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Winslow Farr 1837-

1. Winslow Farr, Jr. Biography
2. by Wilma and Randall Smith
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Winslow Farr, Jr., was born May 11, 1837, at Charleston, Orleans Co., Vermont. Winslow Jr., was the youngest and smallest at birth of the six children who were born to Winslow Farr, Sr., and Olive Hovey Freeman.
Diaries - Part 1 - June 1998 The first entry in Winslow’s journal reads: “Winslow Farr Junior was born may 11, 1837. I now at the age of 18th and in my 19th year I do commence a brief sketch of my life beginning at May 1, 1856.”
Diaries - Part 2 - January 1999 On June 15th, 1850 Winslow Farr Sr., his two wives (Olive & Almena) & Winslow Farr Jr. embarked, by wagon train with Captain Gardner Snow, for their westward journey to the Great Salt Lake Valley.
Diaries - Part 3 - June 1999 The six foot four inch, 19 year old, wrote about his daily activities in his diary. Cultivating land near Cottonwood canyon at the foot of the Wasatch mountains in the Utah territory, he helped develop his fathers farm.
Diaries - Part 4 - January 2000 The following selected excerpts from Winslow Farr Jr.’s diaries reflect the early pioneer life in the years 1856-1857 on the Big Cottonwood farms cultivated south of Salt Lake City, Territory Settlement.
Diaries - Part 5 - June 2000 Salt Lake City was founded on July 24, 1847 by 148 Mormon pioneers led by Brigham Young. The group overlooked the valley from the mouth of Emigration Canyon and Brigham Young stated, "This is the place."
Diaries - Part 6 - January 2001 In 1857, twenty year old Winslow Jr. was selected as a Captain of a 10 man Mormon Militia team. The Militia was organized to resist the United States Army troops commanded by General Albert Johnson.
Diaries - Part 7 - January 2001 Winslow Farr Jr. helped his father in law, Robert D. Covington quarry sandstone and build a stone wall. In addition, Winslow drove cattle to mountain pastures, hauled seed cotton to the gin, helped bale cotton and plant trees. He also worked for others in exchange for cotton and molasses.
Diaries - Part 8 - January 2001 Pioneer communities always managed to arrange time for their entertainment. Family tradition states, Winslow had a favorite saying, “I am not a musician, I just love to fiddle around”.
Diaries - Part 9 - January 2001 There is a gap in Winslow Farr Jr’.s diaries from may 1863 to March 1869. We presume these diaries were lost because the next entry we have begin with the date March 18, 1869 and the notation second missionary diary.
Diaries - Part 10 - January 2003A continuing series of excerpts from Winslow Farr Jr. Diaries with his own words and spelling.

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