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JOHN GRIGGS 1622-1692

[Ancestral Link: Marguerite Anderson (Miller), daughter of Hannah Anderson (Anderson), daughter of Mary Margaret Edmiston (Anderson), daughter of Martha Jane Snow (Edmiston), daughter of Gardner Snow, son of James Snow, son of Mary Trowbridge (Snow), daughter of Jerusha Park (Trowbridge), daughter of Sarah Fuller (Park), daughter of Hannah Griggs (Fuller), daughter of John Griggs.]

John Griggs BioFrom: The History of Peter Parker and Sarah Ruggles of Roxbury, Massachusetts by John William Linzee, beginning at page 351

John Griggs, son of Thomas Griggs and first wife Mary ____, born about 1622 England; died 23 January 1691-2 Roxbury, Massachusetts, as John Griggs Senr.; married Mary Patten, Pattin in marriage record, 22 November 1652, Roxbury, Daughter of William Patten and Mary ____ of Cambridge, Massachusetts, born about 1634 England, baptized there by record of the First Church of Cambridge; died after 1674 and before her husband.

(R. Comm. Rep. VI:38-9) John Griggs his Dwelling house, (John Griggs is to maintain all the fence between his accre and Griffen Craft), and one accre of land, bought of Griffin Craft upon the south side of his lott, and upon the northside f John Ruggles se: And one accre and a halfe meare unto it, upon the assignes of Jeames Morgan south and east, upon Griffen craft and a way west, and upon John Ruggles south. And two accres on the great hill bought of Jeames Morgan, upon Robert Pepper south, and upon John Ruggles north. And in the first and third allotment of last deuision being in the seauenth lott between the heires of George Alcocke and John Ruggles se. nine accres late Samuell Chapen hist lott. And in the thousand accres meare Deddam twelue accres. And eighteen accres more or lesse lying in the Nookes next Boston between the lotts of John Johnson Samuell Finch, and the heires of John Perry. And one accre more or lesse upon the north side of the great hill next the pasture, Friggen Craft being on the south. And two accres of salt marsh more or lesse lying at the Grauelly point abutting upon Arthur Gary more or lesse lying at Grauelly point abutting upon Arthur Gary west, and William Gary south and Mr Thomas Bell east and upon the sea North.

