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JOHN SPRING 1500-1547

St Peter and St Paul Lavenham Spring carvings

Sir John Spring of Lavenham
John Spring of Lavenham
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Sir John Spring (died 1549) of Lavenham, Hitcham, and Cockfield was an English merchant and politician who inherited the Spring family cloth trading business upon his father’s death. He was knighted by Henry VII. Spring aided the dukes of Norfolk and Suffolk in suppressing the Lavenham revolt of 1525, by removing the bells from the Church of St Peter and St Paul, meaning the rebels could not be called to arms.[1]

He married Dorothy Waldegrave, daughter of Sir William Waldegrave, and together they had three children:[2]
William (later Sir William Spring)
Frances (married Edmund Wright)
Bridget (married Sir Robert Wingfield)
He is buried in Hitcham.
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