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[Ancestral Link: Marguerite Anderson (Miller), daughter of Hannah Anderson (Anderson), daughter of Mary Margaret Edmiston (Anderson), daughter of Martha Jane Snow (Edmiston), daughter of Gardner Snow, son of James Snow, son of Zerubbabel Snow.]

Snow Road (close by highway?)

history and willCaptain Zerubbabel Snow (son of John Snow and Abigail Brigham, father of James
and Levi Snow and grandfather of Erastus) is also chronicled in Archibald Bennett's book.
The following is taken from that book:

Captain Zerubbabel Snow, son of John Snow and Abigail Brigham, was born 12
August 1741 at Rutland, Worcester County, Massachusetts. He died at Chesterfield, Cheshire
County, New Hampshire, 12 April 1795. He married Mary Trowbridge. She was born 25
February 1745, at Worcester, Worcester County, Massachusetts, the daughter of James
Trowbridge and Jerusha Park. She married 2nd, 12 Mar. 1800, at Chesterfield, James
Robertson. She died at Chesterfield, Cheshire County, New Hampshire, 24 July 1818.

Children of Zerubbabel Snow and Mary Trowbridge (born in Chesterfield, Cheshire Co., N.

1. Mary (called Molly), born 24 Dec. 1767
2. James, born 28 Jan. 1770
3. Lydia, born 18 Mar. 1772
4. Abigail, born 17 Apr. 1774
5. Sally, born July 1776, died age 14 months.
6. John, born 2 July 1778
7. Sally, born 1780
8. Levi, born 22 July 1782
9. Jerusha, born 7 Nov. 1784
10. Zerubbabel, born 20 May 1788

The Chesterfield Town Records, Volume 1, begin September 15th 1770. Zerubbabel
Snow was living in Chesterfield before that date. "At the annual town meeting for the year
1773, which took place on the 3d of March, Zerubbabel Snow, Ephraim Baldwin and Martin
Warner were elected selectmen.....At the annual town meeting for the year 1774, held March
2, the same selectmen were elected as at the annual meeting in "73." He bore the title of
Captain subsequent to the Revolutionary War, as shown by the Town minutes. The same title
is carved on his tombstone in the Clay Hill Cemetery, West Chesterfield. The home he built
or occupied after his father's death is still standing, and is "undoubtedly one of the oldest
houses in the town."

the Will of Zerubbabel Snow of Chesterfield, dated 17 March, 1794; proved 17 June
1795 is recorded in Cheshire Co., N.H. Wills and Inventories, Vol. 3. A brief abstract

"I Zerubbabel Snow of Chesterfield.....Gentleman being sick and weak.....I do appoint
Mary Snow my true and loving wife to be the sole and only Executrix...." He bequeaths to her
one third part of the farm on which he now dwells, one third part of his dwelling house, the
household furniture and one third part of a certain saw-mill on catsbain brook near the said
house; also one third part of lot No. 8 in Chesterfield. To his son James Snow, 35 pounds; to
his daughter Mary Farr, ten pounds; to his daughter Lydia Farr, ten pounds; to his daughter
Abigail Snow, twenty pounds; to his daughter Sally Snow, twenty pounds; to his daughter
Jerusha Snow, twenty pounds; to his son Zerubbabel Snow "all that parcel of land together
with the buildings thereon in said Chesterfield, which I the said Zerubbabel Snow purchased
of Isaac Earle;" to his "sons John Snow and Levi Snow in equal shares, two thirds of the
mansion house and farm on which I now dwell....together with two thirds of the said saw-mill
standing on catsbane Creek....also two thirds of....a part of lot No. eight....together with all my
live stock and husbandry tools and implements used on said farm in equal shares." He
authorizes his Executrix to sell 150 acres of land in the town of Stratton, Vermont.

In the Inventory of his estate, his name appears both as Zebulon Snow and Zerubbabel
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