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[Ancestral Link: Harold William Miller, son of Edward Emerson Miller, son of Anna Hull (Miller), daughter of William Hull, son of Anna Hyde (Hull), daughter of Mehitable Marvin (Hyde), daughter of Benjamin Marvin, son of John Marvin, son of Sarah Clark (Marvin).]

Mrvin Clark Charlemagne, England, France
from: http://www.perrydavis.net/broach/FJMPages/FJM07Mayflower.pdf

The Clark Connection to History – Lines Also to Charlemagne and Beyond – Jean Broach Crawford’s Research
Connections back into history can be traced starting with the Marvins. Nathan Marvin was Frances Abigail Marvin’s grandfather; Nathan’s father was Samuel Marvin (1670-1743); Nathan’s grandmother was Sarah Clark, who married Reinold Marvin. Five generations of the Clark (Clerke) family (from Sarah back to George Clerke, 1510-1558), leads to the family connection with the Ferrers. Elizabeth Ferrers was the mother of George Clerke (also known as Clarke). Six generations of Ferrers (also, Ferrars) then connect with the De Verdun family. The mother of William de Ferrers was Elizabeth Isabel De Verdun (1317-1349). Elizabeth De Verdun’s great grandmother was Margery De Lacy; Margery’s mother was Isabel Bigod’s great-grandmother was Juliane De Vere (circa 1116 – 1200).

In a sidebar to tracing this line back to Charlemagne, the bloodline is enhanced by the mother of Elizabeth Isabel De Verdun who was Elizabeth De Clare, granddaughter of Edward I (“Longshanks”), King of England. Back on the trail to Charlemagne, Jean found that Clerke/Clarke ancestor, Juliane De Vere’s mother was Adeliza (Alice) De Clare, daughter of Aleliza De Clermont. Until this time all of the ancestors were English. From the time of the mother of Aleliza De Clermont all the ancestors were French. Aleliza’s mother was a French woman named Margaret De Montdidier (circa 1045 – circa 1110). Margaret’s mother was Alice (Adela) De Roucy; three generations of De Roucy’s trace back to Renaud De Roucy’s wife, Alberade De Lorraine (circa 930 – 973). Alberade’s grandfather was Rainer (Regnier) I, Duke of Lorraine. Ranier was the son of Emengarde, Duchess of the Moselle. Emengarde’s father was Lothaire I, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire; his father was Louis I (“The Pious”), Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and son of Charlemagne (742 – 814).
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Related to President 2010
Sarah Clark's daughter, Sarah is 7th great grandmother to Orville Calvin Stinson. Her son Samuel is 7th great grandfather to Pres. George Herbert Walker Bush and his son, 43rd President George Bush.
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Sarah's burial place Sarah's grave in the Duck River burying ground is at the left of those of her two husbands. Its stone has the following inscription:
Here lyeththe body of MRSSARAH SILLwho died Feby ye 1in the year of ourLord 1715/6aged 74 years
Next on the right is that of:
CAPTJOSEPH SILLdied August6, aged 601696
And still further to the right (or east) is that of her first husband, inscribed:
Although he was really in his 45th year.
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