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JOHN HAMMOND 1624-1709

[Ancestral Link: Marguerite Anderson (Miller), daughter of Hannah Anderson (Anderson), daughter of Mary Margaret Edmiston (Anderson), daughter of Martha Jane Snow (Edmiston), daughter of Sarah Sawyer Hastings (Snow), daughter of Jonathan Hastings, son of Josiah Hastings, son of Thomas Hastings, son of Abigail Hammond (Hastings), daughter of AJohn Hammond.]

John Hammond Headstone
Jan 2010 , Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts

Credit and thanks to findagrave and Bill Boyington for this photo.
Headstone Details
Cemetery name Old Burying Place
Name on headstone Lieutenant John Hammond

Lieut John Hammond, Watertown Middlesex County Massachusetts, USA
Old Burying Place

Lieut. John Hammond Gravestone
1626-1709 , Watertown Middlesex County Massachusetts, USA

Burial: Old Burying Place Watertown Middlesex County Massachusetts, USA Plot: 53 Photo by dsheindel Find A Grave Memorial# 27162680

John Hammond (1624-1709) ~~~~~
John Hammond (1624-1709) ~~~~~ Added by MargaretMastor on 10 Apr 2007 John Hammond Birth: Jun 1624-1626, in Lavenham, Suffolk, England. Christening: 2 Jul 1626, in Lavenham, Suffolk, England. Death: 22 Nov 1709, in Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Buried: John Hammond's tombstone in the Old Burying Ground at Watertown Massachusetts, contains the following inscription:
"Memento Mori Fugit Hora." "Here lyes ye body of Lieutenant, John Hammond, aged 85 years 4 mo. Who dec'd Novmbr 22nd, 1709." "Blessed are the dead that die in ye Lord."
Father: William Hammond, baptized: 30 Oct 1575, in Lavenham, Suffolk, England. Mother: Elizabeth Paine, baptized: 11 Sep 1586, in Nowton Parish, Lavenham, Suffolk, England.
Emigration: Sailing from Ipswich, England, in Apr 1634. John's age was given as 7 years. He traveled with his mother, Elizabeth Hammond, on the "Francis. His father, William Hammond, had previously arrived in New England, during the winter of 1631/1632.
1664 --: John Hammond was a selectman in Watertown, in 1664, 1670, 1692, 1698 and 1701.
1665: In 1665, he was appointed guardian of his kinswoman, Mehitable Hawkins, daughter of Timothy and Hannah Hawkins.
1675: John was a soldier in King Philip's war in 1675 and 167?. He was a lieutenant in the train band, (town militia). He saw duty at the Wrentham Garrison during King Phillip's War.
1690: In 1690, his assessment was the largest in Watertown, Massachusetts.
1709: His will, (Middlesex Probate, No. 7151) dated Nov. 18, 1709, proved Dec. 9, 1709, mentions wife Prudence, son John, daughters Elizabeth Mason, Abigail Hastings, Hannah Poulter and Hepzibah Shattuck, and also sons-in-law John Mason, John Hastings, John Poulter and William Shattuck.
His inventory, dated Nov. 29, 1709, amounted to œ961-8. Through an error the account of the settlement of his estate 26 Jan 1712/1713, is filed at East Cambridge, Masssachusetts, with the papers relating to the estate of John Hammond, of Newton, Massachusetts. (The latter died in 1762.) Account of John Hammond, John Mason and John Hastings, executors of will of Lt. John Hammond, 26 Jan 1712/1713.
