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[Ancestral Link: Harold William Miller, son of Edward Emerson Miller, son of Anna Hull (Miller), daughter of William Hull, son of Anna Hyde (Hull), daughter of Uriah Hyde, son of Elizabeth Leffingwell (Hyde), daughter of John Leffingwell.]

Leffingwell/Lefingwel etc family begin with John 1688Begin 1688 - 1848 , Norwich, CT
Vital Records of Norwich, Connecticut, 1659-1848 Search Results
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YearFamily NameRecordRecord TypeOrg. Seq.View Image1688LEFFINGWELLJohn Leffingwell was Born ffebr 2d 1688BirthMoreView1697LEFFINGWELLJohn Tracy Junior and Elizabeth Leffingwell ware married may 10th Anno 1697MarriageMoreView1710LEFFINGWELLJohn Leffingwell and Sarah Abell Ware Married Decembr the 26th Annoqedomini: 1710.MarriageMoreView1713LEFFINGWELLElizabeth Leffingwell the daughter of John & Sarah was born ye 12th day of Decembr 1713:BirthMoreView1718LEFFINGWELLSarah Leffingwell was born ye 27th day of octor 1718 of John & SarahBirthMoreView1721LEFFINGWELLJohn Leffingwell was Born ye 7th day of August 1721: of John & SarahBirthMoreView1723LEFFINGWELLMary Leffingwell was born ye 6th day of October 1723: of John & SarahBirthMoreView1725LEFFINGWELLAbigaell Leffingwell was born ye third Day of novembr 1725 of John & SarahBirthMoreView1730LEFFINGWELLMrs Sarah Leffingwell: ye Wife of CapT John Leffingwell, Died the Nineteenth Day of May Anno Domini 1730:DeathMoreView1730LEFFINGWELLFarmington Nouembr 17th 1730: This may Certifie whome it May Concern that on: the 17 day of this Inftant Nouember in ye year 1730. Capt John Leffingwell, of Norwich & Mary Hart of Farmington in the Colony of Connecticutt, were then joyned in marriage by me Samll Whitinan Entred ye 29th day of Aprill 1731:MarriageMoreView1733LEFFINGWELLHeart Leffingwell Son of John Leffingwell & his wife Mary was born on the 27th Day of October 1733BirthMoreView1739LEFFINGWELLMatthew ye Son of Capt John Leffingwell & his wife Mary was Born ye 28th day of march 1739BirthMoreView1742LEFFINGWELLPhinehas ye Son of Capt' John Leffingwell & his wife mary was born april 9th 1742.BirthMoreView1744LEFFINGWELLEunie ye Daughter of Capt John Leffingwell & his wife Mary was born Octor Ist 1744BirthMoreView1748LEFFINGWELLKaroline: the Daughter of Capt John Leffingwell & his Wife mary was born Septem1st 2nd: 1748.BirthMoreView
1773LEFFINGWELLCapt John Leffingwell Died Auguft 16th 1773DeathMoreView1739LEFFINGWELLJohn Downs and mary Leffingwell Daughter of Daniel Leffingwell were married on December 1739: Certified Pr : J: Wite Entred pr Isaac Huntington Town ClerkMarriageMoreView1744LEFFINGWELLThefe may Certifie that John Leffingwell Junr. & Hannah Edgerton both of Norwich, were married to Gether on ye 7th of June 1744: By me Benjn. Lord Clerk Entred Decemr 25th. 1746. Pr Isaac Huntington T: Clerk.MarriageMoreView1753LEFFINGWELLEbenezer ye Son of John Leffingwell junr. & of his Wife Hannah was born January. 13th 1753:BirthMoreView1755LEFFINGWELLJohn ye Son of John Leffingwell junr & of Hannah his wife was born may 1st: 1755BirthMoreView1757LEFFINGWELLLucy ye Daughter of John Leffing jur. & of Hannah his wife was born Novr 27th. 1757BirthMoreView1758LEFFINGWELLLucy ye Daughter of John Leffingwell junr & of Hannah his wife Died Janury 6th. 1758.DeathMoreView1762LEFFINGWELLJofhua, the Son of John Leffingwell Jur. & of Hannah his wife was Born December 26th 1762BirthMoreView1764LEFFINGWELLLucy ye Daughter of John Leffingwell Junr & of Hannah his wife was Born. December 29th 1764BirthMoreView1757LEFFINGWELLJohn Poft, and Abigail Leffingwell Both of Norwich were married together on ye 26: Day of June: 1757:MarriageMoreView1793LEFFINGWELLCanaan April the 21ft AD 1793. This Certifies that on this Day Mr Charles Lathrop & Mifs Joanna Leffingwell, were Lawfully married by me John Camp Pastor Entered May 14th 1793 Per Benj Huntington Junr Town ClerkMarriageMoreView1774LEFFINGWELLThefe may Certifie that Mr Phinehas Leffingwell and Mis Elifabeth Hide both of Norwich were married together By me November the 17th 1774 Teft John Ellis Clerk Entered pr Benj Huntington Jur. T: ClerkMarriageMoreView1784LEFFINGWELLJohn the Son of Phinehas Leffingwell & of Elifabeth his wife was Born July 21st 1784BirthMoreView1803LEFFINGWELLMr Stephen Maples Junr of Norwich and Mifs Anna Leffingwell of Bozrah were lawfully joned in Marriage February 20th AD 1803. By the Revd John SterryMarriageMoreView1840LEFFINGWELLMarried June 14 1840 Mr. Enos C. Ross, to Miss Mary Ann Leffingwell both of Norwich John Paine Pastor of Bap. Chh. Bozrah. Norwich June 23d. 1840 Recd. for record June 23. 1840 Othniel Gager Jr. Town ClerkMarriageMoreView1848LEFFINGWELLThis may certify that Mr. Henry H. Leffingwell and Mifs Harriet L. Root both of Norwich were joined in marriage on the 20th of February 1848, by me, John Howson Minister Entered by Othniel Gager Town Clerk.MarriageMoreView
gibbs48added this on 4 Jun 2009NEHGS - Vital Records Norwich NOTE: SHOWS JOHNS DEATH 16 AUG 1773 not 1733
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