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The Waldegrave memorial in Bures St. Mary's Church - Puritan reformers broke the hands off the weepers in the mid 1600s Location: Bures St. Mary's Church, England

Waldgrave Memorial - Location: Bures St. Mary Church, England

Sir Knight William WALDEGRAVE
Sir William Waldegrave, K.B., of Smallbridge, Suffolk, Eldest Son of Sir Thomas Waldegrave, whom he succeeded. Sir William Waldegrave, was Knighted in 1501, at the marriage of Prince Arthur, (elder Brother of Henry VIII,with Catherine of Aragon. In 1513, he was nominated as one of the Most Discreet Persons, for assessing and collecting the Subsidy. He founded a Chantry at Bures. By his Will, dated 26 January 1524-5, he directed, that his body be buried "in the Parish Church of St. Mary's of Buer," in the Tomb he had caused to be made under the Arch, between the High Altar and the Chapel of Jesus, and, that he be buried within 24 hours after his decease. He died 30 January 1527.

WALDEGRAVE, the name of an English Family, said to derive from the Town of Walgrave in Northamptonshire, but who long held the Manor of Smallbridge, in Bures St. Mary, Suffolk, England.

Sir Richard Waldegrave, (or Walgrave), Knight, of Smallbridge, Suffolk, (died 1401), was a Member of Parliament for Lincolnshire in 1335, and Speaker of the House of Commons, in the Reign of King Richard II; his son, Sir Richard Waldegrave, Knt., (died 1436), styled, Lord of Bures and Silvesters, was the Victor of Conquet, and at the Isle of Rhé in Brittany in 1402.
One of Sir Richard's descendants was Sir Edward Waldegrave (c. 1517- 01 September 1561) of Borley, Essex, and West Haddon, Northamptonshire, who was imprisoned during the reign of King Edward VI for his loyalty to the Princess, afterwards Queen Mary. By Mary he was Knighted, and he received from her the Manor of Chewton in Somerset, now the residence of Earl Waldegrave. He was a member of Parliament, and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. After Mary's decease he suffered a reverse of fortune, and he was a prisoner in the Tower of London when he died on the 1st of September 1561.

Sir Edward's descendant, another Sir Edward Waldegrave was created a Baronet in 1643, for his services to King Charles I; and his descendant, Sir Henry Waldegrave, Baronet, (1660-1689), was created Baron Waldegrave, of Chewton, in 1686. Sir Henry married Henrietta FitzJames, (d. 1730), daughter of King James II, by his Mistress Arabella Churchill; their son was James Waldegrave, 1st Earl Waldegrave, (1684-1741).

Marriage 1 Margery WENTWORTH born about 1460 in Codham, Yorkshire, England.

Married: in Yorkshire, England.


Anthony WALDEGRAVE, born 1477.

William WALDEGRAVE, born 1479.

Mary WALDEGRAVE, born about 1481.

George WALDEGRAVE, Esq. born 1483, in Smallbridge, Bures, Suffolk, England.

Margaret WALDEGRAVE, born about 1485, in Smallbridge, Bures, Suffolk, England.

Jane WALDEGRAVE, born 1487.

Edmond WALDEGRAVE, born 1489.

Dorothy WALDEGRAVE, born 1491.

Bridget WALDEGRAVE, born 1493.

Anne WALDEGRAVE, born 1495.

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