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Agatha Vernon 1278-1350

Agatha de Vernon
Sir Hugh de Venables, Knight, Baron of Kinderton, son and heir of William, died 4 Edward III, married Agatha, daughter of Sir Ralph de Vernon, baron of Shipbrook,  Edward I. Ormerod: The History of the County Palatine and City of Chester Vol III pp. 47, 51, 133


Agatha de VernonBirth Abt 1278,  Died date unknown, Europe: Royal and Noble Houses (predominantly England and France)
Father Ralph de Vernon, b. Abt 1250, of, Shipbrook, Cheshire, England , d. date unknown
Mother Mary Dacre, b. Abt 1260, d. date unknown
Hugh de Venables, Baron of Kinderton, b. Abt 1270, d. 1311, of, Kinderton, Cheshire, England
Children 1. Alice de Venables, d. date unknown
2. Hugh de Venables, b. 1296, d. 1367/1368, of, Kinderton, Cheshire, England
3. Isabel Venables, b. Abt 1300, d. date unknown
4. Mary Venables, b. Abt 1305, d. date unknown
5. William Venables, d. date unknown
6. Reginald Venables, d. date unknown
7. Roger Venables, d. date unknown
8. John Venables, d. date unknown
9. Elizabeth Venables, d. date unknown

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