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JOHN HATCH 1495-1535

[Ancestral Link: Marguerite Anderson (Miller), daughter of Hannah Anderson (Anderson), daughter of Mary Margaret Edmiston (Anderson), daughter of Martha Jane Snow (Edmiston), daughter of Gardner Snow, son of Abigail Farr (Snow), daughter of Mercy Winslow (Farr), Rebecca Ewer (Winslow), daughter of Shubael Ewer, son of Elizabeth Lovell (Ewer), daughter of Jane Hatche (Lovell), daughter of William Hatch, son of William Hatch, son of Thomas Hatch, son of John Hatch.]

John Hatch's Will
John Hatche's will was proved 26 April 1536. To be buried in the churchyard at Sellynge. To every godchild 12d. To every of my children two ewes. To my wife two kine, two hogs, six ewes and half my household stuff. The residue of my goods to be sold to pay my debts and legacies by my executors, my wife and Thomas Marchall, to whom I give 6s. 8d. apiece. To John Marchall 3s. 4d. to help my wife with the writings. Witnesses: Thomas Dylnott the younger, Robert Cavelland Richard Hempsted. My last will regarding my lands. A piece of land called Mewlyng and my mill beside Hythe to be sold, and the money, and also £9. 20d. which Thomas Sylnott owes me, to be used to pay my debts and legacies. Hodyforthmill and half the meadow to be put to farm and the money used for the same purpoe. My sons Thomas, John and Stephen to enter into my new house and lands at their ages of twenty years. My wife to have the other half of the meadows by thenames of Lytle Somerlies, greate Somerles and Rayfelde until my children be twenty years of age, giving to each his share as he attains that age. To her alsofor life the house and lands at Somerffeld, with reversion at her death to my children. If all my sons die under age, reversion to my daughters, the lands being equally divided. To each daughter 40s. at marriage. If all my children die,the money to be used to have an obit kept for twenty years, and the land to besold and the money to go to my brothers and their heirs. To Thomas Hatche, sonof John Hatche the elder, 13s. 4d. Overseer: Maister Hayman, to who I give 6s.8d.
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