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JOHN CONANT 1521-1596

Dr. John CONANT was born about 1520 in Gittisham, Devonshire, England, United Kingdom. He was buried 1 on 30 March 1596 in East Budleigh, Devonshire, England, United Kingdom. John married Marie CANANTU about 1547 in East Budleigh, Devonshire, England, United Kingdom.
The first Conants' of England were French Huguenot refugees. The name Conant was anglicized from Conan of Normandy after the French Revolution.

John Conant with whom the authentic geneology begins lived in the parish of East Budleigh, Devonshire, England but was probably born about the year 1520 at Gittisham, some ten to twelve miles north-east. John was descended from ingenuous parents of Giittisham, near Honiton, whose ancestors for many generations had been fixed here but were originally of French extraction”, according to The Life of Dr. John Conant, written in 1700.

In 1577 John Conant and Edmond ffowler were church wardens of East Budleigh. In those days the office of church warden was of considerable importance and only members of the leading families and such as were of recognized ability were elected to this important office.

John Conant was buried at East Budleigh March 30, 1596. It is most unfortunate that many early Conant wills are missing which might throw light on the ancestry of John Conant. Although no legal evidence of the fact has been found, it seems likely that he was the son of John Conant who was buried at Gittisham September 4, 1559.

History and Genealogy of the Conant Family in England and America, by Frederick O. Conant, Portland, Maine, 1887. John Conant was assessed a tax on goods in the year 13 Elizabeth (1571). He was churchwarden in East Budleigh in 1577. He was taxed again there in 1581, but not in 1588.

Marie CANANTU was born in 1525. She died on 9 April 1599 in East Budleigh, Devonshire, England, United Kingdom. Marie married Dr. John CONANT about 1547 in East Budleigh, Devonshire, England, United Kingdom.
There is no definite proof that Marie was the wife of Dr. John Conant.
They had the following children.
Richard CONANT was born in 1548. He died on 21 September 1630.
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In the 13th year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth (1571), he was assessed for goods of the yearly value of 4 pounds. In 1581 he was still taxed at East Budleigh, but in 1588 the tax was paid by his son, Richard, indicating there had probably been a transer of property. found on

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