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Margaret De Audley Baroness 1312-1347

Margaret De Audley, Baroness Audley

b. abt. 1312  Stafford, Staffordshire, England
d. 07 Sep 1347   England
   Hugh De Audley, Earl of Gloucester  1289 – 1347
   Margaret De Clare, Cntss Gloucester & Heref ord 1292 – 1342
m. 6 Jul 1335  — Age: 23  Stafford, Staffordshire, England
   to:  Ralph De Stafford, Earl of Stafford
   Ralph De Stafford, Earl of Stafford  1301 – 1372
   Hugh Stafford, Earl of Stafford  1334 – 1386
   J Stafford, Baroness Cherleton 1336 – 1379
   Beatrice Stafford  1340 –
   Catherine Stafford 1340 – 1361
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Margaret De Audley
Portait Painting
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Stafford Castle
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Tomb of
Baroness Margaret de Audley
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Tonbridge Castle in Kent
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Tonbridge Castle Kent
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Tonbridge Priory: was a priory in Tonbridge, Kent, England that was established in 1124. It was destroyed by fire in 1337 and then rebuilt. The priory was disestablished in 1523. The building stood in 1735, but was a ruin by 1780. The remains of the priory were demolished in 1842. Tonbridge Priory was established in 1124 by Richard Fitz Gilbert de Clare, who held Tonbridge Castle.
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Margaret de Audley
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(1318 – September 7, 1347) was the daughter of Hugh de Audley, 1st Earl of Gloucester and Margaret de Clare. She was a great-granddaughter of King Edward I of England.

Margaret was abducted by Ralph Stafford, 1st Earl of Stafford. A complaint was filed by her parents, but King Edward III of England supported Stafford. He appeased Hugh and Margaret by creating Hugh Earl of Gloucester.

  • Hugh de Stafford, 2nd Earl of Stafford, born circa 1336 in Staffordshire, England
  • Margaret de Stafford, born circa 1338 in Staffordshire, England
  • Katherine de Stafford, born circa 1340 in Staffordshire, England
  • Elizabeth de Stafford, born circa 1340 in Staffordshire, England
  • Beatrice de Stafford, born circa 1341 in Staffordshire, England
  • Joan de Stafford, born in 1344 in Staffordshire, England
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Biography from Wikipedia of Lady Margaret Audley

Margaret de Audley, suo jure 2nd Baroness Audley and Countess of Stafford between 1347 and 1351[1]) was an English noblewoman. She was the only daughter of Hugh de Audley, 1st Earl of Gloucester by his wife Lady Margaret de Clare.[2] Her mother was the daughter of Joan of Acre, Princess of England; thus making Margaret a great-granddaughter of King Edward I by his first consort, Eleanor of Castile. As the only daughter and heiress of her father, she succeeded to the title of 2nd Baroness Audley [E., 1317]
on 10 November 1347.[1]

Marriage and issue
Margaret was abducted by Ralph, Lord Stafford, who had helped Edward III take the throne. At the time, her worth was at least £2314 a year, which was more than ten times Stafford's own estates. (However, he eventually rose to Earl of Stafford in 1350.) After the abduction, her parents filed a complaint with the king, but Edward supported Stafford. In compensation, the king appeased Hugh and Margaret by creating Hugh the 1st Earl of Gloucester.

Margaret de Audley and Stafford married before 6 July 1336. They subsequently had two sons and four daughters:

