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[Ancestral Link: Harold William Miller, son of Edward Emerson Miller, son of Anna Hull (Miller), daughter of William Hull, son of Anna Hyde (Hull), daughter of Uriah Hyde, son of Ezra Hyde, son of William Hyde, son of Jane Lee (Hyde), daughter of Phoebe Brown (Lee).]

Phoebe Browne, homepages.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~ljhall/hallfamily/7934.htm
Arthur Brown (1574-) Unknown Brown (1579-) Chaddus Brown (1600-1650)
Elizabeth Sharparowe (1604-1672) Phoebe Browne (1620-1664)
Family Links
1. Thomas Lee
2. Greenfield Larrabee
3. James Cornish

Phoebe Browne
Born: 1 October 1620, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England
Christened: 1 October 1620, Rusper, Sussex, England
Marriage (1): Thomas Lee in 1639 in England
Marriage (2): Greenfield Larrabee in 1647 in New London, New London, Connecticut, USA
Marriage (3): James Cornish in 1662 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA
Died: 22 December 1664, Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts, USA
Buried: Northampton,, Hampshire County, Massachusetts, USA
Phoebe married Thomas Lee in 1639 in England.
Phoebe next married Greenfield Larrabee in 1647 in New London, New London, Connecticut, USA.
Phoebe next married James Cornish in 1662 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut, USA. (James Cornish died on an unknown date.)
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Phoebe Brown 
#15023, born 1 October 1620, died 22 December 1664
Phoebe Brown was born on 1 October 1620 in Rusper, Sussex, England.  She was the daughter of William Brown and Jane Mills.  Phoebe Brown married as her first husband Thomas Lee in England. They had three children, Phebe, Jane and Thomas.
Phoebe Brown married as her second husband Greenfield Larabeein 1647 in New London, Connecticut Colony, now New London County. Other children from this marriage were Greenfield (married Alice Parke), John, Elizabeth, Joseph and two unnamed infants.
Phoebe Brown married as her third husband James Cornish before 5 December 1661 in Simsbury, Connecticut Colony, now Hartford County.
Phoebe Brown died on 22 December 1664 in Northampton, Massachusetts Bay Colony, at age 44. She immigrated in 1641 with her parents William Brown and Jane Mills. Her husband Thomas died during the voyage.
Child of Phoebe Brown and Greenfield Larabee
Sarah Larabee+ 1 born 3 March 1658, died before 1690
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Phoebe's Background
We do actually know how Greenfield came to Connecticut. It's covered in the Records of the Colony and Plantation of New Haven from 1638 to 1649,Transcribed and edited in accordance with a resolution of the General Assembly of Connecticut. By Charles J. Hoadly, M.A. Hartford: Printed by Case, Tiffany and Company 1857 (Which luckily is in the local University Library. At the end of this Email are the relevant passages (original spelling is preserved to the best of my ability).
We do know that he married one of the original settlers, Phoebe Brown.We also know something about Phoebe (daughter of William Brown of Rusper County Sussex). She was married to Thomas Lee who died of Small pox on the passage to Connecticut. By the way she had a third husband Mr. James Cornish.
Phoebe Brown Documentation
The claim for Phebe Brown comes from The History and Genealogy of the Cornish Families in America by Cornish, Joseph Edwards born 1856 CallCs71/C818/1907 at the NEHGS library in Boston. It was published in Boston by GH Ellis Co. in 1907. What follows is a transcription from that source (taken by way of my notes). The source is in fact on page 6.

"Mr. James Cornish born in England about 1612-15 died October 29, 1698 married 1st_____, 2nd Phebe Larrabee (nee Brown)* 1662 (she born in England ___; died December 22, 1664). William Brown of Rusper County Sussex, England who came to America in 1661 (or 1645) with several members of his family, including his daughter Phebe, who was then the wife of Thomas Lee. Mr. Lee died of small pox on the passage. "Old Mr. Brown" as he was called in later years, died at the house of his daughter, Mrs. Marvin, at Hempsted, Long Island about 1650. Following is a record of a part of his children and grandchildren, So far as we have been able to obtain them.

1. John, the eldest son, died on the passage to America

2. Phebe born ____died December 22, 1664 at Northampton, Massachusetts, in child-bed, undelivered; married 1st in England Thomas Lee who died in 1641 or 1645 on the passage to America. Married 2nd Greenfield Larrabee of Norwich, Connecticut.  He died about 1660 or 1661. Married 3rd Mr. James Cornish of Saybrook Connecticut 1662.
Children before she married Mr. James Cornish.
1. Phebe Lee born in England married about 1659 John Large and lived on Long Island.
2. Jane Lee born in England married 1st Samuel Hyde, June 1659, married 2nd John Birchard
3. Thomas Lee, born in England, married 1st Sarah Kirtland, married 2nd Mary De Wolf.
4. Greenfield Larrabee, Jr. born April 20, 1648, died February 3, 1739, married AlicePark 1762 [Transcribers note: This is exactly what the source said, married after he died........Oh well...]
5. John Larabee born February 23, 1650 no further records.
6. Elizabeth Larrabee born February, 1653 married 1st Joshua Hempstead, married 2nd John Edgecombe Sr.
7. Joseph Larrabee born March 3, 1656, died August 10, 1657
8. Sarah Larrabee born March 3, 1658, married John Fox [Transcribers note: We now return to the children of the original William Brown]

3. Mary born ____, married Robert Marvin about 1659 lived on Long Island
4. Henry born 1625, died February 20, 1703, married 1st Wait Waterman, married 2nd Hannah (widow James Mathewson and Daughter Johp) Field.

Source: David Larrabee on RootsWeb
found on ancestry.com

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