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LOT CONANT 1624-1674

[Ancestral Link: Marguerite Anderson (Miller), daughter of Hannah Anderson (Anderson), daughter of Mary Margaret Edmiston (Anderson), daughter of Martha Jane Snow (Edmiston), daughter of Gardner Snow, son of Abigail Farr (Snow), daughter of Mercy Winslow (Farr), daughter of Rebecca Ewer (Winslow), daughter of Rebecca Conant (Ewer), daughter of Nathaniel Conant, son of Lot Conant.]

Had Nantasket, Or Cape Ann, Norfolk, Massachusetts as the place of birth. Cape Ann is a point of land that sticks out into the Alantic, north of Boston. There are four towns that wrap around Cape Ann which divides the Ipswich and Massachusetts bays. Each town shares a common seafaring history yet has developed its own unique charm and character through the years. The four towns are: Essex, Rockport, Gloucester and Manchester-by-the-Sea; all of which are in Essex County, vice Norfolk. Rowley can be seen to the nw and Beverly to the wsw in the map. More research is needed to find his place of birth.
The English colony at Cape Ann was first founded in 1623. It was the fourth colonizing effort in New England after Popham Colony, Plymouth Colony and Nantasket Beach. Two ships of the Dorchester Company brought 32 in number with John Tylly and Thomas Gardner as overseers of a fishing operation and the plantation, respectively. This colony predated Massachusetts Bay charter and colony. For that reason, members of the colony were referred to as "old planters".
The name "Nantasket" is derived from Wampanoag and means "at the strait" or "low-tide place." Nantasket was settled not long after Plymouth Colony and before Mass Bay. Roger Conant (Salem) was in the area, after leaving the Plymouth Colony and before going to Cape Ann in 1625. Until Hull was incorporated in 1644, English settlers referred to the whole local region as "Nantasket Peninsula."
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Lot Conant, Massachusetts
Lot Conant married Elizabeth, daughter of Rev. William Walton, who took his degrees at Emanuel College, Cambridge, in 1621 and 1625, and was settled over the parish of Seaton, Devonshire, where his daughter was babtized 27 October 1629. William Walton was from Essex County, England, and is thought to have been at Hingham, Massachusetts, as early as 1635. He was made a freeman 3 March 1636; settled at Marblehead as early as 1639, and was pastor there until his death in 1668. Josiah Walton, son of Rev. William, died leaving a will dated 23 June 1673, by which his estate was divide among his brothers, Nathaniel and Samuel, and his sisters, Martha Munjoy, Elizabeth Conant and Mary Bartlett. (essex County probate Records.)
Elizabeth, widow fo Lot Conant, married 10 January 1681-2, as his third wife, Andrew, Son of Robert and Elizabeth Mansfield, of Lynn. He was born 1628; made his will 1 June 1679, which was proved 25 November 1683
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John Conant2
1652-1724 , Massachusetts, USA
John Conant married 7 May 1678, mBithiah, daughter of Andrew and Bithiah Mansfield of Lynn. She was admited to the first church of Beverly 6 Nov 1681, Andrew Mansfield was son of Robert and Elizabeth Mansfield who are said to have come from Exeter, Devon England. On 10 Jun 1650, Robert Mansfield "with consent of his wife Elizabeth in consideration of their son Andrew living with them until ye time of his marriage as a faithful and obedient child hath given to said Andrew as a childs portion, a house and house lot, 6 acres of land," beside a very large estate in various parts of Lyn.
20 Nov 1663 Andrew Mansfield and wife, Bithiah, deed land to Charles Gott.
Andrew m. 2nd, Mary, widow of John Neal and daughter of Frances Lawes, who died at Lynn 27 Jun 1681. He m. 3rd, 10 Jan 1681-2, Elizabeth, widow of Lot Conant and daughter of Rev. William Walton. He was deputy to the General Court 1680-3. His will is dated 1 Jun 1679; a codicil is added dated Boston 19 Nov 1683; proved 25 Nov 1683. This will and codicil combined are quite long; in it occurs the following paragraph: "I give my Quater part of Sloop which Johathan Hart goeth master of equally betwixt my two sons and four daughters Andrew and Daniel Mansfield, Hanah and Behia Conant, Lydia and Deborah Mansfield."
Robert, the father of Andrew Mansfield, died 1666; his wife Elizabeth d. 8 Sep 1673, aged about 87 years (Savage). Her will is dated 20: 2: 1667; proved 26 9: 1678; in it are mentioned sons, Joseph and Andrew, and daughter Elizabeth.
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Lot Conant - Biographical Information
*Source Information: Genealogical and Family History of the State of Maine, Vol 1 by George Thomas Little, Henry Sweetser Burrage, Albert Roscoe Stubbs
(IV) Lot, eldest of the seven surviving children of Roger and Sarah (Horton) Conant, was born about 1624, at Nantasket, or Cape Ann, Massachusetts. He seems to have lived at Marblehead as early as 1657. He was selectman there in 1662, had one cow's commonage in 1667, and in 1674 is recorded as one of the hundred and fourteen householders.
About 1666 he probably moved to Beverly, because his father gave him a hundred acres of land there, and July 4, 1667, Lot Conant was one of those dismissed from the First church at Salem to form the church at Bass River, or Beverly.
He appears to have been a man of substance: but he did not fill so large a place in public affairs as did his father. Possibly this may be accounted for by his early death, which took place September 29, 1674, when he was but fifty years of age.
He left a will, and an estate whose "sum totall" amounted to seven hundred and eighty pounds, more than three times as much as his father had, who died five years later. Seven hundred and eighty pounds was a large sum to be accumulated in those days by a man who had reared ten children and died in middle life.
About 1649 Lot Conant married Elizabeth, daughter of Rev. William Walton, who took his degrees at Emanuel College, Cambridge, in 1621 and 1625. This clergyman was settled over the parish of Seaton in Devonshire, where his daughter was baptized October 27, 1629. It is thought that he came to America about 1635, as he was made a freeman at Hingham, Massachusetts, March 3, 1636. He settled at Marblehead as early as 1639, and was pastor there till his death in 1668.
Ten children were born to Lot and Elizabeth (Walton) Conant:
Nathaniel, July 28, 1650; John, December 15, 1652;
Lot (2). mentioned below;
Elizabeth, May 13, 1660;
Mary, July 14, 1662;
Martha, August 15, 1664;
Sarah and William (twins), February 19, 1666-67;
Roger, March 10, 1668-69;
and Rebecca, January 31, 1670-71.
Mrs. Elizabeth Conant married again after her first husband's death. On January 10, 1681-82, she became the third wife of Andrew Mansfield, of Lynn, whose will was proved November 25, 1683; so that her second wedded life must have been very short.
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