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[Ancestral Link: Harold William Miller, son of Edward Emerson Miller, son of Anna Hull (Miller), daughter of William Hull, son of William E. Hull, son of Sarah Wilcox (Hull), daughter of Mary Pierson (Wilcox), daughter of Abraham Pierson, son of Abraham Pierson, son of Abigail Mitchell (Pierson), daughter of Susan Wood (Mitchell).]

Susan Wood "Immigrant" Information Susan was the sister of Jonas and Edmund Wood. Her son, Samuel Butterfield (from her first marriage), was tortured to death by Pequot Indians in Wethersfield, Connecticut in 1636.

Some records list Matthew Mitchell's wife as Sarah Butterfield, daughter of Benjamin and Ann Butterfield.
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Matthew and Susan (Wood) Mitchell
Matthew Mitchell - born 1590, South Ouram, Halifax, Yorkshire, England; died 1645. A dissenter of the Church of England, his ancestors three generations earlier moved from Scotland to Yorkshire. The family departed Bristol, England on 23 May 1635 aboard the 'James', arriving at Boston, Massachusetts on 17 Aug 1635. Most of their belongings were lost in a shipwreck upon arrival in America, and they lived at Charleston, Concord and Springfield, Massachusetts and at Saybrook and Wethersfield, Connecticut before finally settling at Stamford, Connecticut.

Married 21 August 1616Susan Wood - Widow of Nathaniel Ovenden and of Thomas Butterfield. Samuel Butterfield, son of Susan and Thomas, was killed by Pequot Indians at Saybrook, Connecticut, with them "roasting him alive." Daughter of Edmund Wood and Janet Hurst.
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