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[Ancestral Link: Harold William Miller, son of Edward Emerson Miller, son of Anna Hull (Miller), daughter of William Hull, son of Anna Hyde (Hull), daughter of Uriah Hyde, son of Elizabeth Leffingwell (Hyde), daughter of Sarah Abell (Leffingwell), daughter of Joshua Abell, son of Robert Abell, son of Frances Cotton (Abell), daughter of Mary Mainwaring (Cotton), daughter of Margaret Mainwaring (Mainwaring), daughter of Randle Mainwaring, son of Katherine Honford (Mainwaring), daughter of Margaret Savage (Honford), daughter of John Savage, son of John Savage, son of Maud or Matilda Swynnerton (Savage), daughter of Elizabeth Beke (Swynnerton).]

[Ancestral Link: Harold William Miller, son of Edward Emerson Miller, son of Anna Hull (Miller), daughter of William Hull, son of Anna Hyde (Hull), daughter of Uriah Hyde, son of Ezra Hyde, son of William Hyde, son of Samuel Hyde, son of William Hyde, son of Robert Hyde, son of Jane Davenport (Hyde), daughter of Blanch Warburton (Davenport), daughter of John Warburton, son of Ellen Savage (Warburton), daughter of John Savage, son of Maud or Matilda Swynnerton (Savage), daughter of Elizabeth Beke (Swynnerton).]

Elizabeth Beck (Beke)
Birth about 1344, Of Swynnerton, Staffordshire, England
Marriage before 1364, age 20, to Robert De Swynnerton
Death age 25, between 1369 and 1373
Nicholas Beck (Beke)
Joan Beck (Beke)
Spouse and Children
Robert De Swynnerton 1341 – 1386
Matilda De Swynnerton 1365 – 1415

Sir Nicholas Beke Knight
Born: About 1320, Tene, Staffordshire, England 160
Marriage: Joan de Stafford
Died: After September 1369, Staffordshire, England 193
~ Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists Who Came to America before 1700, 8th Edition,32:32,
Sir Robert de Swynnerton, knight, married Elizabeth Beke, daughter of Sir Nicholas Beke, knight, and Jane or Joan de Stafford, daughter of Sir Ralph de Stafford, and Kathernine de Hasang 160
~The Visitation of Cheshire, 1580, p.201, Nicholas Beck married Jane, daughter of Rafe Stafford and Katherine Hastang. Nicholas was the son of Sir Robert Beck of Tene. 532

• Background Information.
Sir Nicholas Beke served in the Crecy campaign and took part in the siege of Calais in 1347. He was a knight in the retinue of Ralph de Stafford, earl of Stafford, who accompanied Lionel of Clarence to Ireland in 1361, when Lionel was appointed lieutenant of Ireland.

Sir Nicholas Beck (Beke, Beck, Bec, or Beek) seems to have used invariably the name of Beck, a form which had occurred only occasionally before his time. He was a "Chivaler" and being also a member of Parliament, a good account of his career is given in Col. Wedgewood's "Parliamentary History".
He served in the famous Crecy campaign, and was probably in the great fight of the feudal lord, Ralph, Baron Stafford being attached to the King's division, and it is certain that he took part in the seige of Calais, because he had during its progress letters of attorney dated March 20, 1347, describing him as of the retinue of Ralph, who was abroad in the King's service. In 1359 he was again in the retinue of Ralph, now Earl of Stafford. In 1261, Prince Lionel of Clarence (son of Edward III) was appointed Lieutenant of Ireland and was accompanied thither by a body of men at arms commissioned by Ralph Stafford. Nicholas Beck was a knight with him.

Nicholas Beck's grandfather, Robert Bek, took the name of Bek from his mother, Lettice de Bek, who married Sir Richard Draycote. Lettice was not only the heiress of the de Beks, but also of Orabel or Orabilla, her mother. In 1369 Nicholas recovered 6 messuages, and 6 bovates, not in the estates entailed in 1302. With Nicholas probably ended the male line of the Becks, who were in fact Draycotes. We learn from a suit at Stafford in 1402 that his mother's name was Mary or Mariota de Bek and that he himself married a wife named Joan, and they were both living in 1348. He left two daughters, Elizabeth and Margaret.

