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[Ancestral Link: Marguerite Anderson (Miller), daughter of Hannah Anderson (Anderson), daughter of Mary Margaret Edmiston (Anderson), daughter of Martha Jane Snow (Edmiston), daughter of Gardner Snow, son of James Snow, son of Zerrubbabel Snow, son of Abigail Brigham (Snow), daughter of Gershom Brigham, son of Mary Rice (Brigham), daughter of Henry Rice, son of Edmund Rice, son of Thomas Rice, son of William Rice, son of Griffith Rice.]

He Didn't like Ann Boelyn
RICE family, of Newton and Dynevor, Carms. Descended from Gruffudd ap Nicolas (q.v.) , the family, later known as the Rices, reached their highest point of wealth and influence in the person of Sir Rhys ap Thomas (q.v.) . His grandson, Sir RHYS AP , who married in 1524, lady Catherine Howard, daughter of the 2nd duke of Norfolk, was executed for treason in 1531 . The evidence for his guilt was slight and his real offence was probably his Catholicism and his opposition to Anne Boleyn. His fall brought his great possessions, said to have been worth £10,000 a year in land and £30,000 in personal property, into the hands of the Crown . The next three generations of the family attempted to rebuild the family fortunes and they succeeded in regaining some of the forfeited lands, though by far the greater part was disposed of by successive Tudormonarchs.
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16th Century, Wales, UK
GRIFITH AP RHYS: Rhys died 04 January 1531, Tower Hill, England. He became involved in a plot to assassinate Henry VIII, and possibly to claim the throne himself as a descendant of British and Welsh kings. The details of the plot are obscure. He was arrested October 2, 1531 and beheaded on Tower Hill for high treason 4 January 1531/32. AKA Rhys FitzUryan of Carew Castle, Rhys Ap Griffith Fitzuryan, Rice Fitzuryan, Reece, Price, Royce. Son of Griffith AP Rhys and KATHERINE ST. JOHN. Grandson of THOMAS AP Rhys.

CATHERINE HOWARD, burial 11 May 1554, Howard Chapel, Lambeth, Surrey, England. Countess of Bridgewater. 2nd marriage to Henry Daubenay. Daughter of THOMAS HOWARD (Duke of Norfolk, Earl of Surrey, Earl Marshall) and AGNES TILNEY.
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PACKET of miscellaneous papers, as follows;
(1) EXTRACT from the Plea Rolls of 23 Hen. VIII [1532] concerning an alleged conspiracy by Richard ap Griffith alias Rice ap Griffith, of Karewe in Wales, Edward Ffloid alias Lloyd of the same, and William Hughes of the same, gent., to raise a sum of money (by pledging the manors of Narberth and Carewe for £2000) for an army to be composed of Welsh, "the wyld Irish" and Scotts to depose and kill the King of England to put in his place James [V] King of Scotland (in fulfilment of a Welsh prophecy "that Kynge James with the Redd Hand, the Ravyn' should conquer all England) and to make the said Rice ap Gruffith, Prince of Wales.
Acquired from the seventh Baron Dynevor,
Dynevor Castle, Carmarthenshire

This calendar was compiled for Lord Dynevor in 1889 by Mr. I. H. Jeayes of the British Museum. It was edited for typing and typewritten at the National Library of Wales, and bound under the supervision of that institution in 1936.
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  1. Griffith Rice was my 12th G Grandfather, I googled and came to your site. Good read, thanks for the info :)