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EDWARD DIX 1616-1660

[Ancestral Link: Marguerite Anderson (Miller), daughter of Hannah Anderson (Anderson), daughter of Mary Margaret Edmiston (Anderson), daughter of Martha Jane Snow (Edmiston), daughter of Gardner Snow, son of James Snow, son of Mary Trowbridge (Snow), daughter of Jerusha Park (Trowbridge), daughter of Richard Ensign Parke, son of Richard Parke, son of Abigail Dix (Parke), daughter of Edward Dix.]

Edward Dix1635, Watertown, Massachusetts
From Bond’s Watertown: “Edward Dix embarked at Gravesend, January 16, 1635, aged 19, and in the same vessel came Jane Wilkinson, aged 10. He was admitted freeman, May 4, 1635, and his name is on the earliest list of proprietors of Wat.” In volume 2, however, “It was for a time supposed that Edward Dix and Jane Wilkinson, who embarked at Gravesend in January 1635, were married after their arrival, and became the ancestors of all the Dix families in Watertown and that vicinity. This supposition is not yet, I think entirely disproved, although later investigations have rendered it questionable. It is now supposed that Edward Dix, of Watertown, was the ‘Edward Deekes’ who subscribed at the church gathering in Charlestown, August 27, 1630 (and must therefore have come over in the fleet with Governor Winthrop, or very soon after) and the ‘Edward Dixe’ who was adm. freeman March 3, 1734-5. Perhaps he returned to England for a wife. In subscribing at Charlestown, his name immediately succeeds that of Henry Bright, who also went to Watertown; and, in the list of freemen, his name is in the midst of other Watertown names. He was a selectman 1650, and he had been a constable previous to April 1651, when he, and others with him, were fined by the Court, each 10s. for not providing half-bushels for standards, when constables. April 2, 1661, wid. Susanna Dix brought suit against Sergt. John Wincol and John Dix, Exrs. of Edward Dix, for her dowry. Verdict for the plaintiff, viz., one-third rents and the costs, 13s.”Edward Deekes was admitted to Boston church as member number 49. He was admitted freeman on 4 March 1635 in Watertown. He was selectman in Watertown in 1649.Edward first married Jane [Dix]. Jane died on 18 February 1642 in Watertown, Massachusetts.
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Dix IndexEdward DIX
Died 9 July 1660
English Origin Came to New England 1630 With the Winthrop fleet
Resided in Boston, Watertown 1634 Freeman of MBC March 1634/35
Occupation farmer
First Spouse Jane (died 1641/42)
Children Abigail, Mary, John, Rebecca
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Edward and JaneEdward Dix was born by about 1610 at England. He married Jane Wilkinson by 1637; Surname lacking in GMB.; Watertown. He married Susanna (--?--) after 1642; Watertown. He died on 9 July 1660 at Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts
He was a founder at Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts. He immigrated in 1630 to Winthrop Fleet. He immigrated on 16 January 1635/36 to from Gravesend. He was made a Freeman on 4 March 1635 at Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts. He was Elected M on 10 December 1649 at Selectman, Watertown, Massachusetts, USA. He left a will on 22 April 1653; MPR case #6296.
Children of Edward1Dix and Jane Wilkinson all born at Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, were as follows:
i. Abigail.
ii. Mary; born 2 May 1639; married Abraham Browne, son of Abraham Browne and Lydia (--?--), 5 February 1663 at Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts; Watertown; married Samuel Rice, son of Deacon Edmund Rice and Tamazine Frost, September 1668; Sudbury / Watertown; died 1675.
iii. John; born 4 September 1640; married Elizabeth Barnard, daughter of John Barnard and Sarah Cutting, 7 January 1671 at Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts; Watertown; died 1714.

1. Jane Wilkinson was born in 1615. She married Edward Dix by 1637; Surname lacking in GMB.; Watertown. She died on 18 February 1642; after birth of youngest child, Rebecca. She died circa 1642.

She was also known as Jane. She was a problem Was for Virginia, and another Edw. Dix bound there. No support for this surname. She immigrated on 16 January 1635/36 to Gravesend, Kent, England.
