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[Ancestral Link: Marguerite Anderson (Miller), daughter of Hannah Anderson (Anderson), daughter of Mary Margaret Edmiston (Anderson), daughter of Martha Jane Snow (Edmiston), daughter of Gardner Snow, son of James Snow, son of Zerrubbabel Snow, son of Jemina Cutler (Snow), daughter of Phoebe Page (Cutler), daughter of Phoebe Payne (Page), daughter of William Payne.]

England,Lavenham,Water Street, richly timbered house,with brick
William PaineWilliam Payne, son of Anthony, was baptized at St. Mary's, Nowton, Bury St. Edmund's, Suffolk, England, 2 December 1565. By the will of his father he was devisee of a part of his estate, but being a younger son, he was not heir. His oldest brother, John, having died previous to his father, his oldest son, Anthony, was heir to his grandfather. As such heir, he inherited from his grand father the Manor of Nowton. This made him "Lord of the Manor," and such, owner of the advowson of that church, having the right of presentation belonging to that office. Anthony having his estate in 1607, sold the manor and advowson to his uncle William Payne for 3000 pounds, he being then resident William then became "Lord of the Manor", and as such held his first court there on 6 October 1609, and his last court in 1621, having thus held the manorship 12 years, when he sold out to Sir Daniel de Ligne.The parents of William Payne were Anthony and Mary (Castell) Payne. She died 28 June 1603. He lived at Bury St. Edmunds, gentleman, and had the Manor of Nowton, settled upon him by his brother Henry. He died and was buried at Nowton, 3 March 1606 and is buried in the chancel of Nowton church, near his late wife. The father of Anthony Payne was William Payne, son of Edmund and his heir. He removed from Leicestershire to Suffolk and took up his residence at Hengrave. Carrying with him the use of his grandfather's Coat of Arms, this came thence forth, in heraldic history to be known as the "Coat and Crest of Leicestershire, and Suffolk," and is especially known as belonging to "Payne of Hengrave." He was a man of much note and importance in his day, being in the service of Edward Stafford, Duke of Buckingham, as bailiff of his Manor of Hengrave. In 1521, the Duke having been convicted of conspiring against Kink Henry VIII, to establish himself in power as his successor, was, by order of the King, put death. The office thus becoming vacant by the death of the Duke, Payne lost his place as deputy, and was obliged to retire to private life. The Duke's successor, however, appointed Payne's son to the office held by the father. William Payne married Margery daughter of Thomas Ash.
Edmunt Payne, youngest son of Sir Thomas Payne, Knight, was alive in 1540. He married Elizabeth the daughter of Robert Walton, Of Leicestershire and had several sons. His place of residence was undoubtedly that of his birth, at Market Bosworth, Leicesteshire.Sir Thomas Payne, Knight, father of Edmund Payne, is the earliest of our Paine ancestor to be known for certain. He married Margaret, daughter of Sir Thomas Pultney, Knight. The dates of Sir Thomas' birth, or death, are neither of them given, but the dates at which his descendants came upon the stage of active life, show that he must have been born in the early part of the fifteenth century. He had three sons: Robert, William, Edmund. The record shows the younger of the three alive in 1540, at which time he had a grandson, then a rich and active man. This fact would seem to establish the birth of Sir Thomas, the great-grandfather of a wealthy business man, according to the usual average of life and birth, at, or nearly as early as, the year 1400.
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About the Paine Familyhttp://pollisplace.com/history/pageancestors.htm
The Paine Family--Phoebe Paine, born 1594 in England; died September 25, 1677; 83 years old. Married (1621, in England) John Page. Puritans, together they left England and settled in Massachusetts. Phoebe’s father was William Paine, of Hengrave, Laverham, Suffolk, Subsidy. From 1690 to 1621 he was "Lord of the Manor" of Nowton.

According to Wisconsin Page Pioneers:
"It has been conclusively proven that the Paine family of which Phoebe was a member used the same coat of arms after coming to America as the family of William Paine "Lord of the Manor" of Nowton which he bought from his nephew Anthony Paine in 1607 for £3000. By this evidence they are shown to be not only the descendants of Sir Thomas Paine of Leicester but that they were of the Suffolk County branch and of that particular descendant who came here. It was here at Nowton that William Paine held his first court October 6, 1609 and his last in 1621 when he sold to Sir Daniel le Ligne.

