son of William Hyde, son of Robert Hyde, son of Jane Davenport (Hyde), daughter of Blanch Warburton (Davenport), daughter of John Warburton, son of Ellen Savage (Warburton), daughter of Elizabeth or Eleanor Brereton (Savage).]

Elizabeth Eleanor Brereton
Birth 1406 in Brereton, Cheshire, England
Marriage 1422, age 16,  to John SAVAGE, Clifton, Cheshire, England
Death 1446, age 40, Clifton, Cheshire, England
William Brereton 1350 – 1426
Angella Venables 1370 – 1442
Spouse and Children
John SAVAGE 1403 – 1463
Alice Savage  ___– 1581
Margery Savage
Margaret Savage 1421 –
Knight John Savage 1422 – 1495
Margaret Savage 1425 –
Jane Savage 1427 –
Elizabeth Savage 1430 –
Ellen Savage 1432 – 1465
Ann Savage 1434 –

Brereton Hall
Brereton, Cheshire, England

Ormerod describes the Parish of Brereton as having only one township - Brereton-cum-Smethwick - bounded by the parishes of Sandbach, Middlewich and Astbury. At the time of the Norman Conquest, Brereton came under Gilbert de Venables, Baron of Kinderton. It was granted to a family which assumed the local name but from the arms subsequently adopted it is likely that they were related to the Venables family. The Brereton family tree goes back to Ralph de Brereton who is known from being a witness to a charter by Gilbert Venables in the time of William II or Henry I. The manor and advowson continued in the male line of the Brereton family until Francis, 5th Lord Brereton died unmarried in 1722.

The connection with the Egertons of Malpas is shown in the first tree below leading to the Breretons of Malpas and Shocklach. The first five Breretons shown below were called William and following inheritance through a brother called Andrew the next three were called William also.

1. Sir William Brereton, Knight, heir to his grandfather, had a grant of free warren and market in 1369.
1st Ellen, daughter of Philip and the sister and eventually heiress of David de Egerton of Egerton, joint baron of Malpas.

2. Sir William de Brereton, born at Egerton on the feast of St. Valentine, 1350, baptised Malpas, a knight in 1385, died 1426.
1st wife Anyll or Anilla daughter of Hugh Venables, Baron of Kinderton married at Audley in 1386. Children were William, Nicholas, Hugh, Matthew, John, Henry, Elizabeth and Margery.

3. William de Brereton, known to be living in 1410 and 1417, died before his father, at Harfleur.
Alice, sister and heiress of Richard Corbet of Leghton in the barony of Caux. Children were William, Ralph, Alice, Joan.

4. Sir William Brereton of Brereton, Knight, heir to his grandfather, aged 12 in 1426 died about 1485.
Philippa, daughter of Sir Hugh Hulse. Children were William, Andrew, John, Hugh, Elizabeth, Jane, Eleanor, Matilda. See footnote.

5. Sir William Brereton of Brereton, son and heir.
Katherine, daughter of Sir John Byron, both living 1452. Children were Robert, Roger, Henry, Matthew, but succession went through William’s brother, Andrew to his nephew, William.

5. Sir Andrew Brereton, Knight, living 1460 and 1495.
Agnes alias Anne, daughter of Robert Legh of Adlington. They had William, John, Andrew, Matthew, Johanna, Ellen, Alice, Elizabeth, Catherine and Matilda. William the eldest son succeeded his uncle Sir William Brereton.

6. Sir William Brereton of Brereton, Kt., chief justice and lord high marshal of Ireland died 1541 in Ireland.
1st Alice the daughter of Sir John Savage.

7. Sir William Brereton, son and heir apparent.
Ann the daughter of Sir William Booth of Dunham Massey. This couple had six sons and three daughters. The eldest son was William.

8. Sir William Brereton of Brereton, Knight, Sheriff of Cheshire in reign of Edward VI, died 1559.
Jane, daughter of Peter Warburton. This couple had one son, William, whose family is shown in a separate tree below, and five daughters.
2nd wife Elenor, daughter of Sir Ralph Brereton of Ipstones. This couple had eight children.
2nd wife of Sir William was Ellen, daughter of Sir William Mascey of Tatton, Knight Their son was Thomas de Brereton, rector of Brereton in 1433, who was heir to his mother.

3. Thomas de Brereton, rector, 1433 and heir to his mother, was 34 in 1445.
2nd wife of Sir William was Margaret, daughter of Henry Done of Utkinton, widow of John de Davenport of Henbury, living in 1418.

2. Randle de Brereton, Esq., ancestor of the Breretons of Malpas and Shocklach.
Alice, daughter and heiress of William de Ipstones.

2. Elizabeth who married William de Cholmondeley.

The family tree is continued below from the Sir William Brereton shown above in generation 8. Sir William in generation 1. below was born in 1550 and his father died in 1559. As a boy he lived with the Savage family and saw Rock Savage being built. Subsequently he married Alice Savage and built Brereton Hall in the style of Rock Savage. This tree shows the end of the Brereton male line at Brereton and the succession through the Holte and Bracebridge families. The 2nd Lord Brereton was a leading Royalist in the Civil War and after the surrender at Nantwich was taken prisoner, with his wife and son at Biddulph Hall in Staffordshire. His distant cousin, Sir William Brereton of Handforth, was a General in the Parliamentary Army. The 3rd Lord Brereton was one of the founders of the Royal Society.

In the Town Hall at Chester there is a tableau above one of the doors as shown below, entitled Sir W. Brereton before the Mayor's Court.