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Who Is Who?RE: Edward Dix and Jane Wilkinson passengers on THOMAS and JOHN to Virginia 1635 Posted by: Carol Shiels (ID *****0778) Date: August 30, 2006 at 11:00:26 of 38389 Has anyone found any evidence of Edward Dix age 19 arriving and settling in Virginia in 1635? How about Jane Wilkinson, age 20? Both are listed on the passenger list of the THOMAS and JOHN, Richard Lambard, Master, which sailed from London, England 6/6/1635, bound for VirginiaEdward Dix was "examined by the Minister de Gravesend" and is listed with 11 others who took the "Oath of Allegeance". English ships stopped at Gravesend before heading out to sea.Found in the general list of passengers {http://www.allcensus.com/original_lists_; Transcription of "The Original Lists of Persons of Quality..., edited by John Camden Hotten} pg 84, 2nd column #8 = Jo: Wilkenson age 28; #21 Jane Wilkenson age 20.Another source notes: "Ships destined for VA made a stop in New England and typically at least one person got off."Even if Edward Dix and the Wilkinson's got off in NE, they are NOT the same people as Edward and his wife Jane [maiden name unknown]Deekes/Dix who arrived married in 1630 with the Winthrop Fleet.This latter couple sailed from Yarmouth, Isle of Wright, England in the Spring of 1630. It is THIS couple that settled in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts. His name appears as #49 Edward Deekes at gathering of the First Church of Boston which met in Charlestown, Massachusetts on 8/27/1630. He was made a freeman in 3/4/1634/5. They are the parents of Abigail, Mary, John and Rebecca. Their mother, Jane, died 2/1642, 2 months after the birth of Rebecca 12/1641. All found in the vital Records of Watertown, Massachusetts.Their father married 2nd Susanna [surname unknown]. She outlived Edward, who died 7/1660. On 4/2/1661, the widow "Sussanna" brought suit against her step-son John Dix and Sgt John Wincoll, executors of her husbands estate. In the 'Action of Dowry' the court found in favor of the plaintiff.
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Edward DixEdward DIX was born in 1611 in Gravesend, Kent, England. He signed a will on 25 June 1660 in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA. He died on 9 July 1660 in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA. He had his estate probated on 2 October 1660 in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA.
ORIGIN: Unknown
REMOVES: Watertown by 1634
CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: "Edward Deekes" was admitted to Boston church as member #49 [BChR 14].
FREEMAN: 4 March 1634/5 (fifth in a group of six Watertown men) [MBCR 1:370].
EDUCATION: Signed his will by mark. Inventory included "one old Bible and three old books" valued at 6s.
OFFICES: Watertown selectman, 10 December 1649 [WaTR 1:19]. In a town account of 10 December 1651 is included the following item: "dike's rate ... 17s. 2d." [WaTR 25]; this has been interpreted to indicate that Edward Dix had recently been constable.
ESTATE: Granted the usual full sequence of proprietorial lots at Watertown: homestall of 11 acres; 2 acres meadow; 3 acres upland; 30 acres Great Dividend; 3 acres Beaverbrook Plowlands; 3 acres Remote Meadows; 10 acres and a half upland; and 105 acre farm [WaBOP 4, 7, 9, 12, 27, 84]. In his will, dated 25 June 1660 and proved 2 October 1660, "Edward Dikes of Wattertowne" acknowledged that "I did receive some estate of my wife that now is to the value of twenty pounds" and ordered that it be paid to her along with £5 in addition, and also so long as she lives and does not remarry she may reside with his children in his dwelling house and have firewood cut and delivered to her; ordered that from "all my estate viz: houses, lands both near and remote with two hundred acres of land bought of Ensign Sherman ... my son John Dikes shall enjoy a double portion with the addition of ten pounds and a mare colt now running in the woods"; ordered that "the rest of my estate be equally divided amongst my 3 daughters only my youngest for some consideration not here mentioned shall have twenty shillings more than the rest of her sisters provided also that if the portion that I have given my daughter ["Elizabeth" lined out] Abigaell which is wife to Thomas Parks do not amount to the rest of the sisters that then it shall be made up equal unto the rest of her sisters"; and appointed "my son John Diks" sole executor [MPR Case #6296]. On 2 October 1660 John Dix chose Sgt. John Wincoll as his guardian [MPR Misc]. The inventory of the estate of "Edward Dickes late of Wattertowne" was taken 8 October 1660 and totalled £254 3s. 10d., of which £103 was real estate: "a dwelling house and barn and fourteen acres of homestall land," £42; "three acres of meadow in Beaver Brook Meadow," £12; "five acres at Slendergut Meadow," £5; "six acres of meadow at Mr. Saltonstall's farm," £4; "five acres of Remote Meadow," £2 10s.; "twenty [acres] of dividend by Thomas Torball's and ten acres by Richard Sawtel's," £15; "six acres of land by John Barnard's," £6; "more nine acres of land by Rich: Sawtel's," £4 10s.; "three acres in the further plain," £1 10s.; "eighteen acres in lieu of the township," £3; "two hundred acres of land at Esabeth [Assabet] River," £6; and "his right in farm land in Wattertown" £1 10s. [MPR Case #6296]. On 2 April 1661 "Sussanna Dickes widow brought suit against Sergt. John Wincoll and John Dix, executors of Edward Dix, in an action of dowry. The court found for the plaintiff, viz: one-third rents and the court costs, 13s. [MCR 1:185; Bond 753].
