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William Hill 1468-1517

William HillBirth 1463/1468 in Shropshire,England
Death 4 MAR 1516/1517 in Shropshire,England
Marriage Date 1484
Location England
to Alice De Bunbury

William Hill 1430 –
Margaret Barber 1433 –
Spouse & Children
Alice De Bunbury 1472 –
Beatrice Hill 1496 – 1570


Family History
Responsible for settling the family at Poundisford. The Park was originally an appendage of the episcopal castle of Taunton, one of the possessions of the medieval bishops of Winchester. The enclosure of the park is variously attributed to Bishop Henry de Blois and Bishop Peter des Roches; it was certainly in existence by 1210–11 when King John, who had been hunting at Taunton, sent deer from Hereford to replenish the Bishop’s depleted herd. The position of Keeper or Verderer of the Bishop’s park was highly prized by local gentlemen; in 1487, for example, the post was held by Sir Hugh Luttrell of Dunster Castle, in Somerset. The Verderer was provided with a lodge within the park which stood on the site of the present Poundisford Lodge. In 1534, just two years before the Act of Suppression and the start of the Dissolution of the Monasteries, Bishop Gardiner divided the park and leased it as two agricultural holdings. The northern section of the park, together with the original lodge, was leased to John Hill's great grandfather. The southern half of the park was leased in 1534 to a John Soper. Roger is said to have married twice(16) , initially circa 1500 to Alice the daughter of John Toose of Taunton by whom he had 2 children Sir John Hill & a daughter Joane both living in 1548 who died without issue. His second marriage is thought to have been circa 1510 and was to John Hill's grandmother called Margery. Their son Robert Hill (b circa 1512) lived at Taunton where he died in 1581 having inherited the northern half of the park from his step brother John. rogers third son was John Hill's grandfather William Hill (b circa 1515 --see below).

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