Saturday, September 3, 2016


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  1. I'm quite certain this is not a picture of Hannah Neilson Anderson. The image, in it's various incarnations, is a bit confusing. It shows up in three versions as that of Dorothea Hansdatter, mother of Hannah. I'm 95% certain this is incorrect. Another version is associated with Caroline Thomasdatter (Christensen), wife of Hans Nielsen (brother of Hannah and son of Dorothea). I scanned this version from a copy held by my father's cousin, a granddaughter of Caroline. This version was an original print mounted in an oval mat. It was with another picture in an identical mounting, that was of Annie Ditlevine Petersen, first wife of Hans. I can't remember if there was identification on the back of the pictures (and I was stupid enough not to scan the backs), but there was no mistake about the fact that these were pictures of Hans Nielsen's two wives. So here are the versions of the image: 1) the complete image showing the woman sitting with her hands in her lap, rather dark and low resolution scanning (this one identified as Dorothea); 2) Higher resolution skanning, but only showing the woman down to her waist because of the matting (this one identified as Caroline); 3) A head shot that was probably taken from a xerox of No. 1 (identified as Dorothea); 4) Another head shot in very low resolution that looks like a copy of a copy of a copy of No. 3 (also identified as Dorothea); 5) The image identified as Hannah, which looks like a heavily retouched version of the original image, but the clothing looks different. All of these all clearly of the same person, it's even clear they were taken from the same image. - Brent Miller (great great grandson of Caroline)