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ROBERT HYDE 1465-1528

[Ancestral Link: Harold William Miller, son of Edward Emerson Miller, son of Anna Hull (Miller), daughter of William Hull, son of Anna Hyde (Hull), daughter of Uriah Hyde, son of Ezra Hyde, son of William Hyde, son of Samuel Hyde, son of William Hyde, son of Robert Hyde, son of Robert Hyde, son of Hamnet Hyde, son of Robert Hyde.]

robert hyde
Robert Hyde, son of Thomas and Kinaston, "of Norbury and Half Hyde, died 22nd of Henry VIII, 1531, holding inter alia half of this manor, 8 messuages, and 640 acres of land therein, from John Legh of Baggiley, by yearly payment of 4 shillings, leaving his grandson Robert his heir. Robert Hyde married 1st Margaret Holland, daughter of Richard Holland of Denton, County Lancaster; 2nd ....., a daughter of Scargill, and 3rd ....., a daughter of John Boydell of Pulcroft, by whom he was ancestor of the Hydes of West Hatch, Wiltshire, of whom Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon and Chancellor of England, was grandfather, through his daughter, Anne Hyde, Duchess of York, of Anne and Mary, successively Queens of England."
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About Robert Hyde
Robert was married three times, first to Margaret Holland, then to a daughter of Scargill (?), and finally to Cathrine Boydell.

The first marriage produced a son, Hamnet, who would start a branch that led to Frank Hyde (1838-1920). Two branches developed from there, one where Frank Hyde's daughter Florence married Warren Jordan, the other where another daughter, May, married Tom Powers.
Robert's third marriage produced a son, Lawrence, who would be great-great-grandfather to two Queens of England, Scotland and Ireland .

Annals of Hyde and district: containing historical reminiscences of Denton ... By Thomas Middleton Page 185
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