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[Ancestral Link: Marguerite Anderson (Miller), daughter of Hannah Anderson (Anderson), daughter of Mary Margaret Edmiston (Anderson), daughter of Martha Jane Snow (Edmiston), daughter of Gardner Snow, son of James Snow, son of Zerrubbabel Snow, son of John Snow, son of Jemina Cutler (Snow), daughter of Phoebe Page (Cutler), daughter of John Page, son of Susan Sickerling (Page), daughter of William Sickerling.]


Will, England


Archdeaconry of Colchester. Filed Wills. 109 Downinge. 6 April 1598. William Sickerlinge of Boxsted, Essex, yeoman ‘thelder , bur. in B. churchyard. Son John S., house I dwell in called Bofeilds and lands called Hodges, suffering Mary my now wife to live at Bofeilds. Son Richard S. ‘thelder , houses and lands called Cookes (7 ac.). Godson William Milks £3; his brother John Mills, 40s. To Jeremie Mills my daughter's son, 40s. To John Tessard my daughter's child 40s. To Thomas Mott my godson 3s. 4d. Son Allen Sickerling 20s. Son-in-law and daughter Joseph and Fayth Howmes the £4 they received of Mr. Richard Simnell for me, and to my daughter Fayth Howmes 20s. which her own mother lent her. To my son-in-law Robert Page £5. 10s. which he has already paid for me to Joseph Howmes for discharge of a bond wherein I stood bound with him.

The above legacies to be from sale of a grove; residue of the proceeds to go to the children of Robert Page my son-in-law and Thomas Martin of West Barthoult, Essex. Son Robert Sickening's son William, lands called Penneth (12 ac.). Executors, Robert Page and Thomas Martin. Witn: John Graye, Stephen Chillen, Joseph Sickening, Edwd. Messing, Robert Lowthe, Edmd. Neverd.

Mem. 17 October 1598 of surrender by testator of above houses and lands into hands of Edward Messinge and Steph. Chillan, copyholders of Rivershall manor, to use of his will. Witn: John Baynbregg, Edmund Neverd. (No Act.)
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