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Inez Alfonsa De Ayala 1338-1418

Doña  Inez Alfonsa de Ayala

b. 1338, Toledo, New Castile, Spain
d. 1418,  Toledo, New Castile, Spain
Marriage to Don Diego Gómez de Toledo
1355  — Age: 17, Toledo, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain
   Fernán Pérez de Ayala 1304 – 1385
   Elvira Alvarez de Zavallos 1310 – 1372
   Don Diego Gómez de Toledo 1334 – 1374
    Fernando de Ayala 1356 –
    Pedro Suarez Gomez de Guzman 1356 – 1385
    Diego de Ayala 1358 –
    Doña Sancha de Ayala 1360 – 1418
    Teresa Gomez de Ayala 1362 –
    Aldonca de Ayala 1364 –
    Mencia de Ayala 1366 –
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Ayala Palace at Quejana

Foundation Stone of the Chapel of the Ayala Chapel at Quejana

The lower part at the right (with the tower on the near right corner) is the original fortified house of Sancha’s grandfather, Fernán Pérez de Ayala, built in the first half of the fourteenth century. The bulky crenellated tower at the left is the ‘torreón’ erected by the Chancellor Pero López de Ayala, with the chapel containing his and his parents’ tombs. The foundation stone of the chapel reads: ESTA : CAPILLA : MANDARON : FAZER : DON : PERO : LOPES : SENOR : DE : AYALA : E DE : SALVA : TIERA : ET : CHA NCELLER : MAYOR : DEL : REY : ET : DONNA : LEON OR : DE : GUZMAN : SU : M UGER : ANNO : DEL : NAC IMIENTO : DEL : NUES TRO : SALVADOR : IHU XTO : DE : MILL : E : TREC IENTOS : E : XC : E : IX : ANNOS This chapel was made by Don Pero López, lord of Ayala and of Salvatierra, and Grand Chancellor of the King; and Lady Leonor de Guzmán, his wife, in the year of our savior Jesus Christ 1399. // In his will Fernán Pérez de Ayala had already created an endowment for twenty Dominican nuns before his son Pero Lopez built this chapel. The family vacated the palacio within a couple of generations and the nuns are now the caretakers of the whole compound: torreon, chapel, palace, and their own convent church and cloister, built later to bridge the two structures. http://nltaylor.net/sketchbook/archives/91
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Excerpt from Dictionary of Nationial Biography V.1-20

Inez Alfonsa Ayala b. 1338 Toledo, Toledo, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain


Inez Fernandez de Ayala1,2
 b. circa 1337
Father: Fernan Perez de Ayala, 13th Lord Ayala b. c 1305, d. 1385
Mother Elvira Alvarez de Ceballos b. c 1310, d. 1372
Inez Fernandez de Ayala was born circa 1337 at of Toledo, Castile, Spain.
She married Diego Gomez de Toledo, Mayor of Toledo, 1st Senor de Casarubios, Senor de Valdepusa, Val de Mozaraves, & Malpica,
son of Gomez Perez de Guzman de Toledo, Mayor of Toledo
and Teresa Garcia de Toledo, circa 1355.2
Diego Gomez de Toledo, Mayor of Toledo, 1st Senor de Casarubios, Senor de Valdepusa, Val de Mozaraves, and Malpica b. c 1334
Pedro Suarez de Guzman de Toledo, 2nd Senor de Casa Rubios, Mayor of Toledo+3 d. 1385
Al donza de Ayala de Gomez
Sancha de Ayala+ b. c 1356, d. 1418
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Doña Inéz de Ayala
b. abt 1330
Fernán Peréz de Ayala
b. 1305
d. 15 Oct 1385
Elvira Alvarez de Ceballos
b. c 1310
d. 3 Aug 1372
Pedro López
d. abt Feb 1331
Sancha F. Barroso
Diego G. de Ceballos
b. abt 1280
d. 1330
Juana G. Carrillo
b. abt 1290
Fernán Peréz de Ayala2,3 b. 1305, d. 15 October 1385
Elvira Alvarez de Ceballos2,3 b. circa 1310?, d. 3 August 1372

Doña Inéz de Ayala was from one of the most ancient and illustrious houses in Spain.  Also called Inés Alfonso de Alaya.  She was born abt 1330.  She was the daughter of Fernán Peréz de Ayala and Elvira Alvarez de Ceballos.  Doña Inéz de Ayala married Diego Gómez, alcalde mayor, son of Gómez Pérez and Inez Garcés.4,5,2,3 Doña Inéz de Ayala left a will in 1403.
FamilyDiego Gómez, alcalde mayor b. abt 1320, d. between 1373 and 29 March 1375
   Doña Sancha de Ayala+ b. abt 1350, d. 1418
   Pedro Suárez III de Toledo+ b. c 1355?, d. 13 Aug 13852
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