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Sir Robert's son (mentioned in his Will), Sir William Drury, Knt., of Hawstead, M.P.,P.C.,(c1500-1558), married Elizabeth Sothill (1505-1575) a granddaughter of another Speaker of the House of Commons, and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Sir Richard Empson, Knt.,(died 17 August 1510). found on

Sir William Drury of Hawstead

The Drury name can be documented as far back as the Battle of Hastings, October 14th 1066, when Sir John de Drury fought proudly alongside William the Conqueror. He distinguished himself enough to be listed on the 'Roll of Battle Abbey'.

Sir John de Drury was to set the watermark for the Drury name. The Drurys proudly and honorably served their monarchs without question.

His grandfather and namesake William Drury, was advisor to King Henry VIII. He did the same for Edward VI, as well as Queen Mary. His service to the crown allowed him to embark two thousand acres of rich land as well as five hundred acres of wooded land. Sir William followed the family tradition and fought alongside King Henry, in campaigns all over Europe. He made a name for himself as a master military strategist, as well as a master maritimer.

It was Queen Elizabeth, herself, who asked him to return to court while he was in self-imposed exile during Mary's reign (due to being Protestant and my association with the Earl of Bedford). Sir William had known Elizabeth since she was young and consider her to be a dear friend. Honor and service is first and foremost. His family motto is 'Sine Non Causa', (Not Without Cause), this speaks volumes for Drury family beliefs.

Married to Elizabeth Stafford, one of the Queen's maids of honor, the Queen graciously granted their union and was in attendance at the wedding. In 1578 the Drurys held a feast for Queen Elizabeth at their manor in Hawstead.

He served Elizabeth as Sheriff of Suffolk (1583), and Marshall of Berwick, along the Scottish border before being assigned as the Lord Justice to the Council of Ireland. He took his duties seriously and have handled matters in Ireland very competently. He was said to be the "most able commander in the Irish Wars". The Queen often entrusts him with important matters of state, because of their close friendship and his loyalty to the crown.

He had a quarrel about precedency with Sir John Borough, and died from wounds received in a duel with him.

From "Plantagenet Ancestry... A Study in", available in Google Books.

William Drury, Knight of Hawstead, Suffolk...married 2nd, before February 1521, Elizabeth Sothill, twin daughter abd co-heiress of Henry Sothill esq of Stoke, Leicestershire (descendant of King Edward III) by Joan, daughter of Richard Empson, Knight. She was born about 1505. They had two sons: Robert, esq and Henry and six daughters.

Sir William died testate (P.C.C. 16 noodes) at Hawstead 11 January 1557 or 58.

Elizabeth, his wife, died testate (P.C.C. 42 Pyckering) 19 May 1575. They were buried at Hawstead, Suffolk.

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