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[Ancestral Link: Harold William Miller, son of Edward Emerson Miller, son of Anna Hull (Miller), daughter of William Hull, son of William E. Hull, son of Sarah Wilcox (Hull), daughter of Mary Pierson (Wilcox), daughter of Abraham Pierson, son of Abraham Pierson, son of Abraham Pierson, son of Abraham Pierson, son of Richard Pierson.]

Family Information
12176. Richard Pierson, born 1545 in St Marys, Aldermey, England; died Unknown. He was the son of 24352. Richard Pierson and 24353. Elizabeth Church. He married 12177. Johann Harwood July 1, 1567. 12177. Johann Harwood, born about 1545 in of, Aldermey, England; died Unknown.

Children of Richard Pierson and Johann Harwood are:
i. Henry Pierson, born 1568 in St. Mary's, Aldermey, England; died Unknown.
ii. Abraham Pierson, born about 1589 in Stepheney, Middlesex, England; died Unknown in Westriding, Yorkshire, England; married Christiana Johnston about 1614 in of, Yorkshire, England.
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