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Katherine de Houghton 1310-1368

Katherine de Houghton

Birth Abt 1310 
Died date unknown,
Europe: Royal and Noble Houses (predominantly England and France) 
Father Sir Richard de Hoghton, d. 1340
Mother Sybell de Lea, b. Abt 1263, d. date unknown
Hugh de Venables, b. 1296, d. 1367/1368, of, Kinderton, Cheshire, England

1. Joan de Venables, b. Abt 1328, d. date unknown
2. Hugh de Venables, baron of Kinderton, b. Abt 1330, of, Kinderton, Cheshire, England , d. 1379/1380, of, Kinderton, Cheshire, England
3. Richard Venables, b. Abt 1345, d. date unknown
4. Thomas Venables, d. date unknown
5. Roger Venables, d. date unknown
The Wallop Family and Their Ancestry, Watney, Vernon James, (4 volumes. Oxford: John Johnson, 1928), FHL book Q 929.242 W159w; FHL microfilm 1696491 it., vol. 3 p. 792.

Houghton / Hoghton Family
"There will be found many errors in dates because the different records often do not agree and there is no possible way of reconciling them. ... [T]he name Houghton, originally DeHocton, is supposed to be derived from the Anglo-Saxon word Hocton or Hoctune, signifying "Hightown" or "High Place" and was taken from one of the manors of the family in Lancashire, England, remarkable for its lofty situation. The possessor of this estate, Willus de Hocton, or ... Willus Dominus de Hocton, assumed the name of this manor about the year 1140. He was the first to bear it. ... the later style ... De Hoghton. The "de" was first omitted about the year 1458 by Sir Henry or ... his son, Sir William Hoghton about ... 1483." It is claimed that the "u" was introduced by those who settled in America. --- J. W. Houghton in The Houghton Genealogy

Titles and Property Expansion , Chestershire, England
Katherine De Houghton, born Abt. 1310 in Houghton, Lancashire, England. She was the daughter of Richard Houghton and Sibyll Del Lee.

Notes for Sir Knight Hugh De Venables 9th Baron Of Kinderton:
Sir Hugh Venables, son and heir, married 1st Elizabeth Mobberly and by her had one son, William, who died in the lifetime of his father in 1350. Married 2nd Katherine Houghton, daughter of Richard Houghton of County Lancaster. Richard Houghton was descended from Roger de Busli or Bussell, who lived in time of William the Conqueror, whose granddaughter received from her father two Caracutes of land in Hoton or Hocton and Echilstone or Eccleston in frank marriage to Hamo Pincera. Richard de Houghton was fifth in descent from them and he was retained Knight of the Shire for Lancaster County and died 14 of Edward III in 1340. He increased his estate not a little by means of a wife, Sibyll, daughter and heiress of William de Lea, who had received from his wife, Clementine, daughter of Richard Banistre, the Manor of Mollington Banistre in Chestershire.

Richard Houghton, Birth 1260 in Banastre, Cheshire, , England

Sir Richard Houghton, Died 1340, Europe: Royal and Noble Houses with Colonial American Connections
Father Sir Adam de Hoghton, d. date unknown
Mother Avicia de Howicke, unknown
Sybell de Lea, b. Abt 1263, d. date unknown
1. Sibilla de Hoghton, b. Abt 1308, d. date unknown
2. Katherine de Houghton, b. Abt 1310, d. date unknown
3. Adam Hoghton, d. date unknown

Houghton Tower, Preston, Lancashire, England

Hoghton Tower, Hoghton, Chorley, Preston, Lancashire, England, UK
Birthplace of Katherine de Houghton
 Hoghton Tower is fortified manor house in the Borough of Chorley to the east of Preston in Lancashire. It has been the ancestral home of the De Hoghton family since the time of William the Conqueror. It features a mile long driveway to the main gates. The original driveway extended far further and the cost of lining it with red carpet for the arrival of King James I of England nearly bankrupted the family. The Hoghton family has been at Hoghton since the 12th century, but the dramatic manor house that you can see today is primarily a product of the mid-Tudor period. The house is built in an elongated figure-8, encompassing two inner courtyards entered through a fiercely castellated gatehouse. Source: Photograph by Lancashire County Council

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