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[Ancestral Link: Marguerite Anderson (Miller), daughter of Hannah Anderson (Anderson), daughter of Mary Margaret Edmiston (Anderson), daughter of Martha Jane Snow (Edmiston), daughter of Gardner Snow, son of James Snow, son of Mary Trowbridge (Snow), daughter of Jerusha Park (Trowbridge), daughter of Sarah Fuller (Park), daughter of Hannah Griggs (Fuller), daughter of John Griggs, son of Thomas Griggs.]

Thomas Griggs leaves England for America1639-1646, Roxbury, Massachusetts
THOMAS GRIGGS, who came from England in the spring of 1639, settled in Roxbury. With him were his wife, Mary, and two sons, John and Joseph. {Also "daughter Mary who died of a kahexie age 12yrs.} Mary died a few months after their arrival and was buried in Roxbury, 25 September, 1639. In five years Thomas, married Mary Green, 26 August, 1640. Thomas died 23 May, 1646, after a long illness. {Widow mar. Jasper Rawlings}
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Thomas GriggsM, born circa 1585, died 23 May 1646
Thomas was born circa 1585 at England. He married Mary (?) (?) circa 1615. Thomas immigrated to (an unknown value) circa 1635. Thomas of New England 1635, settled in Roxbury 1636. The name of Thomas Griggs is in the original book of Town Records of Roxbury 1636-1640. His estate was twelve acres. A notice of his death was written by Apostle Rev. John Eliot.
He married Mary Green on 26 August 1640. Thomas died on 23 May 1646 at Roxbury, Massachusetts.
Children of Thomas Griggs and Mary (?) (?)
* Mary Griggs+ born circa 1620, died 21 August 1680
* John Griggs born 1623
* Joseph Griggs born 1625
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EARLY GRIGGS FAMILIES OF MASSACHUSETTSThere were four Griggs families in and around Boston before 1640. So far as has been ascertained there was no connection between any of them. Something has been written about each one but in every account there have been omissions or errors. The purpose of this article is to correct these. The research on which this account is based has not been exhaustive in that only published material has been consulted.
THOMAS, born 1619/20; died probably unmarried before July 1655 since he was not mentioned in his father's will. Clarence Bowen's History of Woodstock, Connecticut, vol. 6, p. 96, states that he married MARY____ and was buried in Roxbury 29 November 1639. A footnote says that according to family records he died 29 November 1632. All these statements are in error. The person who was buried 29 November 1659 was Mary, not Thomas Griggs (The Vital Records of Roxbury. vol. 2, p. 540), who was the wife of another Thomas Griggs of Roxbury, with which place the family of George Griggs had no connection. Obviously Thomas, son of George, could not have died in 1652 since he came to Boston three years later in 1635.

THOMAS GRIGGS of Roxbury, born perhaps about 1585, died in Roxbury, Massachusetts, 23 May 1646 (Vital Records of Roxbury., Massachusetts, vol. 2, p. 540) where he "lay in a long affliction of sickness and shined like gold in it, greatly magnifying his grace in Christ" (Boston Record Commissioners: Rox bury Church Records, p. 173). He married, first, about 1615, probably in England, MARY who died in Roxbury, Massachusetts, 29 November 1639 (Vital Records of Roxbury, Massachusetts, vol. 2, p. 540). He married, secondly, in Roxbury, 26 August 1640 (ibid., p. 182) Mary GREEN, probably widow of John Green who died in 1638/9. She married (3) in Roxbury, 8 June 1651, Jasper Rawlins.
Thomas Griggs was in Roxbury by 1636 when he owned twelve acres there.
It is suggested by J. W. Linzee, Jr., in his Ancestors and Descendants of Peter Parker and Sarah Ruggles, 1913, p. 475, that Thomas was a son of John and Martha Griggs of Boxted, county Suffolk, England, born in 1585 whose ancestral chart is reproduced on page 475 from Joseph James Muskett's Suffolk Manorial Families, 1900, vol. 1, p. 265. However, there seems to be no proof whatever of the identity of the two Thomases. It might equally well be claimed that George, son of John and Martha Griggs of Boxted, given in the same chart as born in 1595, was the George, subject of the first part of this article. The age very nearly corresponds. The latter George, however, is given in the shipping list as of Landon, Bucks. A search of the wills or estates of John and Martha Griggs of Boxted might reveal the validity or falseness of either or both of these assumptions.
Clarence Bowen in his History of Woodstock, vol. 6, states that this Thomas Griggs was born in 1603 (which might well he) and that he came to New England in 1635. He claims also that Thomas first wife was Grace Wells (not Mary ). This writer has been unable to determine the source of such statements, but, because much of Bowen s account of the Griggs families is erroneous, not much reliance can be placed on any of the statements about the Griggs families.
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Spouse: Mary. Thomas GRIGGS and Mary were married about 1615 in , , , England.
Children were:
Joseph GRIGGS,

By H. MINOT PITMAN, F.A.S.G. of Bronxvllle, New York
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Thomas GriggsImmigrant
THOMAS GRIGGS was born in England in 1592. He settle in Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts, with his wife and two sons, John and Joseph. His name appears on the first page of the first volume of Roxbury Land Records as owning land there in 1639. He died at Roxbury after a long illness, June 23, 1646, and his inventory is dated two days later. He owned land at Muddy River (Brookline, Suffolk, Massachusetts). His wife, MARY was buried November 29, 1639, and he married second May 26, 1640, Mary Green, widow of John Green. When THOMAS died, she married Jasper Rawlins
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