Sir Ralph de Stafford (d. 1347), married Maud of Lancaster, daughter of Henry of Grosmont, 1st Duke of Lancaster and Isabel de Beaumont in 1344.[3]
Hugh de Stafford, 2nd Earl of Stafford, born circa 1336 in Staffordshire, England, married Philippa de Beauchamp; they were the ancestors of the Dukes of Buckingham (1444 creation).[3]
Elizabeth de Stafford, born circa 1340 in Staffordshire, England, died 7 August 1376, married firstly Fulk le Strange;[3] married secondly, John de Ferrers, 3rd Baron Ferrers of Chartley; married thirdly Reginald de Cobham, 2nd Baron Cobham.[4]
Beatrice de Stafford, born circa 1341 in Staffordshire, England, died 1415, married firstly, in 1350, Maurice FitzGerald, 2nd Earl of Desmond (d. June 1358); married secondly, Thomas de Ros, 5th Baron de Ros, of Helmsley; married thirdly Sir Richard Burley, Knt.[3]
Joan de Stafford, born in 1344 in Staffordshire, England, died 1397, married firstly, John Charleton, 3rd Baron Cherleton;[3] married secondly Gilbert Talbot, 3rd Baron Talbot.[5]
Katherine de Stafford, born circa 1348 in Staffordshire, England and died in December 1361. Married on 25 December 1357 Sir John de Sutton III (1339 – c. 1370 or 1376), Knight, Master of Dudley Castle, Staffordshire. They were parents of Sir John de Sutton IV, hence grandparents of Sir John de Sutton V.[6] They were ancestors of Grover Cleveland, 22nd and 24th President of the USA.
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Audley-Stanley family

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The Audley-Stanley family is a family with many notable members including the Earls of Derby who are descended from the early holders of Audley, Staffordshire. The first mention of Audley is in the Domesday book of 1086, when it was called Aldidelege (Aldithley), when the lands were held by an English thegn called Gamel. The descent of the Audley and Stanley families can be traced back as far as an Englishman named Ligulf of Aldithley, who held the estate not long after the Domesday survey but whose relationship, if any, to Gamel is unknown. The family later fabricated a Norman origin, at that time more more prestigious than an English one, by presenting Ligulf, despite his non-Norman name and the English etymology of Aldithley, as the lord of a fictitious 'Aldithley in Normandy', and his son Adam as a follower of William the Conqueror.

The extended Audley family, originally of Audley Castle but who later built (or re-built) Heighley Castle, Madeley, Staffordshire in 1226, had several additional households including Red Castle at Hawkstone in Shropshire, Buglawton Manor in Congleton, Newhall Tower at Combermere and a home in Nantwich[1]. In the early 12th century Adam's grandson William married Joan de Stanley heiress of Stoneleigh, Derbyshire thereby becoming William de Stanley of Stoneleigh. This branch of the Audley thus took the name Stanley and Thomas Stanley, 1st Earl of Derby was a direct descendant.
The main line of the Audley family, who had become Baron Audley in 1313, failed in 1391 when Nicholas Audley, 3rd Baron Audley died without a male heir. His sister Joanne married Sir John Tuchet (b 1327) for whose descendant John Tuchet (b 1371) the title of 4th Baron Audley was granted in 1408. He was succeeded by his son James Touchet, 5th Baron Audley. Later generations of the Tuchet's became Earl of Castlehaven.