------------Married 1: Abigail Salter, baptized 9 Nov 1623, in Rattlesden, Suffolk County, England. She was the daughter of George and Elizabeth Munning Salter. Abigail died about 1663.Marriage: About 1652, in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts.
Children of John Hammond and Abigail Salter Hammond:1. John #1 Hammond, b: 3 Feb 1653/1654, in Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. John died 1 Oct 1659. 2. Elizabeth Hammond, b: 6 May 1655, in Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Elizabeth married John Mason.
*****************************************************************DIRECT LINEAGE:
3. Abigail Hammond, b: 21 Jun 1656-1659, in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts. Abigail married John Hastings, on 18 Jun 1679.
*****************************************************************4. John #2 Hammond, b. About 1661/1662, in Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.
------------ Married 2: Sarah Nichols, b. about 1643, in Charlestown, Massachusetts. She died 14 Jan 1688; age 45 years.Marriage: 1664, in Watertown, Middlesex County ,Massachusetts.
Children of John Hammond and Sarah Nichols Hammond: 5. Sarah Hammond, b: 1666 in Watertown, Middlesex County,Massachusetts. Sarah died 11 Sep 1674, age 8 years.6. Hannah #1 Hammond, b: 25 Jul 1669 in Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Hannah died 18 Feb 1669/1670. 7. Hannah #2 Hammond, b. 25 Jul 1673. This Hannah married John Poulter.8. Nathaniel Hammond, b: Jul 1677, in Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Nathaniel died Feb 1677/1678.9. Samuel Hammond, b: 25 Feb 1679/1780, in Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Samuel died young.10. Hepzibah Hammond, b: Abt 1681/1682, in Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. She married William Shattuck on 23 Sep 1708.
-------------Married 3: The Widow Prudence Wade Cotton, b. 1637, in Ipswich Essex County, Massachusetts. Prudence was the daughter of Jonathan Wade of Ipswich, Massachusetts. Prudence was widowed by her second husband, Rev. Seaborn Cotton, of Hampton. She had married 1: Dr. Anthony Crosby, of Rowley, Massachusetts, on 28 Dec 1659. Prudence had children by Dr. Anthony.
Marriage: 1689. John Hammond was her third husband. Prudence died in Sep 1711, aged 74. Her tombstone bears the inscription: "Mrs. Prudence Hammond, wife of Lieut. John Hammond, Died Sepmbr 1st, 1711, in ye 74th year of her age."
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------Sources: 1. Title: Genealogies of the Families and Descendants of the Early Settlers of Watertown, Massachusetts, Including Waltham and Weston. Author: Henry Bond.Publication: Boston. 18552. Title: The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-33. Author: Robert Charles Anderson. Publication: Boston, MA: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1995.3. Title: History and Genealogies of the Hammond Families in America. Vol. 1.Hammond, Frederick Stam. Oneida, N.Y.: Ryan Burkhart. 1904.