(Suff. Deed III:425) Wee Joseph Griggs and John Griggs both of Roxbury in New England…sell…vnto Hugh Thomas of the aforesd Roxbury three acres of land… in Roxbury… abutting vpon the high way east vpon the land of Robert Prentise North and vpon the land of John Rugles South. Sealed 16 Feb 1652. In presence of Edward Dennison, Samuel Ruggles. Rec. 18 Feb. 1660.
(Roxbury) Mary Griggs ye wife of John Griggs, Admitted. 23. 11m. 1658.
(Suff Deed IX”140) I John Griggs of Roxbury Co. Suff…. Sell… vnto Samuel Dunkin three Acres and three score rods of Arable Land Lieing in the comon feild beyond Muddy Riuer in boston bounds and there abutting vpon the Land of Samuell Ruggles South vpon the land of Alexander Beck west and Nort and vpon the Land of Joseph Griggs East. Dated 14 March 1672. John Griggs, the mark of X Mary Griggs.
In the presence of Peter Aspinwall, John Geat, John Grosvener. Ack. by John Grigs and Mary his wife … 25 June 1674.
John Griggs was impressed for the Narragansett campaign 3 Dec 1675. He was on the pay list 20 Dec 1675 of L00.11.02.
(Suff. VIII: 73-4) The will of John Griggs of Roxbury in New England, Senr., mentions my Eldest son John Grigs forty pounds; my dau. Mary ffielder ten pounds; my dau. Hannah Raynsford Twenty-two pounds; my dau. Abigail Cooke Twenty pounds; my dau. Sarah Kidder Twenty pounds; my grand dau. Sarah ffielder Ten pounds when she comes of age; these legacies to be paid in corne, cattle or pork or beefe within six years after the decease of the Testator. Appoint my Brother Joseph Grigs and my son George Grigs my exors., and my son James Grigs as soone as he comes to the age of one and Twenty years to joine as exor. Remainer of estate both real and personal, to my sons George and James. My son John shall have his choice of my woolen coats, and so of one of my small chests, and a great sword and his choice of any one of my books, the rest of my Bookes of divinity shall be divided amongst the rest of my children, by my Physick books I give wholely to my son George, my son James shall have my fowling piece and my Muskett and sword. And none of these lands should be put away by any sale, but to reamine with my youngest sons and to their natural heires. Made 5 Jan 1691 in the presence of Joseph Griges, Robert Pierpont, John Searle. Proved Boston 24 March 1691-2, by Joseph and George Grigs.
(Suff. VIII:240) An Inventory of the Lands and Chattells of John Griggs Senr. Late of Roxbury decd apprized by Samuel Ruggles senr, Robert Pierpont, John Ruggles Senor, the 17 Feb 1691-2. Included among items: The dwelling house, Barne and outhousing and orchard at home. All the lands upon the great Hill both planting and pasture and orchard lying upon the great Hill butts upon the Highway leading to Dedham. A piece of land lying by John Searls, a piece of land comonly called Genner’s lott and it on the other side of muddy river highway which was formerly the land of Mr. John Gore. A piece of woodland lying at the backside of John Scotts. A piece of meadow lying at muddy River. A piece of salt marsh lying at Gravelly point.
Boston 24 March 1691-2. Joesph and George Griggs Exts made oath to this inventory of ye sd John Griggs.
Children of John Griggs and Mary Patten.
1. John, baptized 10 August 1653 Roxbury, as John son of John Griggs; died young or was baptized again, or another son was baptized 27 March 1659 Roxbury, as John sonne to John Griggs; died ____ 1723 Roxbury (p.R.); John Griggs junr. married Elizabeth Gasse (6 June?) 1682 Roxbury; daughter of John and Martha (Philbrick) Cass; born 4 June 1666 Hampton New Hampshire (History); died before her husband.
2. Mary, born about 1657 Roxbury; baptized 27 March 1659 Roxbury as Mary daughter to John Griggs; died _____; married 1st Stephen Fielder about 1682; married 2nd John Searle 21 October 1713 Roxbury
3. Hannah, baptized 23 October 1659 Roxbury, as Hanna, daughter to John Griggs; died 28 November 1739, as [blank] wife of Joshua Fuller; married 1st David Raynsford before 1688; as David son of David and Hannah Rainsford was born 29 July 1688 Boston; son of Edward and 2nd wife Elizabeth ( ) Raynsford; born September 1644 Boston, as David son of Edward and Elizabeth Rainsford; died 28 November 1691 Boston, as David Ransford.
4. Abigail, baptized 22 September 1661 Roxbury as Abigail daughter to John Griggs; died 28 January 1714-5 Cambridge, Massachusetts, as Abigail wife of Sam Cook; died 28 January 1713 Cambridge (Epitaph by William Thaddeus Harris), as Abigail wife to Samuel Cook, aged 54 years; married Samuel Cook 14 November 1691 Cambridge; born and baptized about 1655 Cambridge as Samuel son of Philip and Mary (Lamson) Cook; died 22 August 1731, Cambridge (Epitaph by William Thaddeus Harris), as Mr. Samuel Cook aged 76 years.
5. Infant, died 21 July 1663 Roxbury, as infant of John Griggs, unbaptized.
6. George, baptized 18 September 1664 Roxbury, as George son to John Griggs; died 10 January 1724-5 Roxbury, as Dr George Griggs aged 58 years by his gravestone in the Eustis Street Burial Ground; he probably married.
7. Sarah, baptized 19 August 1666 Roxbury, as Sarah daughter to John Griggs; died 15 November 1738 Cambridge (Epitaph by William Thaddeus Harris), as Mrs Sarah wife to Deacon Samuel Kidder, aged 72 years; married Samuel Kidder 23 October 1689 Cambridge; born 7 January 1665-6 Billerica, Massachusetts, as Samuel son of James and Ann Kidder; died 4 July 1724 Cambridge (Epitaph by William Thaddeus Harris), as Deacon Samuel Kidder in ye 59th year of his age. (Hazen’s History of Billerica, Massachusetts).
8. James, baptized 17 December 1671 Roxbury, as James son to John Griggs; died ))))) 1752 Brookline, Massachusetts (P.R.); married Abigail _____ about 1701; Ruth daughter of James and Abigail Griggs was born 14 August 1702 Brookline; born ___ 1683; died probably 8 November 1767 Brookline, as Mrs Griggs aged 84 years.
9. Ruth, baptized 27 July 1673 Roxbury, as Ruth daughter to John Griggs; died 28 November 1673 Roxbury, as Ruth daughter to John Griggs.
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