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GEORGE FARR 1604-1662

[Ancestral Link: Marguerite Anderson (Miller), daughter of Hannah Anderson (Anderson), daughter of Mary Margaret Edmiston (Anderson), daughter of Martha Jane Snow (Edmiston), daughter of Gardner Snow, son of Abigail Farr (Snow), daughter of Jonathan Farr, son of Thomas Farr, son of Stephen Farr, son of Thomas Farr, son of George Farr.]

George Farr 1604
ORIGIN: Unknown
CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: Admission to Lynn church prior to 6 May 1635 implied by freemanship.
FREEMAN: 6 May 1635 (seventh in a sequence of nine Lynn men) [ MBCR 1:371].EDUCATION: His inventory included "one parcel of old books and two pots and old peck and a pair of spinning cards" valued at 6s.ESTATE: Granted thirty acres and ten acres in the 1638 Lynn land division [ EQC 2:270]. In his will, dated 1 July 1662 and proved 26 November 1662, George Farr bequeathed to "my son John" a lot of ground in Lynn and two acres at Rumney marsh; to "my sons Lazerous and Bengamin ... my house and all the land about it" along with another lot of land; to "my wife" her thirds during her widowhood; to "my son Joseph" fifty shillings when he comes of age; to "my four daughters namely Mary, Martha, Elizebeth and Sarah" fifty shillings apiece, Mary and Martha two years after testator's decease and Elizabeth and Sarah four years after [EQC 3:18-19; EPR 1:402-03]. The inventory of the estate of George Farr, deceased, taken 24 November 1662, totalled £109 8s., including £57 in real estate: "one dwelling house and some outhousing with the lot it stands upon," £20; "eight acres of upland," £16; "eight acres more of upland," £16; and "two acres of salt marsh in Rumley Marsh," £5 [EQC 2:19;
BIRTH: About 1594 (deposed "aged about sixty-three" on 15 April 1657 [EQC 7:127-28]).
DEATH: Lynn 24 October 1662.
MARRIAGE: By about 1633 Elizabeth Stowers, daughter of NICHOLAS STOWERS; she died after 27 November 1672.
i JOHN, born say 1633; died Lynn 29 October 1672. Administration on the estate of John Farr was granted on 26 November 1672 to Richard Stower and Joseph Farr; an agreement was reached at Salem Court on 27 November 1672 among "his mother Elizebeth Farr and two brothers, Joseph and Benjamin, and three sisters Mary, Elizebeth and Sarah, the sisters all married and one of them living at `Grawton,'" and his estate was distributed to "Nicholas Hutchin, his brother-in-law," to "John Holmes, his brother-in-law," to "Mary Clarke, a `motherless child and cousin' to the said John Farr," to Joseph and Benjamin, and to "Mathias Farnworth, brother-in-law" [EPR 2:303-05].
ii LAZARUS, born say 1635; died Lynn 9 December 1669.
iii MARY, born say 1637; married by 1657 (assuming she was the mother of all his children) Matthias Farnsworth of Groton [ TAG 75:149-50].
iv BENJAMIN, born say 1639; married Lynn 28 July 1680 Elizabeth Burrill.
v MARTHA, born say 1641; married Boston 18 September 1661 "William Clarke now resident in Boston" (the bride described as "Martha Farr of daughter of George Farr of Lynne") [ BVR 82].
vi JOSEPH, born say 1643 (died Lynn 3 February 1727 in his 90th year, but not yet of age in 1662); married (1) Lynn 22 September 1680 Hannah Walden; married (2) Lynn 15 September 1696 Rebecca Knight.
vii ELIZABETH, born say 1645; married Lynn 4 April 1666 Nicholas Hutchins.
viii SARAH, born say 1647; married by 1672 John Holmes.
On 15 April 1657 "George Far, aged about sixty-three years, testified that Black Will or Duke William, so called, was the owner of Nahant and he helped to fence it in for Thomas Dexter" [EQC 7:127-28].
On 27 April 1657 "George Farr testified that all those who fenced at Nahant had proprietorship there, and when Capt. Turner with the rest made the fence, he said to make haste lest the country take it from them" [EQC 7:129].
On 2 June 1684 Elizabeth Farr delivered to court a petition declaring that she had "lived here in Lyn for the space of fifty and four years on a small tract of land granted by the townsmen of Lyn that then were ... unto my deceased husband Georg[e] Farr who possessed it peacably all his days and so left it with your poor petitioner his widow" [EQC 9:244-45].
On 1 July 1657 "George Farr of Lyn, witness in case of Tho[mas] Dexter and the town, presented for taking a false oath" [EQC 2:50, 51].
On 24 November 1657 "George Farr [is] discharged of his bond," presumably in this same matter [EQC 2:59].
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