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JOHN PROWSE 1542-1598

John PROWSE II [Parents] 1, 2, 3 was born 4 1546 in Tiverton, Devonshire, England. He died 5 11 September 1598 in Tiverton, Devonshire, England. John married 6 Elizabeth COLLACK on 1 June 1567 in Tiverton, Devonshire, England.
The parish register of Tiverton. county Devonshire contains the entry:
‘july 1597. Jn° Strobridge & Annis Prowse ... xxxi Day." The marriage thus occurred at the bride's home two days after the above surrender was signed. Annis, and even Ann. was often used for the more formal and legalistic Agnes (Latin ‘‘Agneta"). Annes daughter of John Prowse was baptized at Tiverton, 14 April 1576. Her parents, John Prowse and Elizabeth Coke, were married at Tiverton. 1 June 1567. Agnes had an older sister, Prudence Prowse, baptized 13 February 1569/70. who died unmarried and was buried 16 September 1599; and she gave the name, Prudence Trowbridge, to the first daughter who was born after her sister's death. Her eldest daughter, born before her sister died, was named Elizabeth after her mother.
John Prowse, II, gentleman of Tiverton, who, according to his father's Inq. p.m.., was 59(?) at his death, received from feoffees the large Plymouth manor of Western Peverel, worth by the year, L18.7.2., with Chevythorn and Tiverton property worth a further L5.10. But at John II's own death, September 11, 1598, his Inq. p.m., taken in 1601, showed that, by then, all the property was tied by entail upon descendants and relatives with tenure for life. John married, June 1, 1567, Elizabeth, heir to her father Robert Colwick, merchant taylor and clothier, lord of the manor of West Mere, Tiverton, whose wife and mother of Elizabeth, his heir, was Richarda Gover, a widow, whose first husband and parentage has not been established. Robert was buried at St. Peter's, Tiverton, on August 8, 1564. His long PCC will revealed property in Devon and London. (The Gen., op. cit., p. 12).
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