1. Sir William Brereton of Brereton, Knight, son of Sir William shown above in generation 8. He was baptised at Brereton 6 February 1550 built the hall in 1586. He was created 1st Lord Brereton of Leighlin in Ireland on 11 May 1624 and died in 1631. He erected the monument to his ancestor in the chancel at St. Oswald's.
Margaret, daughter of Sir John Savage, Knight, and his wife Elizabeth, daughter of the Earl of Rutland. She was born 1549 and died 7 April 1597, buried at Brereton. The first three sons died in infancy.

2. William baptized 13 August 1579, died without issue.
2. Robert, baptized 29 June 1584, buried 1 March 1586/7
2. William baptized 13 February 1586, buried 14 February 1586

2. Sir John Brereton, Knight., 4th son and heir apparent, born 25 February 1591 buried 31 December 1629 in his father’s lifetime.
Ann daughter of Sir Edward Fitton of Gawsworth. From this marriage there were two sons, William and John, the second having no issue, and two daughters of which Jane led to the successor Hall family.

3. William Brereton, 2nd Lord of Leighlin, heir to his grandfather, born 28 February baptized Gawsworth 8 March 1611, buried Brereton, 21 April 1664.
Elizabeth daughter of George Lord Goringe, Earl of Norwich, buried Brereton, 5 December 1687. They had ten children, William, Henry, George, Thomas, Margaret, Anne, Mary, Elizabeth, Jane, Frances of whom the last five daughters died unmarried. Only William produced children and they had no surviving issue so the estate went eventually via William's sister, Jane who married Sir Robert Holte.

4. William Brereton, 3rd Lord, born 4 May 1631, baptized Brereton, died London 17 March 1679.
Frances daughter of Lord Willoughby of Parham.

5. John Brereton, 4th Lord, married Mary, daughter of Sir Thomas Tipping of Oxfordshire, died without issue 1718.
5. William 2nd son, died without issue.
5. Francis, 5th Lord, died unmarried and buried Brereton 11 April 1722.
3. John Brereton, baptized Brereton, 21 November 1624, died 22 October buried Brereton 23 October 1656
3. Jane Brereton, married c. 1646, died 1648.
Sir Robert Holte, who succeeded to his baronetcy in 1654. Died 3 October 1679, buried St. Clement Danes.
4. Sir Charles Holte, baronet, born 22 March 1648, died 15 June buried 18 June 1722.
Anne elder daughter and co-heiress of Sir John Clobery of Bradstone, Devonshire, by Anne his 2nd wife a descendant of Archbishop Cranmer, married 5 August 1680. She was buried aged near 90 on 6 February 1737/8. They had four sons and eight daughters of whom we follow John.
5. Sir Clobery Holte, born 19 August baptized 9 September 1681, buried 24 July 1729
Barbara, daughter of Thomas Lister of Whitfield, Northamptonshire

6. Sir Lister Holte, baptized 28 April 1720 died 8 April 1770 with no surviving issue.
6. Sir Charles Holte, succeeded his brother in 1770, baptized 25 November 1721, died 12 March 1782 in London.
Anne daughter Pudsey Jesson of Langley, Warwickshire

7. Mary Elizabeth Holte
Abraham Bracebridge of Warwickshire. On 12 September 1775.

8. Mary Bracebridge born 22 June 1766 married Henry Bracebridge of Morville, Warwickshire, her first cousin on 8 December 1803
8. Charles Holte Bracebridge of Atherstone, born 1799 died no issue in 1866.

Sir Lister Holte left a complicated will, dated 12 October 1769. The Manors of Brereton and Aston were to go to his brother, Sir Charles Holte, for the remainder of his life, remainder to issue male, remainder to Heneage Legge, Esq. with similar remainder, remainder to Lewis Bagot, clerk (successively Bishop of Norwich and St. Asaph) who died without issue, remainder to Wriothesley Digby Esq., remainder to right heirs of Sir Lister Holte.

In 1817 there was an Act of Parliament to dismember the estate to satisfy the claims of the assignees and mortgagees of Mr. Bracebridge and to indemnify Mr Legge and Mr. Digby for the resignation of their interests. The Manor and land was offered in parcels. The hall and large part of the land were bought in 1830 by John Howard Esq., of Hyde, succeeded by his son A. C. Howard in 1850. Another portion was sold to Sir Charles Shakerley.

Mary Elizabeth Holte was the representative of the Holte and Brereton families and also of the eldest line of the Egertons of Egerton. Her husband, Abraham Bracebridge had leases of Brereton Hall and demesne and also parcels of the estate to which his wife was the ultimate heir, from Heneage Legge, who had succeeded on the death of Sir Charles Holte.

Sir John and Elizabeth Savage

Elizabeth (Eleanor) BRERETON
Birth about 1406, Brereton, Cheshire, England
Additional Facts for Elizabeth (Eleanor) BRERETON
Marriages of Elizabeth (Eleanor) BRERETON, 
John SAVAGE  born 1403, Clifton, Cheshire, England,
Marriage: about 1422 - Clifton, Cheshire, England, United kingdom
Children with John SAVAGE born 1403
John SAVAGE born 1422
Margaret SAVAGE born about 1425
Margery SAVAGE born about 1426
Jane SAVAGE born about 1427
Eleanor SAVAGE born about 1428
Elizabeth SAVAGE born about 1430
Helein SAVAGE born about 1432
Ann SAVAGE born about 1434
Margaret SAVAGE born about 1437
Katherine SAVAGE born about 1443
Parents of Elizabeth (Eleanor) BRERETON
Father William BRERETON born about 1350  Egerton, Cheshire, England
Mother Angella (Anyll) VENABLES born about 1370 Kinderton, Cheshire, England.

First Name verification
Page 289 of PLANTAGENET ANCESTRY OF SEVENTEENTH-CENTURY COLONISTS states Eleanor, daughter of William Brereton, was married to John Savage..

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