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[Ancestral Link: Marguerite Anderson (Miller), daughter of Hannah Anderson (Anderson), daughter of Mary Margaret Edmiston (Anderson), daughter of Martha Jane Snow (Edmiston), daughter of Sarah Sawyer Hastings (Snow), daughter of Jonathan Hastings, son of Josiah Hastings, son of Thomas Hastings, son of John Hastings, son of Margaret Cheney (Hastings), daughter of Margaret Cule (Cheney).]

Margaret Cole Mason Cheney
Margaret Cule (aka Cole or Mason) Birth: About 1604, in England. Death: Bef 3 Jul 1686, in Probably Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts; (OR) Boston, Massachusetts.Burial: Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts. According to an entry in the Roxbury Church records, Margaret was buried beside her former husband at Roxbury: "1686 (July 3) aged Sist. Cheney buryed."
Father: Uknown.Mother: Uknown.
Married: William Cheney. William Cheney (aka Cheiney); born 31 Jul 1603/1605 in Bennington, Lincolnshire, England, (or born in Abbey Waltham, Essex, Engand.) William was the son of Lawrence and Juliam Waldron Cheney (Cheiney). William Cheney died 30 Jun 1667, Old Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.Marriage: About 1625 in England.
Children of William Cheney and Margaret Cole/Cule Mason Cheney:
1. Eleanor Cheney, b: 1626 in England.*****************************************************************DIRECT LINEAGE;
2. Margaret Cheney, b: 20-26 Nov 1628/1629, in England.*****************************************************************3. Thomas Cheney, b: 1631, in England. Died in infancy.4. Thomas Cheney, b. 1633, in England.5. William Cheney, b: 1635/1636, in England.6. John Cheney, b: 29 Sep 1639. in Of Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.7. Mehitable Cheney, b: 1 Jun 1643, in Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. (OR born in Medfield, Massachusetts.)8. Joseph Cheney, b: 6 Jun 1647, in Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.
1667: William Cheney took great care in his 1667 will to see "that my deare afflicted wife Margaret Cheney bee Carefully sufficiently provided for duringe the time of her natural life." As per his father's request, Thomas Cheney, their eldest son, left his Cambridge farm to live with and care for his mother in her Roxbury home.
1674: Margaret Cule Cheney had a "breakdown" after William died. Rev. John Eliot wrote in 1673/1674, in the Church records of the time, that "Margaret Cheany widow having been long bound by Satan under a melancholick distemper, (about 10 or 11 yeares) which made her wholy neglect her Calling, live mopishly, this day (24 March 1673) gave thanks to God for loosing her chain confessing bewailing her sinful yielding to temptation" (The Cheney Genealogy by Charles Henry Pope, 1897 pg 29). Six years after her husband's death, Margaret Cheney was "cured".
1676: In 1676, Margaret sued her son Thomas. She petitioned the court regarding her son Thomas' treatment of her, to which it responded: " In answer to the petition of Margaret Cheeney, widdow: "The Court Orders that Thomas Cheeney her Son pay unto his sd Mother Five pounds in mony every quarter of the yeare, yearely for the improvement of the Estate left by his Father give her good assurance of her living peaceably with him, otherwise that hee leave the house: the Estate being judged to bee woth twenty five pound in mony per annum (Suffolk County Court, dated 31 Oct 1676).
1680: Margaret Burge, widow of William Cheney, along with Thomas Hastings of Watertown and wife Margaret, Thomas Wight and wife Mehitabel, and Joseph Cheney of Medfield, son and daughters of William Cheney, sold a parcel of land and the remains of a house in Boston to Samuel Shrimpton for L30 on 15 Mar 1679/80. The sale was in accordance with William Cheney's will, which decreed the sale of the "house" in Boston if needed for Margaret's maintenance.
1679/1680: Margaret married her second husband, Mr. Burge, (or Burges or Burdge). This union lasted only a short time, as in a deed dated 15 March 1679/80, Margaret is again refered to as a "widow."
1682: Margaret was dismissed from the Roxbury Church on 9 Apr 1682, and was received by the old South Church, Boston, on 19 May 1682 - each clerk refered to her as the "widow Cheney." The Boston house had been sold and none of her children are known to have been living in Boston at this time.
1686: Will: 15 May 1686, Boston, Massachusetts. Margaret, like William Cheney, signed her will with her "M" mark. The will is dated 15 May 1686 and she made the following simple bequests: "I give bequeath to my son Joseph Cheney thirty pounds in moneys" -- "I give and bequeath to my daughter Mehitabel Wight all my cloaths" -- " I give and bequeath to my grandson Wm Cheney five pounds And to his two brothers Jno and Benjamin I give to each of them fifty shillings." She named as her sole executor "my son Joseph."
1686: Margaret died sometime later that year. ("Pioneers of Massachusets" by Charles Henry Pope, copyright 1900, p.97.)
1686: Probate: 23 Sep 1686, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Marriage 2: Widow Margaret Cule (et al) Cheney, married a Mr. Burge, (or Burges or Burdge). This marriage may have taken place in Boston.
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Will of Margaret (Cule) Cheney Burges
1897 , page 30-31
The Will of Mrs. Margaret (Cheney) Burges
I Margrat Burges widdow now living in Boston being at present of sound mind memory and reasonable understanding, praised be ye Lord do make this my last will and testamt in manner and forme following
That is to say, First I give my precious soul into the bands of my heavenly father and dear Redeemer and my body to be decently buried according to ye good discretion of my hereafter named Exectr. in hope of a blessed Resurrection at the last day
Item I give & bequeath to my son Joseph Cheney thirty pounds in moneys
Item I give and bequeath to my daughter Mehitabel Wight all my cloaths
It. I give and bequeath to my grandson Wm Cheney five pounds And to his two brothers Jno and Benjamin I give to each of them fifty shillings and I do make my son Joseph sole Exctr of this my last will and testamt all former wills being void as Witness my hand and Seal this fifteenth day of may in the year of our Lord 1686.
herMargaret M Burgemark(and a seal.)
Robert Sanderso, senr,Mary Emblin,Eliz Sanderson, witnesses.Presented Sept 23, 1686
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transcribed text of will from the book The Cheney Genealogy
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Margaret (Cule) Cheney - Melancholy after husband's death
1673 , Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA
Margaret Cheany widow having been long bound by Satan under a melancholick distemper. (above 10 or 11 years) who made her wholly neglect her Calling & live mopishly, this day gave thanks to God for loosing her chain, & confessing & bewailing her sinful yielding to temptation.
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Excerpt from the Cheney Genealogy book, relating information in the Roxbury church records. She seems to have recovered about 6 years after her husband's death.
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  1. These are my ancestors. Margaret Cheney and Thomas Hastings are my 7th Great Grandparents.