Sunday, March 28, 2010

Eleanor Beauchamp 1307-1391

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  1. Thank you for doing, and subsequently sharing, the EXTREMELY extensive research you've done. I only recently discovered my connection to the Abell family and have benefitted IMMENSELY from the work that so many others have done and been kind enough to share. Our common ancestry begins at Robert Abell (who married Hannah) son of George Abell (who married Frances Cotton) son of Robert Abell (who married a Royle) sone of Robert (who married Helene and I assume someone else since some of Robert's children were the same age as Helene). From our first shared ancestor, Robert, you come from Joshua Abell's lineage whereas I come from Benjamin Abell's lineage (he married a "Hannah:). As a beginner, I am afraid I likely have VERY little to offer you that you haven't already done; however I can be reached at Again, thank you for your hard work and so selflessly sharing this information.