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John Blount Sir Knight 1298-1358

John Blount SIR KNIGHT

  b abt 1298 in Sodington, W,, England
  d. 1358 age 60
   Walter Blount SIR KNIGHT 1270 – 1315
   Johanna De Sodington 1274 – 1331
   Eleanor Beauchamp 1307 – 1391
   Walter Blount SIR KNIGHT  1350 – 1403

Sir Knight John Blount COA

Whence the Surname Blount
The surname BLOUNT was a nickname 'the blond and fair haired person' the name was derived from the Old French word 'blonde', and was brought into England in the wake of the Norman Invasion of 1066. Surnames having a derivation from nicknames form the broadest and most miscellaneous class of surnames, encompassing many different types of origin. The most typical classes refer adjectivally to the general physical aspect of the person concerned, or to his character. Many nicknames refer to a man's size or height, while others make reference to a favoured article of clothing or style of dress. Many surnames derived from the names of animals and birds. In the Middle Ages ideas were held about the characters of other living creatures, based on observation, and these associations were reflected and reinforced by large bodies of folk tales featuring animals behaving as humans. The acquisition of surnames in Europe and England, during the last eight hundred years has been affected by many factors, including social class and social structure, naming practices in cultures and traditions. On the whole the richer and more powerful classes tended to acquire surnames earlier than the working class or the poor, while surnames were quicker to catch on in urban areas than in more sparsely populated rural areas. The bulk of surnames in England were formed in the 13th and 14th centuries. The process started earlier and continued in place names into the 19th century, but the norm is that in the 11th century people did not have surnames, whereas by the 15th century they did. Early records of the name mention Melodia le Blount, 1273 London. Ascelina le Blunt was documented in County Norfolk in the year 1274. Marareta le Blound of Yorkshire was listed in the Yorkshire Poll Tax of 1379. George Blount and Isabell Tinker were married at St. George's, Hanover Square, London in 1767. Edmund White and Ann Blunt, 1786. The associated arms are recorded in Sir Bernard Burkes General Armory. Ulster King of Arms in 1884

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Sir John Le Blount
Sir John Le Blount, son of Walter and Joan was born abt. 1298. He was aged 39 in 1337 when he was a knight and found heir to his elder brother, William Blount, Lord Blount, was of Sodington in Worchestershire when he died in 1358. In 1324 he was a practiced soldier of Worchestershire. He was joint commissioner in Worchestershire in 1344, inquiring as to holders of land. He served in Gascony under Henry, Earl of Lancaster, and later, in 1347, under King Edward III at the siege of Calais, until the king returned to England. In October, 1350 he was on a pilgrimage to Santiago. John has been linked to several wives as mother of Sir Walter Blount. The Complete Peerage states that John married only once to Isoude Mountjoy. Burke's Commoners mentions Elizabeth Beauchamp, daughter of Sir John Beauchamp. Boyer's book appears to go with with Isoude as the mother of Walter.
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John Blount
b. 1298 in Sodington, Worcestershire, England
John Blount
b. abt 1300 -
d. date unknown
b. abt 1300 of, Rock, Worcestershire, England Gender Male. d. date unknown Person ID I192958 Wales: Records Primarily of the Nobility and Gentry Last Modified 15 Dec 2009

Father Sir Walter Blount, Knight, b. Abt 1270, of, Rock, Worcestershire, England , d. 1316 Mother Joan [de Soddington], b. Abt 1270, of, , Worcestershire, England , d. date unknown Family ID F129968 Group Sheet
Isolda, b. abt 1330, of, , Worcestershire, England , d. date unknown
Married Type: Husband - 2nd Marriage STATUS: Husband's 2nd marriage. (Robinson, A History of the Mansions and Manors of Herefordshire, p. 250)
   1. Richard Blount, b. Abt 1350, of, Rock, Worcestershire, England , d. 1358
   2. Sir John Blount, Knight, b. Abt 1350,  Soddington, Mamble, Worcestershire, England , d. 1425
        Kinlet, Shropshire, England
    3. Sir Walter Blount, Knight, b. abt 1350, Elvaston, Derbyshire, England , d. 21 Jul 1403,
        Battle of Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England
    4. Thomas Blount, b. Abt 1350, of, Rock, Worcestershire, England , d. 1400

Notes KINSHIP: Heir to his brother William. (Robinson, A History of the Mansions and Manors of Herefordshire, p. 250)

Sources [S408] Herefordshire mansions and manors, Robinson, Charles John, (Microreproduction of original published : London: Longmans, 1872. CD-ROM #2836), FHL British CD-ROM #2836., p. 250*.

John le Blount

b. 1298, d. 1358
Father: Sir Walter Blount d. 1322
Mother: Joanna of Sodington b. c 1274, d. a 1331
John le Blount 39 in 1337. He was born in 1298 at of Sodington, Worcestershire,
England. He married Isolda de Mountjoy, daughter of Sir Thomas Mountjoy, Baron Mountjoy, circa 1340.
John le Blount married Eleanor Beauchamp, daughter of John de Beauchamp, 2nd Lord Hacche and Margaret de St. John, in 1347.2
John le Blount died in 1358 at of Passingham, Northamptonshire, England.
Family 1
Isolda de Mountjoy b. c 1307, d. 1347
Sir John Blount+ b. 1343, d. 1424
Sir Richard Blount b. 1345, d. a 1358
Family 2
Eleanor Beauchamp b. c 1328
Sir Walter Blount+ b. 1348, d. 22 Jun 1403
Sir Thomas Blount b. c 1350, d. 1400
[S2958] Unknown author, Some Early English Pedigrees, by Vernon M. Norr, p. 27; Wallop Family, p. 101; Magna Charta by Wurts, p. 1122; Stemmata Robertson, p. 203.
[S11588] Some Early English Pedigrees, by Vernon M. Norr, p. 28.
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Burial Crypt Sir John Blount and Spouse


Shropshire, England, Extracted Parish Records

On a level with the two figures last mentioned and in the next light but one to them, is a knight kneeling, with the Arms of Blount of Kinlet, barry nebulee of six, or and sable, with a crescent for difference. Over his head the same arms impaling Cornwall, to denote the marriage of Sir John Blount of Sodington, with Isabel his second wife, sister and at length the sole heir of Sir John de Cornwall of Kinlet, grandson of Sir Edmund aforesaid. The Arms of Blount within the roundel are surrounded by a scrowl on which is written "Johannes Blount dominus de Kinlet abnepo domini Edmund de Cornewayll."
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Sir John
1324 , England
a practised soldier belonging to Worcestershire. In 1337, being then a knight, he was found heir to elder brother, Wiliam Blount Lord Blount. He was joint commissioner in Worcestershire in 1344, to inquire as to holders of land. He served in Gascony under Henry, Earl of Lancaster, and afterwards, 1347, under the King at the siege of Calais, till Edward's return to England. In Oct. 1350 he was undertaking a pilgrimage to Santiago.
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