Another branch of the Audley family was created by Hugh Audley of Stratton Audley, Baron Audley from 1317, whose son became 1st Earl of Gloucester.
The Audley & Stanley families and their descendants remained prominent throughout the history of England and Ireland into modern times. The Stanleys were, at one time, one of the richest landowning families in England.
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  • 1 Latham family and "Eagle and child" Coat of Arms
  • 2 Conservative Party
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// [edit] Latham family and "Eagle and child" Coat of Arms
In 1385, Isabella de Lathom, the eldest daughter of parents who had no male heir, married Sir John Stanley and the Latham family (originally Lathom or Lothe Hom - "Brick house" from Lathom, Lancashire) and Stanley families became linked[2]. Following this marriage, the Stanley family adopted the 'eagle and child' crest of the Lathom family and continue to use it to this day.[3].
[edit] Conservative Party
Several successive generations of the Stanley Earls, along with other members of the family, have been prominent members of the Conservative Party, and at least one historian has suggested that this family rivals the Cecils (Marquesses of Salisbury) as the single most important family in the party's history. The early 13c marriage of James Aldithley with Ela, daughter of the William Longespée, 3rd Earl of Salisbury suggests a likely close family link.
[edit] See also
  • Baron Audley
    • Henry de Aldithley/Audley c. 1175 – , Lord of the Welsh Marches,governor of Carmarthen castle and Cardigan Castle, Sheriff of Salop and Staffordshire from 1216 until 1221, constable of Shrewsbury Castle and Bridgnorth Castle,Governor of Shrewsbury, Chester Castle and Beeston Castle, governor of Newcastle-under-Lyne. He married Bertred Mainwaring.
    • James de Aldithley c. 1220–1272 who married Ela Longespee, daughter of William II Longespee, son of William Longespée, 3rd Earl of Salisbury, a son of King Henry II of England by Ida de Tosny (who would later marry Roger Bigod, 2nd Earl of Norfolk).
    • Emma de Audley c. 1224, daughter of Henry de Audley & Bertrade de Mainwaring and great granddaughter of Hugh de Kevelioc, 3rd Earl of Chester, who married Gruffydd II ap Madog, Lord of Dinas Bran Prince of Powys
    • Hugh I de Audley c. 1250 who married Isolda de Mortimer, daughter of Hugh de Mortimer and great granddaughter of Llywelyn the Great ("Fawr").
    • Hugh de Audley, 1st Earl of Gloucester c. 1289–1347
    • James Audley founder of the order of the garter c. 1316–1386
    • Margaret de Audley, daughter of Margaret de Clare and great-granddaughter of King Edward I of England c. 1318–1347.
    • James Touchet, 5th Baron Audley
    • Thomas Audley, 1st Baron Audley of Walden Lord Chancellor
  • Earl of Derby, first creation and later creations
  • Baron Stanley
  • Baron Stanley of Alderley
    • John I Stanley of the Isle of Man 1350–1414, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland 1413-9, Lord and titular King of Mann from 1406.
    • Thomas Stanley, 1st Baron Stanley 1405–1459 King of Mann, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, Constable of Chester Castle , Comptroller of the Royal Household in 1439.
    • Thomas Stanley, 1st Earl of Derby 1435–1504
    • Thomas Stanley, 2nd Earl of Derby 1477–1521
    • Edward Stanley, 3rd Earl of Derby 1509–1572, Lord High Steward (whose daughter, Jane, was the great great grandmother of Abraham Darby I, founder of the industrial revolution).
    • Henry Stanley, 4th Earl of Derby 1531–1593, Lord of Mann
    • Ferdinando, the fifth Earl of Derby, Baron Strange of Knockin, 1559-1594, patron of, amongst others, William Shakespeare
    • Lady Frances Stanley 1583-1636, daughter of Ferdinando (who married John Egerton, 1st Earl of Bridgewater, son of Thomas Egerton, 1st Viscount Brackley, Chancellor of England, created 1st Lord Ellesmere)
    • Edward Stanley, Earls of Derby
  • Stanley (surname) List of people with Stanley surname
[edit] References
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  2. ^ History of the House of Stanley - Seacombe
  3. ^ Knowley metropolitan borough arms, Eagle and child
[edit] External links
  • The Manx Note Book - Sir John Stanley
  • Kings and Lords of Powys
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  1. Hello,

    Thanks for all the hard work in evidence at this site. I am the 11th great grandson of Margaret Audley, Duchess of Norfolk. (1540 - 1564)

    I believe that the portrait you have for Margaret de Audley, above, is actually that of the 16th century Margaret Audley, daughter of SIr Thomas Audley and Lady Elizabeth Grey.

    If I am in error, please let me know. If I am correct, perhaps this message will be helpful to you. Your response is solicited.

    You may also contact me at this email address: LNG41@yahoo.com

  2. Hello Larry. Greetings to a relative from sunny California, U.S.A. I'm the 19th great granddaughter of Margaret Audley [1318-1351], wife of Ralph Stafford (1st Earl Stafford), daughter of Hugh de Audley (1st Baron Audley, 1st Earl Gloucester). In am also a costumer and actor doing historic re-enactments. The painting of Margaret Audley is ABSOLUTELY 16th century. I would bet that we are both related to the latter Margaret too.

  3. I concur with other comments here, the portrait although beautiful, is Margaret Audley, Duchess of Norfolk, over 200 years later than the Baroness Audley, per Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margaret_Audley,_Duchess_of_Norfolk