• Background Information. 821
Nicholas de Beke, Knight, of Hotpon in St. Mary's, Staffordshire, and Tean in Checkby, Staffordshire, Sheriff of Staffordshire, was the father of Elizabeth de Beke, by Joan, the daughter of Ralph de Stafford, Knight of the Garter and first Earl of Stafford.
~Richardson's Magna Carta Ancestry. p. 722

• Background Information. 806
About the time of Henry III, Robert de Beke was lord of both Taines, who had issue, Gilbert de Beke, who was lord of both Taines: also, Gilbert had issue Robert, who had issue Sir Richard Beke, knight, who had issue Sir Nicholas Beke, Knight who had issue, Helen, his daughter and heir, married to Sir Robert Swinnerton, Knight, who had issue Maud, first married to Sir Raufe Peshale, Knight, and after to Sir John Savage, knight. Sir Raufe Peshale had issue by Maud, Sir Richard Peshale, knight, and Sir John Savage, knight, who after a long contention between the two, that Peshale had Over Taine, and Savage had Nether Taine.
~A Survey of Staffordshire, pp. 378-379
Nicholas married Joan de Stafford, daughter of Sir Ralph de Stafford Knight of the Gater, Baron of Tonbridge and Katherine Hastang. (Joan de Stafford was born in 1336 in Tunbridge Castle, Kent England.)
Online at:

notes on Elizabeth Beke / Papal Dispensation
Elizabeth Beke married Sir Robert Swynnerton, son of Thomas de Swynnerton and Matilda, daughter of Sir Robert Holland and Maud Zouch.
References: Swynnerton, Wm. Salt Arch. Soc. Pub., Vol. 7, part 2, pp. 1-24. Burke's Dor. and Ext., p. 524. Harleian Soc. Pub., Vol. 18, pp. 201and 203.
He [Robert de Swynnerton] married, 1stly, in or before 1356 (i), Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Sir Nicholas BECK. [Complete Peerage XII/1:588, (transcribed by Dave Utzinger)]
(i) When a settlement on the marriage was concluded. This marriage cause much litigation, on the ground that it was within the prohibited degrees (of consanguinity - ie. cousins]; but it now appears that the parties in 1364 obtained the necessary papal dispensation, and that Maud, their daughter and heir, was not born until later. The proceedings were confirmed on 21 July 1405. Elizabeth apparently d. in or before 1373.

Savage Pedigree
Henry II, King of England died 1189 married Eleanor of Aquitaine
daughter Ela, Illegitimate by Lady Ida Countess of Norfolk of Roger Bigod, 2nd Earl of Norfolk
William Longspee, Earl of Salisbury = Ela, Countess of Salisbury
Stephen Longspee = Emmeline de Riddleford
Ella Longspee = Sir Roger La Zouche
Alan la Zouche, 1st Baron Zouche of Ashby = Eleanor de Seagrave
Maud la Zouche = Robert Holand, 1st Baron Holand
Maud Holand = Sir Thomas Swinnerton
Sir Robert Swinnerton = Elizabeth Beke
Maud Swinnerton = Sir John Savage
Sir John Savage = Eleanor Brereton

Elizabeth Beke born c 1360?  p226.htm#i26104
Sir Nicholas Beke Knt. born c 1330?  p226.htm#i26105
Joan de Stafford born c 1337?  p228.htm#i26277
Ralph, 1st Earl of Stafford born. 24 September 1301\nd. 31 August 1372 p422.htm#i8013
Margaret de Audley born about 1318 \ nd. 7 September 1349 p418.htm#i8014
Father Sir Nicholas Beke Knt.2 born circa 1330?
Mother Joan de Stafford3 born circa 1337?
Elizabeth Beke was daughter and heir of Sir Nicholas Beke, knt., by Joan, his wife, daughter of Ralph, Earl of Stafford.3 She was born circa 1360?. She was the daughter of Sir Nicholas Beke Knt. and Joan de Stafford.2,3 Elizabeth Beke married Sir Robert de Swynnerton Knt., son of Thomas, Lord Swynnerton, Sir and Maud de Holand; By Papal dispensation.2  
Family Sir Robert de Swynnerton Knt. died circa 1385
Child Maud de Swynnerton+ born c 1380?2
[S693] TH.D. Frederick Lewis Weis, Weis: MC 5th ed., 96-8.
[S693] TH.D. Frederick Lewis Weis, Weis: MC 5th ed., 96-8.
[S1191] Esq. John Burke B:C of GBandI, III:602.

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