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JOHN PROUSE 1516-1585

ID: I663
Name: John Prouz
_AKA: Prowse
Sex: M
Birth: 1516 in Tiverton,England
Death: 5 February 1585 in Tiverton, England
Note: John Prowse, clothier, son and heir, inherited copyhold land in the manor of Chevythorn, Tiverton, from his father, which he granted to his brother, Robert, of age in 1524 when he was taxed on L2 worth of goods; by 1546, he paid tax in Tiverton on over L40. At his death he left five manors in Devon and Cornwall with much of his other property, by fine, entailed for his five sons. His wife, Alice White, was given as an heiress in Tiverton; she was perhaps the daughter of Christopher Whyte, taxed on L10 of goods in 1546. His memorial slab in St. Peter's Church, Tiverton, reads: "Here lyeth John Prowse, Merchante, who departed the third daye of September 1585. And Alice his wyfe which he had in marriage 47 years, who departed the 13th daye of August ano dni 1583". (The Gen., op. cit., p. 12; via Colonel Paul L. Nichols, USA).
Father: Robert John Prouz born about 1475 in Tiverton, England Mother: Christian born about 1496 in Tiverton, England
Marriage 1 Alice Jean White born 1520 in Tiverton,England
Married: 1536 in Tiverton, England
John Prowse born 1542 in Tiverton, England
Richarda Prouz born about 1547 in Tiverton, England
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