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[Ancestral Link: Harold William Miller, son of Edward Emerson Miller, son of Leander John Miller, son of George Muller.]

George Miller and Martha Jane Gourley Miller
Copy of Georges Muller (Miller) birth record


Translation of above birth record

Müller Georges                
Born 23 April 1812
DECLARATION; made at the township of Weitersviller department of
Bas-Rhin, before the Officer of Vital Records, at nine o-clock in the
morning the twenty fourth of April eighteen twelve of the birth of a
child of the Masculine sex born the twenty third of the month of
April at Seven o-clock in the evening and named Georges________ 

Given Name and name of the DECLARANT  Michael Müller__

Agetwenty six years living at Weitersviller__________
Quality or profession, Day worker._______________

Mother of the child: given name, name and domicile:
Catherine Hok, wife of declarant_________________

The birth having taken place in the home number 18

First witness, given name, name, age and profession:
Michael Schluth, age forty eight years, tailor__________

Second witness, Georges Gimbel, age thirty years,
day worker______

The two witnesses living in this Township____________

Declaration given, the Officer of Vital Records signed with the witnesses._
Michaël Müller                                             Officers Signature
Michael Schlutz

Gèorg Gimbel
Translated (by Arnold A. Miller 2ndgreat-grand-son)

The road from Saverne to Weiterswiller, through the nearby forest

Into Weiterswilller
Note alternate spellings of Weiterswiller (Fr)/ Weitersweiler (Gr)

On entering the town, some typical houses. 


Someone got cute with the Brickwork on this house (Kitty face)

Where we ate a fine Alsatian lunch, chez Rene Bloch
Across the street from the restaurant where we ate lunch
War memorial at entrance to Weiterwiller Cemetery
Honoring the dead of three wars
(note dates: 1914-1918; 1939-1945; 1959-1962)
This is a Muller (et al) family plot - Weiterswiller Cemetery
Gimbel (probably related. See Johann Michael Gimbel 1713-1775)
grave in Weiterswiller Cemetery
Georges Gimbel and Marie Gimbel - probably decended
from Grorges Gimbel who witnessed birth record above
 A very old grave of an Alfred Georges Muller
Here in the U.S. in Iowa, Pleasing Grove Cemetery

Birth: April 23, 1812
Weiterswiller, Bas Rhin, France
Death: July 13, 1893
Burial: Pleasing Grove Cemetery, Sigourney, Keokuk County, Iowa, USA
Find A Grave Memorial# 9501003
found on
Grave site of Geo. Miller and Martha J. Miller

George (Georges) Miller (Müller) death certificate