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Robert de Holland 1276-1328

Robert De Holand
Birth abt 1270, Yoxhall, Stafford, England
Marriage 1308, age: 38,  to Maud La Zouche
Death 7 OCT 1328
Spouse and Children
Maud La Zouche 1284 – 1341
Maud / Matilda De Holland 1319 – 1413
Elizabeth Holand 1320 – 1414

Robert II de Holand, 1st Baron Holand of Upholland
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Arms of Robert de Holland
Robert de Holland, 1st Baron Holand (c. 1283 - 1328) was an English nobleman, born in Lancashire. He was a son of Sir Robert de Holland and Elizabeth, daughter of William de Samlesbury.
He was a favorite of Thomas Plantagenet, 2nd Earl of Lancaster and had been knighted by 1305. He served him by suppressing the 1315 rising of Adam Banastre, Henry de Lea, and William de Bradshagh (Bradshaw) who banded together and launched an attack on the Liverpool Castle. The manors of Thornton and Bagworth was acquired by him in 1313. From 1314 to 1321 he was called to Parliament. After that his part in the Battle of Boroughbridge was deemed cowardly and led to his disfavor. Although King Edward III of England would later pardon him, the partisans of the Earl of Lancaster considered him a traitor and had him executed.[1][2]   His execution occurred in 1328 by beheading in Essex, his body was sent to Lancashire to be buried.
Marriage and issue
About 1308 he married Maude la Zouche, daughter of Lord Alan la Zouche, 1st Baron la Zouche of Ashby and Eleanor de Segrave.
Robert and Maude had thirteen children:
Joane Holland (c. 1305 - 1340). Married John Radcliffe.
Margery Holland (born c. 1308).
Robert Holland (c. 1312 - 16 March 1372/1373).
Thomas Holland, 1st Earl of Kent (c. 1314 - 26 December 1360).
Otho Holland (c. 1316 - 3 September 1359).
John Holland (born c. 1318).
Maud Holland (born c. 1319). Married Thomas Swinnerton.
Alan Holland (c. 1320 - 1339).
Elizabeth Holland (born c. 1320).
Margaret Holland (c. 1322 - 1349).
Jane Holland (born c. 1326).
Eleanor Holland (c. 1327 - 1341).
Elizabeth Holland (born c. 1328). Married Henry FitzRoger
Further References
The family line of Robert de Holland can be traced through the Washington lineage right up to today, where several generation of Hollands live in the village of Washington, Tyne and Wear. One notable member being Robert George Holland the eminent Astronomer and former Countdown contestant. Who after graduating from Trinity college Dublin lived and worked in Hawaii and Peru before returning to Washington and founding the Golden Pig (referring to the Peruvian legend) award for young astronomers.
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