"Of the 150 persons who emigrated at the time William Paine, brother of Phoebe, and son and daughter of the William of Nowton, scarce half a dozen claimed the title of Gentleman, or had the prefix ‘Mr.’ a title which he was readily accorded as the son and heir of one who had been ‘Lord of the Manor.’ "

Paine family records: a journal of genealogical and biographical ..., Volume 1 edited by Henry D. Paine

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By Albert W. Pa1ne, of Bangor, Maine [Continued from page 154.)
Generation IV.

(6.) Henry Paine, son of William (5), grandson of Edmund (4), and great grandson of Sir Thomas (1) came to reside in Bury St. Edmunds, in the County of Suffolk. He was a lawyer by profession, a member of Lincoln's Inn, Esquire. During his life it was that Henry VIII dissolved so large a part of the Catholic monasteries of England, and seized upon their effects, converting them to his own use and purposes. In the 37th year of that Kings reign, A. D., 1546, Paine purchased of the Crown and received a grant in fee of the Manor of Nowton, the advowson of the church and the hereditaments in Nowton belonging to the dissolved monastery of St. Edmund, one of the most celebrated monasteries in the Kingdom. He also purchased the Grange in Thorpe Riggnoll in the County of York, parcel of the lands of the Priori of Worksop. For the grants he paid to the Crown, as consideration, the sum of £647 18j. id . The sale of the Manor was made subject to a lease then existing in favor of Wm. Sterne for twenty years for the yearly rent of .£25 13*. 9V. By this purchase Paine became Lord of the Manor of Nowton, a right or dignity which followed the law or inheritance.

After the fall and consequent death of Buckingham, as has been already related in our previous article, and the consequent dismissal of Paine's father as bailiff, the Duke's successor, Sir Thomas Kytson, appointed his son Henry, to the same office of bailiff of the Manor. Paine was also counsel for the Earl and Countess of Bath, and the Earl on his death bequeathed to him for a remembrance a gold ring of the value of \Os. and the Countess styling him " her loving friend," directed by her will, that he should be associated with her executors and gave him a legacy of ^20

Henry Paine died July 25, 1568, and was buried the next day in the Parish church of Nowton. He left a will, made a few days before his death giving his estate, most of it, to charitable purposes. To three score poor householders in each of the Parishes of St. Mary and St. James in St. Edmunds Bury, he gave three score bushels of rye, that they and their families might pray for him ; and to the poor prisoners in the gaol two bushels of rye to be baked for them, together with as much meat as ten shillings would purchase, and bs. Sd. in money and an annual allowance of wood for 20 years; 64*. to maintain the monument, etc., of St Mary's church, 20*. to repair it, small sums to the poor men's boxes of Nowton and other churches, to one friend the Countess of Bath's cup, to another his Chaucer " written in vellum and illumined in gold," to another "a standing cup with cover all gilt that was part of the Countess of Bath's plate " and also " a cloth of fine work that hung over the cupboard in his room with the story of Noe and the Creation of the World," also various gifts to his brothers and sisters and their children. To Walter, son of his late brother John Payne, he gave his homestead on College street, St. Edmunds Bury, with the College Hall adjoining and 300 marks and furniture, etc. To William James, the 2d husband of his brother John's widow, 4.0s. and to his brother Edward, his household effects, tiles and bricks made at his Manor of the Clees in Essex. Other lands he gave to his brother Anthony for life, with remainder over to Anthony's sons John, Thomas and William successively in tail male. Besides other devises he gave to his brother Nicholas and William his son, the Manor of Netherhall in Soham, Cambridgeshire on pay' of £100 to his Executors. The Manor of Nowton he settled on his brother Anthony. His will was proved Feb'y 2, 1569. He was never married or at least left no widow, or children. The records comp1led by the author of the " Visitation " show " Mr. Henry Paine, Esq., Lord and Patron of Nowton buried July 26, 1568."

