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William Browne 1593-1650

Communicateil by a descendant of Thomas Lee and of his sister Jane Lee.The following entries are all the baptisms, marriages, and burials of persons named Browne and Lee recorded in the Parish Register of Rusper, County Sussex, England, from 1560 to 1650. The Rusper Register begins in 1560.

The baptism of Phoebe Browne and her marriage with Thomas Lee have not been found.William Browne who married Jane Burgis, in 1611} came to New England, and the Rusper Register shows he did not come before the year 1645. He was at Saybrook, Connecticut, and died on Long Island in 1650.

His son Henry Browne went to Providence, Rhode Island.  Family papers, deeds, letters and documents from 1627 to 1800 are now in the hands of one of the descendants of Henry. One of these documents, dated 1627, is a bond to William Browne, School Master of Rusper.William Browne's granddaughter Jane Lee, who was baptized in Rusper, 12 September, 1640, was twice married: first, to Samuel Hyde of Norwich, by whom she had a daughter Elizabeth, married to Lieut. Richard Lord of Lyme, and a daughter Phoebe, who married the second Matthew Griswold of Lyme; and second, to John Birchard. She was more than eighty years old when she died. She gave to her nephew Joshua Hempstead a true and interesting account of her grandfather William Browne and of the members of his family who embarked with him for America.William Browne's grandson Thomas Lee, who was baptized in Rusper, 29 September, 1644, was at Saybrook, Connecticut. He is the Thomas Lee who was one of the first settlers of Lyme. He was twice married: first, to Sarah Kirtland, and second, to Mary DeWolf. From him and from his sister Jane Lee, some well-known families of Norwich and of Old Lyme are descended.
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William and Jane had seven children
1613, Rusper, Sussex, England
Joseph Browne was baptised on 8 August 1613 in Rusper, Sussex. He was admitted to Christ's College, Cambridge on 15 April 1631 (son of William Brown of Rusper) and died at the college in March 1633.

John Browne was baptised on 15 October 1615 in Rusper, Sussex. He was mentioned in his grandfathers 'Will' of 1633. John died of smallpox in 1646 on the voyage to America.

Jane Browne was baptised on 13 September 1618 in Rusper, Sussex and she was buried there on 21 August 1620 ('daughter of William and Jane').

Phoebe Browne (Phebe) was baptised on 1 October 1620 in Rusper, Sussex. She married Thomas Lee. Phoebe and Thomas had three children baptised in Rusper, Sussex (Jane 13 September 1640, Phoebe 20 May 1642 and Thomas 29 September 1644 (but one source says Thomas was actually born in 1639)). Phoebe emigrated to America with her parents in 1646, but her husband Thomas died on the voyage with smallpox. She married secondly Greenfield Larrabee in about 1647 and had five children (Greenfield 20 April 1648, John 23 February 1650, Elizabeth 23 February1653, Joseph 03 March 1656, Sarah 03 March 1658). She married thirdly James Cornish in about 1661 and had one child (James), and maybe one still born. Phoebe died on 22 December 1664 at Northampton, Massachusetts, America (source 14).

Mary Browne was baptised on 6 October 1622 in Rusper, Sussex. Mary emigrated to America in 1646 with her parents. She married Robert Marvin in 1648 and lived at Southampton and Hempstead, Long Island, America (source 14). Mary and Robert had two children.

Thomas Browne was baptised on 9 January 1625 in Rusper, Sussex. He was mentioned in his grandfathers 'Will' of 1633. He was buried on 7 March 1646 in Rusper, Sussex ('son of William and Jane').

Henry Browne was baptised on 28 December 1626 in Rusper, Sussex. He was mentioned in his grandfather Joseph Browne's 'Will' of 1633. Henry emigrated to America either with his parents or the year earlier. Henry probably married firstly Waite Waterman, daughter of Richard and married secondly Hannah Mathewson (Field), widow of James Mathewson and daughter of John Field. He lived at Providence, and possibly had four children (Henry, Richard, Joseph and Phebe). Henry died on 20 February 1703 in Providence, Rhode Island, America (source 14).
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Bio - William Browne
Horley, England
William was admitted to Queens College, Cambridge in July 1604 and was ordained a Deacon on 7 June 1612 (aged 26) (source 15). He was Curate of Horley in 1612 during the time his grandfather William was Rector. He was later possibly a Rector (following his father) and then a Schoolmaster in Rusper. William was a witness to the 'Will' of Robert Stone of Rusper dated 2 October 1615 and also to the 'Will' of John Stone dated 3 February 1625 (Source 11). With the English Civil war, the Clergy were generally Royalists and were not well thought of which is maybe why William became a School master. In nearby parishes Parson's were being dismissed by Parliament and were being evicted from the rectories (eg West Hoathly Parson Teynton in August 1643) and perhaps the same happened to William at Rusper. William, Jane and family emigrated to America in 1646 to Saybrook, Connecticut, and later to Southampton, Long Island, New York State, where he was a merchant. Jane died of smallpox on the voyage and William died between 2-23 July 1650 in Long Island, living with his daughter Mary Marvin.
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