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[Ancestral Link: Harold William Miller, son of Edward Emerson Miller, son of Anna Hull (Miller), daughter of William Hull, son of William E. Hull, son of Sarah Wilcox (Hull), daughter of Stephen Wilcox, son of Hannah Kelsey (Wilcox), daughter of John Kelsey, son of Bethia Hopkins (Kelsey).]

All Saints Church, Hursley, Hampshire, England

Old Church, Hursley, Hampshire, England - Probably All Saints Church

She's not a Mayflower descendant

Some note about Bethia Hopkins:

William Kelsey and Bethia Hopkins married back in England.
Bethia Hopkins was not the daughter of Stephen Hopkins of the Mayflower.
There were two Bethia Hopkins in Hartford at about the same time. The older of the two was the one who married William Kelsey and settled in Hartford.
I am not aware of anyone who has found the parents of the Bethia Hopkins who married William Kelsey, we really do not know who Kelsey's Bethia's parents were.
There was a John Hopkins in Hartford at the same time as Kelsey's Bethia, but Bethia married back in England, so there is no reason to necessarily connect John and Bethia. However, the Hartford John Hopkins named his own daughter Bethia, but that Bethia is NOT the same person as the Bethia who married William Kelsey. Thus is is possible that John Hopkins and Kelsey's Bethia Hopkins might have been siblings (thus the two Bethias were aunt and niece)
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  1. Hi Arn and Jody:

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    Since "Bethia Hopkins" isn't the daughter of Stephen Hopkins of the Mayflower you'll probably want to removed the photos of the church in Hursley, Hampshire. (That's where two of the Mayflower kids were baptized).

    Hopkins and Kelsey researchers agree that William Kelsey's wife is never named.

    See the problem here: Anderson, Robert Charles The American Genealogist, Oct 1993, 68:208-215; The American Genealogist, 37:38-42 . . . quote from Jean:
    Regarding the wife of William Kelsey: His wife's name is unknown; it is only speculation that she was Bethia Hopkins. Kelsey Gen. p. 26: "The name and parentage of William Kelsey's wife is really unknown, as is also the date and place of their marriage, but lacking proofs to the contrary, we accept the record as given by Savage, and call her "Bethia". Also, p. 25: " We have no record of his marriage, nor any positive record of the name of his wife. Hinman says her name was Bethia and that after the death of her husband, she married David Phillips, of Milford, but this is disproved by the records, for Bethia Kelsely was the wife of David Phillips in 1665, and William was still living in 1675, therefore Bethia Kelsey Phillips must have been the daughter of William, it being impossible for her to have been his wife. Savage follows Hinman's record and states that William Kelsey's wife was named 'Bethia,' but there is no more reason to suppose that Bethia was her name, than that it was Mary or Priscilla or Abigail--the names of the other daughters." [A Genealogy of the Descendants of William Kelsey by Edward Claypool and Azalea Clizbee and concluded by Earl Leland Kelsey, Vol. I, 1928, reprinted 1991.] So, even the Kelsey genealogy does not recognize William's wife as Bethia HOPKINS. Two articles in The American Genealogist (TAG 37:38-42 and 68:211-14) and Robert Anderson's The Great Migration Begins concur with this."

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    Good luck with your research.