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[Ancestral Link: Marguerite Anderson (Miller), daughter of Hannah Anderson (Anderson), daughter of Mary Margaret Edmiston (Anderson), daughter of Martha Jane Snow (Edmiston), daughter of Sarah Sawyer Hastings (Snow), daughter of Jonathan Hastings, son of Josiah Hastings, son of Thomas Hastings, son of Abigail Hammond (Hastings), daughter of Abigail Salter (Hammond).]

Abigail Salter (1623-1663) ~~~~~
Abigail Salter 1623-1663) ~~~~~
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Abigail SalterBaptized: 9 Nov 1623, in Rattlesden, Suffolk County, England. Death: About 1663, in Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.Father: George Salter, born and died in England.Mother: Elizabeth Munning, born and died in England.Married: John Hammond, b. June 1624-1626, in Lavenham, Suffolk, England. He was the son of William Hammond and Elizabeth Paine Hammond. He died 22 Nov 1709, in Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.Marriage: About 1652, in Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Children of John Hammond and Abigail Salter Hammond:1. John #1 Hammond, b: 3 Feb 1653/1654, in Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. John died 1 Oct 1659.2. Elizabeth Hammond, b: 6 May 1655, in Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Elizabeth married John Mason.*****************************************************************DIRECT LINEAGE: 3. Abigail Hammond, b: 21 Jun 1656-1659, in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts. Abigail married John Hastings, on 18 Jun 1679. *****************************************************************4. John #2 Hammond, b. About 1661/1662, in Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.
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