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THOMAS DRAKE 1460-1541

Thomas DRAKE, born before 1465
Thomas DRAKE
Birth before 1465, Great Waltham, Essex, England
Death before 27 Nov 1541, Slamsey, White Notley, Essex, England
Father William Drake (<1445-<1510)
1 Agnes Butler
Birth before 1490, Great Waltham, Essex, England
Death before 30 Sep 1550, Slamsey, White Notley, Essex, England
Marriage before 1518
Children William (<1518-<1555)

Notes for Thomas Drake
Based on the Court Roll for the session held on May 29, 1477, Thomas Drake was then at least 12 years old, which places his birth in 1465 at the latest.

From "Drake in England" p. 82, 83:"As Thomas Drakes he was presented for not being in tithing and aged 12 years and more at the Court held on 29 May 1477. It is interesting that, like his uncle and namesake Thomas Drake, he was apparently not living in the manor when his father died in 1510, for two years passed before he claimed his inheritance and, as we have seen, made provision for his sister's dower. The record of his admission to the lands and woods lately held by his father, to which he was admitted as the son and next heir, are described in detail on the Court Roll and is of interest in demonstrating this continuity of tenure in the family. "To this Court comes Thomas Drake the son and heir of William Drake late of Lytelhey and is admitted by himself (i.e. in person) to nine acres of land, parcell of a half virgate of land called Eldefeldys, one acre and a half of land, parcell of Grangerys; two acres of land of the Blacche land; seven acres of land, parcell of a half virgate of land called Symonjeffreyes: one grove of wood and pasture containing two acres and a half called Grangerysgrove, and one croft of land containing one acre of land and a half called Grovecroft, parcell of a half virgate called Eldefeldes as his (word illegible) and inheritance." "Eldfeldys" is almost certainly to be identified with "Eldo land" held by Nicholas Drake who also held "Granger land" and a parcel of "Symon Geffray's land" ca. 1328. Thomas Drake was elected to serve as Constable at the Court held on 15 June 1512, and appears in the Court Rolls as a juror several times between 1513 and 1522. He also acquired a croft containing two acres called Arnelles or Amgelles in the Rectory Manor of Great Waltham for which he paid a yearly rent of 18d. At the Court held on 5 February 1515 he did homage for a cotland containing 5 acres with three houses called Saches which he held in the right of his wife Agnes Butler. He died, leaving a will which has not survived, before the Court held at Great Waltham on 1 June 1542, when his death was reported and the will mentioned in a subsequent surrender. At some time before his death Thomas Drake had settled at Slamsey in White Notley. This manor had belonged to Lees or Leighs Priory in Essex and, when leased by the Prior and Convent to Richard Duke on 12 May 1525, was held by "Thomas Colette of Moche (i.e. Great) Waltham" whose term had five years to run. After the suppression of the Priory the "manor of Slamesey als. Slamondesey als. Slampsey Oldhall and Brenthall" was granted by Letters Patent to Sir Richard Rich, the King's Solicitor-general and steward of Great Waltham, to hold as the twentieth part of a knight's fee. There was, therefore, ample reason for a tenant at Great Waltham acquiring other lands in White Notley. From the Lay Subsidy Of 1523-24 we know that neither Thomas nor any other Drake was taxed at White Notley but Agnes Drake was taxed there in 1543-44 and Thomas Drake buried there on 27 November 1541. "
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