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[Ancestral Link: Marguerite Anderson (Miller), daughter of Hannah Anderson (Anderson), daughter of Mary Margaret Edmiston (Anderson), daughter of Martha Jane Snow (Edmiston), daughter of Sarah Sawyer Hastings (Snow), daughter of Jonathan Hastings, son of Josiah Hastings, son of Thomas Hastings, son of Abigail Hammond (Hastings), daughter of John Hammond, son of William Hammond, son of Thomas Hammond, son of Agnes Garrold (Hammond).]

[Ancestral Link: Harold William Miller, son of Edward Emerson Miller, son of Anna Hull (Miller), daughter of William Hull, son of William E. Hull, son of Sarah Wilcox (Hull), daughter of Stephen Wilcox, son of Hannah Kelsey (Wilcox), daughter of John Kelsey, son of William Kelsey, son of Elizabeth Hammond (Kelsey), daughter of Thomas Hammond, son of Agnes Garrold (Hammond).]


Agnes Gerrold / Hammond

Re: Agnes Garrold of England (early 1500's) Posted by: Laura Pack (ID *****5561) Date: July 05, 2003 at 07:25:03 In Reply to: Agnes Garrold of England (early 1500's) by Katherine of 4

Agnes Garrold was my 11th gr grandmother. She was born February 1523-24, or 1506 Milford, Suffolk, England, died 6 January 1576-77, 24 February 1589-will, died Levanham, Suffolk, England. ( Agnes had brothers Robert, John.) Married John Hammond (clothier) born ca. 1500-1510 St. Alban's Court, Levanham or Melford, Suffolk, England, married 1529, died 22 December 1550 Levanham, Suffolk, England


Thomas Hammond born ca. 1545 Lavenham, Suffolk, England, died 24 November 1589, married Rose Tripp 14 May 1573

William Hammond born 1541-43 of Long Melford, Suffolk, England, married Mary unknown

Elizabeth Hammond born 1545-47 of Lavenham, Suffolk, England, died 5 February 1564

Margaret Hammond born 1547-49 Lavenham, Suffolk, England, married Mr. Jollye

Joan Hammond born 1549-51 Lavenham, Suffolk, England

John Hammond born Lavenham, Suffolk, England

Philip Hammond

Anne Hammond

sources: www.familysearch.org, www.ancestry.com
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