COMMENT FROM Judith Ann Hammond Bowman Rhodes 12 Aug 2007 Below:
John Hammond 1624-1709 + TN,AR,TX,OK Hammond families to 2007.Added by JudyBowRho on 12 Aug 2007 I am Judith Ann Hammond, have researched my Hammond genealogy for 50 years now and learn something new about our Lavenham, Suffolk, England (1200-2007) and our VA,NC,TN,AR,TX,OK Hammond family 1600s-2007 almost every research day. I had my London to VA to NC (&GA) to TN to AR to OK (Indian Territory) to TX all laid out and filled in. Then Family Tree Maker's genealogy genetics test (DNA testing affordable and ordered online) results came. All my early people are still mine, but once the line leaves colonial VA for NC and by 1819 TN, major discoveries every research day it seems. DNA testing (my only brother participated in it) has proved parts and disproved others. All of a sudden my well-known in our family Bible great-Grandfather Jasper Samford Hammon/d/s b. 1819 TN is no longer my farthest back proven Hammond ancestor. JARVIS HAMMOND, who along with my other Hammonds lived in colonial VA, NC and TN by 1819, has turned my family charts every way but loose. After weeks and weeks of work online and on the telephone with other Hammond researchers I think I've got it right at long last. Now I am researching Jarvis Hammond et al from the time he left North Farnham Parish, Richmond, VA for TN. My totally proven and well-known Grandfather and loved by my late father Raymond Lee Hammond, JASPER SAMFORD HAMMOND b.1819 TN, probably Nashville area. Lived in Hempstead Co, AR and joined the Confederate Army there and served all four years of the war. His wife and young children back in Hempstead Co,AR nearly starved to death, like so many others in that place where this bunch of 'irregulars' or another one appeared regularly to steal all their food and even what little clothing they had. The oldest boy left after the Union and Confederates had taken the older ones, learned to hunt with his slingshot so well he (at about 12 - 13 yrs old) kept his mother and siblings from starvation by providing squirrels and rabbits and other small animals for them to eat. After Jasper Samford Hammond returned with his fellow AR Confederate soldiers, some of whom stopped by Hempstead Co,AR on their longer road home to TX. Some of them talked Grandpa Jasper Samford into coming on down to TX with them. They moved to Pursley in Navarro Co, TX where they remained until Indian Territory (OK) started opening up for settlement. The came up to Northeast TX in a party of several wagons and a herd of cattle and other livestock they brought with them. They crossed the Red River into OK with their herd and settled first in/around Tishomingo,OK. Eventually they moved north in OK to the Bristow area where they settled as a group in a little new town called Welty,Okfuskee Co, OK. Unfortunately Welty and the area turned into a giant dustbowl by the early 1930s. Some hung on in OK, but other families including most of the Hammonds played out the 'Grapes of Wrath' for real and made the long, hard trip to the San Joaquin Valley of CA. Many remain there today. My father and his 3 brothers all joined the military and served for all 4 years of WWII overseas. Now I am posting messages on this board as one of my many stops in re-writing our Hammond family history. DNA testing is the changing face of modern genealogy and I am grateful for it. My brother's test revealed a new, but still part of the old Hammond family saga, cast of characters. Now I am looking for a bunch of the North Farnham Parish Richmond VA (1600s-1770s) Hammond families allied with Morris and Samfords. I hope I can get it all corrected and written up and posted online before I get any older. At 65 I thought I had it wrapped. This new research brings new and fascinating information every day. The new cast of Hammon/d/s family members are as great to learn about as my old ones. If any of you who read this know of Hammon/d/s Samford, Baylis, Morris or other allied family members who might be interested in my new 'cast of characters' please pass this on, or abbreviate and just send them my email address: Thank you and good luck and hunting to all family genealogists. Judith Ann Hammond Bowman Rhodes
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Validation of John Hammond
John Hammond Lt.BIRTH: Date calculated from tombstone is July 1624; bapt. date in parish registerand reprinted in Hammond Genealogy. Age 7 on ship passenger list Co-exor offather's will.MARRIAGE: m(1) abt 1652 Abigail Salter. [Hammond Genealogy]m(2) 1664 Sarah Nichols of Charlestown. [Hammond Genealogy]m(3) 1689 wid Prudence (Wade) Cotton. [Hammond Genealogy]DEATH: Tombstone says d. 1709 age 85 yr. 4 mo.WILL: Dated Nov. 18, 1709; proved Middlesex Probate #7151 Dec. 9, 1709. Nameswife Prudence; son John; daus Elizabeth Mason, Abigail Hastings, Hannah Poulterand Hepzibah Shattuck; sons-in-law John Mason, John Hastings, John Poulter andWilliam Shattuck. Long list of sums paid incl.: Henry Phillips of Charlestown,Experience Page, ____ Smith of Roxbury; Timothy Barron of Watertown, Hopestil Mead of Cambridge, Joseph and Samuel Hastings of Watertown.MISC: Age 7 when sailed from Ipswich with mother in "Francis" 1634.1665 appointed guardian of kinswoman Mehitable Hawkins, dau Timothy andHannah Hawkins.
