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[Ancestral Link: Marguerite Anderson (Miller), daughter of Hannah Anderson (Anderson), daughter of Mary Margaret Edmiston (Anderson), daughter of Martha Jane Snow (Edmiston), daughter of Sarah Sawyer Hastings (Snow), daughter of Salome Burt (Hastings), daughter of Enos Burt, son of Asahel Burt, son of Sarah Cowles (Burt), daughter of Deborah Bartlett (Cowles), daughter of Robert Bartlett, son of Alice Barker (Bartlett).] .htm#P34189
Spouse: Robert BARTLETT. Alice BARKER and Robert BARTLETT were married on 6 October 1599 in Puddletown, Dorset, England.4 Children were: Robert BARTLET, Robert BARTLETT.
Spouse: Margaret MAWLE. Children were: Alice BARKER, Margaret BARKER, Katharine BARKER, Slice BARKER, Dorothy BARKER, Richard BARKER, Ann BARKER, William BARKER, Joan BARKER, Joice BARKER, Thomas BARKER.John BARKER
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