Thursday, December 15, 2011

Humphrey Bulkeley 1424 -

Woore,Shropshire England

Humphrey's Life
a Latin epitaph October 1477Humphrey's great-granddaughter Elizabeth Blount was the "Bessie Blount" who was Henry VIII's first mistress, and mother of his short-lived son Henry of Richmond. While married to Catherine of Aragon, he had a relationship with Bessie Blount, which lasted around eight years.
Sir Humphrey Blount of Kinlet, knighted after Battle of Tewkesbury May 4, 1471 Yorkists held the manor of Astol Lye in fee from Edward prince of Wales as part of the honour of the castle of Walingford. Parochial antiquities attempted in the history of Ambrosden By White Kennett, Bulkeley Bandinel, Thomas Delafield.
Kinlet Sheriff O Shropshire Between 1460 and 1473/74

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