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New England Colonists from Rattlesden, England
From “New England Historical and Genealogical Register”, Volume 57, by Henry Fitz-Gilbert Walters, New England Historic Genealogical Society, page 331:
New England Colonists From Rattlesden, Co. Suffolk, England.
It has been known for some time that the Kimball and Scott Families of Ipswich, Mass., came from Rattlesden, Co. Suffolk, England, and an examination of its recently printed parish registers show that other early settlers of New England certainly lived formerly in this little Suffolk village. The register begins in 1558.
The Kimball and Scott families came in the ship " Elizabeth." in 1634, and in the same vessel was George Munning, aged 37, his wife Elizabeth, aged 41. and children Elizabeth, aged 12, and Abigail, aged 7. The Munning family settled in Watertown, where the Kimballs also first located. (See Hotten's Lists, Pope's Pioneers, etc.) Kattlesden registers show that George Munning was baptized Sept. 5, 1696, son of Thomas and Anne; that he married, June 12, 1020, Elizabeth Grome; and that their children were: Elizabeth, baptized June 27, 1621-2; Abigail, baptized June 6. 1624, buried Aug. 12, 1024; and another Abigail,1 baptized Aug. 20, 162(5. No further mention appears of this particular Munning family. Thomas Munning, the father of George, was the parish sexton from 1612 to his death in 1626, was baptized Sept. 20, 1562, and was buried Mar. 10, 1626-7. His wife, Anne, was buried May 14, 1619. Thomas Munning, the sexton, was the son of a Thomas Munning, the first of that name found in the Rattlesden registers, who was buried Sept. 30, 1575, being born, presumably, about 1530. In Muskctt's " Suffolk Manorial Families," Vol. 1, pages 106-7, is a copy of a pedigree, drawn up in 1615, of the Munning family of Nedglng, a village about five miles from Rattlesden. This pedigree states that the progen' itorof the family was Gilbert de Muunines, scion of an ancient house of Poletiers in France. The Rattlesden family are not given in the pedigree, but may have descended from Thomas of the fifth generation there recorded (page 107). Rev. Humphrey Munning, of the eighth generation in the pedigree, born about 1565, who became a minister, and was rector of Brettenham, Suffolk, a village about two miles from Rattlesden, married Elizabeth, daughter of William Winthrop of London, and first cousin to Gov. John Winthrop of New England. The Rattlesden registers give the marriage, Oct. 29, 1617, of " George Salter and Elizabeth Munning daughter to Mr. Munning. Rector of Brettenham." The children of George and Elizabeth (Munning) Salter were: Thomas, burn circa 1619: Elizabeth, baptized Sept. 28, 1621; Abigail, baptized Nov. 9,1623; Simon, baptized June 25, 1626. buried Oct. 8, 1635; Theophilus, baptized June 1, 1028; Anne, baptized Dec. 19, 1630; and Samuel, baptized March 31, 1633. These baptisms are in Rattlesden. The wills of George Salter and his wife Elizabeth (Munning) are given in the Register, ante. Vol. 55, pages 107-8.
Theophilus Salter, son of George, was a resident of Ipswich, Mass., in 1648; and his sister, baptized Anne, married in Boston, as " Hannah," Dee. 4, 1651, Nicholas Phillips. Another sister, Abigail, married, in 1653, John Hammond of Watertown. The baptism of George Salter does not appear in the Rattlesden registers, but earlier Salters are recorded, and the name is also found in the registers of Buxhnll and other adjoining parishes. The following are suggestions perhaps worth investigating: John Munson, baptized Oct. 14, 1571, son of Richard and Margery (Barnes), by wife Elizabeth had, among other children : Susan, baptized Jan. 22, 1003-4; and Thomas,3 baptized Sept. 13, 1012. There is no further record of Susan and Thomas in the Rattlesden registers. A Susan Munson was in the ship "Elizabeth," in 1034, with the Mannings, Kimballs, and Scotts, her age being given as 25, which docs not quite agree with the foregoing baptism, but the age may have been incorrectly given. Nothing further is known of her. Thomas Munson of Hartford, the ancestor of the Muusons in America, died, according to his tombstone, May 7, 1685, aged 73 years, which corresponds with the baptism of Thomas, the son of John and Elizabeth, of Rattlesden.
John Guttridge was granted land in Watertown in 1687, and had wife Prudence, in Boston, in 1640. A John Guttridge married Prudence Sturgion in Rattlesden, April 18, 1637. Other names found in the registers, which also appear in New England at the same period, are Edward and Thomas Bumstead, Edward Deikes or Dix, John and George Frost, Christopherand William Webb, Nicholas Palmer, Robert Styles, and Richard Ely. J. G. Bartlett.
CynthiaLHaddadadded this on 26 Mar 2010
From “New England Historical and Genealogical Register”, Volume 57, by Henry Fitz-Gilbert Walters, New England Historic Genealogical Society, page 331
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