BIRTH: By about 1610 based on estimated date of marriage.
DEATH: Watertown 9 July 1660 [WaVR 23].
MARRIAGE: (1) By 1637 Jane _____ (named as the mother of all children in birth records); she died after the birth of youngest child Rebecca on 18 February 1641/2.
COMMENTS: On the 6 June 1635 passenger list of the Thomas and John, bound from London to Virginia, are Edward Dix, aged 19, and Jane Wilkinson, aged 20 (at different positions in a list of 105 names) [Hotten 83-85]. This Edward Dix has been identified by some as the immigrant to New England, and Jane Wilkinson as his first wife Jane. There are several arguments against these claims. In the first place, there are only one or two instances in which persons listed as sailing for Virginia in 1635 later appeared in New England, and these are well documented. Second, Edward Dix of Boston and Watertown was admitted to freemanship on 4 March 1634/5, and he must have been in New England for this to occur; but the passenger of 6 June 1635 could not have been in New England on the previous 4 March, and in any case could not have been made free if he were only nineteen. In his first edition Bond includes a daughter Deborah, and then in the second edition presents evidence that she could not have been a daughter of Edward Dix [Bond 198, 753]. Furthermore, the will of Edward Dix states that he had three daughters, and we have births and marriages for three daughters without taking Deborah into account. On 22 May 1651 Edward Dix was one of four Watertown men "being fined £4 ... for want of a town bushel, upon their requests have their fine remitted" [MBCR 3:229]. (2) By an uncertain date Susanna _____; she was living on 2 April 1661 when she received judgment against the executors of her husband's will.
Spouse: Jane. Edward DIX and Jane were married in 1635 in , , , England.
Children were:
Abigail DIX,
Mary DIX,
John DIX,
Rebecca DIX.
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  1. There are 6 Dix males who took DNA tests on Family Tree DNA.
    Two of the Dix males share common DNA between them going back to Elijah Dix Born in MA in 1744 and Died in PA in 1826. Elijah had a son John Dix whose Great Great Great (x3) Grandson is test subject kit# 262958. Elijah had another son David Dix whose Great Great Great (x3) Grandson is test subject kit# 266018.. They were both told they were descended from Edward Dix of Watertown who died in MA 1660.
    Four of the Dix males share common DNA going back to a John Dix Sr born in CT in 1661 and died in CT in 1711. John Dix Sr had 2 sons.. John Dix Jr who had a Great Great Great Great Great (x5) Grandson who is test subject kit#246120, and had another Great Great Great Great Great (x5) Grandson who is myself, Chris Dix (test subject kit# 241589) via a different branch, and had a Great Great Great Great Great Great (x6) Grandson who is test subject kit# 245525. Kits 246120 and 245525 have a closer connection, whereas I connect with them further back.
    The other son of John Dix Sr was Leonard Dix who had a Great Great Great Great (x4) Grandson who is test subject kit# 259938
    So the 4 of us share DNA back to John Dix Sr, whose father was believed to be Leonard Dix born England and died in CT about 1697, but we do NOT share DNA with the 2 who are believed to be descended from Edward Dix of Watertown
    Hopefully this information might be of use.