(7.) John Paine son of William (5), died previous to June 14, 1568, leaving Walter Paine, gentleman, son and heir and also heir at law to his uncle Henry, he being then more than 21 years of age. This Walter Paine had two children, Mary, baptized June 9, 1577, and John, baptized December 12, 1579, both at St. Mary's Bury.

(10.) Nicholas Paine, son of William (5), resided at Hengrave, County of Suffolk, June 14, 1568. He was devisee under his brother Henry's will, of the Manor of Netherall Tindalls, in Soham, Cambridge County. He married Ann Bowles, of Baldock, Hertz County, and had 5 children as follows:
19. William, married Elizabeth Chenery.
20. Thomas.
21. Mary, married Robert Bridgham.
22. Dorothy, married Thomas Nichols.
23. Ann, married John Howard.

(11.) Edward Paine, son of William (5), was living June 14, 1568, and married. He had the Manor of Clees in Alphanston, Essex County, apparently late his brother Henry's, and had two sons.
24. Henry. 1 , , ,. . , ,0 ^ ~ y both living June 14, 1568.
25. Thomas, j and J T J

(12.) Anthony Paine, son of William (5), married Martha Castell, who died June 28, 1603. He lived at Bury St. Edmunds, gentleman, and had the Manor of Nowton, settled upon him by his brother Henry (6). He died and was buried at Nowton, March 3, 1606. He left a will dated February 16, previous, in which he directed his body to be buried in the chancel of Nowton church, near his late wife — gave his house to his son William, also his nest of " bolls with cover all gilt " having the arms of the Countess of Oxford upon it," etc. His wife's wedding r1ng l1e gave to Mary, daughter of Walter Paine (18), all the remainder of his estate he gave to his son William, whom he appointed sole executor. He had 4 children :
26. John, who married Francis Spring.
27. Thomas, baptized January 16, 1563.
28. William, baptized December 2, 1565, married .
29. Anne, baptized January 13, 1560, married Wm. Weston.
The Manor of Nowton which Anthony had received by devise from his brother Henry (6), was by him left to young Anthony (39), son of John (26), who had died before his father. This, young Anthony conveyed to his uncle William (28), who thereby became as he is described in the Visitation " Lord of the Manor-of Nowton."

Generation V.
(18.) Walter Paine, son of John (7), gentleman, son and heir, had two children as already noted :
30. Mary, baptized June 9, 1577.
31. John, baptized December 12, 1579.

(19.) William Paine, son of Nicholas (10), resided at Worlington, Suffolk County, gentleman, devisee in remainder of the Manor of Netherall Tindalls in Soham, under his uncle Henry's will, married Elizabeth Chenery, November 8, 1585. His will dated July 26, 1614, proved July 16, 1617, her will dated March 21, 1628, proved May 29th, 1630. They had 5 children as follows:
32. William, died in 1617.
33. Henry, married Ann Alston.
34. Elizabeth, married Francis Dister.
35. Mary, married Thomas Biggs.
36. Ann, married Thomas Gest.

(24.) Henry Paine, son of Edward (11), had the manor of Worlington settled upon him by his uncle Henry (6). He was married and had two children :
37. Henry, married Susan Beriffs, and died January 22, 1606.
38. Thomas. No issue. He was living June 14, 1568.

(26.) John Paine, son of Anthony (12), married Francis daughter of Robt. Spring; baptized January, 1558, and buried at Nowton, October 28, 1597. He was son and heir apparent of his father Anthony, but having died before his father, the descent of property to which he was heir passed to his son Anthony (39), who thus inherited the estate which was devised by Henry (6), to his brother Anthony (12). This included
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  1. Hello. Is your identification of William Payne as the son of Anthony and Mary (Castell) Payne based primarily on Anthony's will and William's baptism? I've previously used a 1939 secondary work called the "Snow-Estes Ancestry" which William as the son of another William (1532-1587), and grandson of William (b. 1502) and Joanna (b. 1506). However, it seems to me that a secondary source would have to bow to contemporary documents.