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[Ancestral Link: Marguerite Anderson (Miller), daughter of Hannah Anderson (Anderson), daughter of Mary Margaret Edmiston (Anderson), daughter of Martha Jane Snow (Edmiston), daughter of Sarah Sawyer Hastings (Snow), daughter of Salome Burt (Hastings), daughter of Enos Burt, son of Asahel Burt, son of Sarah Cowles (Burt), daughter of Deborah Bartlett (Cowles), daughter of Robert Bartlett.]

This tablet marks the site of the home of Robert and Mary Warren Bartlett

Bartlett Property, 28-34 Brook Street, Plymouth, Massachusetts, site of 1660 Bartlett House until 2005 when fire destroyed it. Barn dates from 1600s.

Birth: 1612, England
Death: March 14, 1676, Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts, USA
Robert Bartlett was born by about 1612 based on estimated date of marriage. He arrived in Massachusetts Bay 16 September 1632 on the "Lyon." He first settled in Cambridge; moved to Hartford in 1639 and was one of the founders of Hartford. In Hartford he lived on eight acres located west of modern Lafayette Street. In 1656 he moved to Northampton. In 1646 while in Connecticut he was convicted of slander and received six months imprisonment, time in the pillory, a fine, and a whipping. By the end of his life he was a prosperous and respected resident of Northampton. The Bartlett homestead on Pleasant Street in Northampton remained in the Bartlett family for 125 years. Robert Bartlett was killed by Indians during the Northampton raid in King Philip's War. Indians broke through the palisades at the lower end of Pleasant Street and set fire to nine houses. Killed along with Bartlett were Thomas Holton, Mary Webb Earle, Increase Whelstone, and James Mackramels. Despite the loss of life the Northampton battle was a victory for the colonials. Unknown to the Indians Northampton had been recently reinforced with two companies of soldiers under Major Robert Treat and one company under Captain William Turner. With these reinforcements Northampton was able to inflict many casualties on the Indians, who were led by Sancumachu, and drive them off.

MARRIAGE: By about 1637 Ann _____; she died at Northampton 3 July 1677.

Several passengers on the Lyon in 1632 settled first at Cambridge and then moved on to Hartford with Reverend Thomas Hooker. Presumably Robert Bartlett was one of this group, but there is no record of him in Cambridge, and he first appears on record in Hartford in 1639, about the time he married. However, in the record of Hartford land grants, he appears between Edward Elmer and Seth Grant, who were also on the Lyon with Bartlett, and who did make a few appearances in the Cambridge records in the mid-1630s. This would all suggest that in 1632 Robert Bartlett was a young, single man, perhaps a servant to one of the other passengers of 1632.

Burial: Bridge Street Cemetery, Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts, USA
Find A Grave Memorial# 35980280

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Excerpt from "The Great Migration Begins"

ORIGIN: Unknown

MIGRATION: Arrived 16 September 1632 on Lyon [Hotten 150]


REMOVES: Hartford 1639, Northampton 1656

FREEMAN: Connecticut 10 April 1645 [CCCR 1:124].

EDUCATION: The inventory included "serge, paragon, books" valued at £12 18s. 6d. (The OED under "paragon" includes the definition "A kind of double camlet," so the takers of the inventory in this entry have combined two parcels of cloth with the books.)

OFFICES: Committee to "receive in such inhabitants as they shall judge fit for the carrying on the design" of settling Northampton, 15 November 1653 [Northampton Hist 14]. Northampton selectman, 27 April 1658 [Northampton Hist 61].

ESTATE: In the Hartford land inventory of February 1639 Robert Bartlett held four parcels of land: three acres with dwelling house, yards and gardens; two roods of upland; three acres of upland; and two acres of swamp on the east side of the Great River [HaBOP 335-36]. On 18 May 1655 he bought of William Bloomfield five acres of land [HaBOP 336]. On 11 October 1654 Robert Bartlett sold to John Barnard three acres of upland [HaBOP 219]. On 26 February 1655[/6?] he sold to Thomas Bunce three roods and twenty-three perches of swamp in the South Meadow [HaBOP 204]. On 21 June 1660 he sold to John Stedman three acres of swamp on the east side of the Great River [HaBOP 437]. On unknown dates he sold to Edward Andrews three acres of upland on the east side of the Great River [HaBOP 471], and to Paul Peck twelve acres of land [HaBOP 509 (recorded 21 March 1660/1)]. On 13 February 1659 the Hartford mill rates for 1655, 1656 and 1657 were recorded; Robert Bartlett was assessed 5s. 3d. in 1655, but was omitted from the lists of 1656 and 1657 [HaBOP 497]. The inventory of the estate of Robert Bartlett was presented at court on 29 March 1676 by the widow Ann Bartlett, and totalled £658 18s. 6d. of which £465 was real estate: "house & homelot, forms & tables," £100; "land in the meadow," £250; "lot in the field munhan[?]," £55; and "a homelot and cattle," £60. On the same day administration was granted to the widow and to Samuel Bartlett, the eldest son of the deceased [HamPR 1:170]. "Sam[ue]ll Bartlett of Northampton presented to this Court September 26, 1676, the weak & unfit estate & condition of Nath[anie]ll Bartlet to manage the portion & estate to which by his father's will he is become a legatee. This Court have therefore appointed Sam[ue]ll Bartlett his brother and Medad Pomeroy to be as overseers & helpful to him, leaving the management of the said estate to them & the disposing of it for the said Nath[anie]ll Bartlett's maintenance" [HamPR 1:181]. At this same court the will of "Ann Bartlet of Northampton" widow, dated 21 May 1676, was proved; she bequeathed to son Samuel an ox; to son Nathaniel a cow, twenty shillings and an assortment of household goods; to grandchild Hannah Stebbins twenty shillings and an assortment of household goods; to "the rest of my grandchildren that are by my daughter Stebbins, all but Hanah, twenty shillings apiece, and so also to my son Samuel's daughter and my daughter Cole's three children"; to daughter Stebbins and to daughter Cole's an assortment of household goods; to "my daughter Bartlet" a pair of stockings and a petticoat; to William Jeanes twenty shillings; son Samuel Bartlett to be executor [HamPR 1:184]. Also on 26 September 1676, whereas "Sam[ue]ll Bartlite of Northampton presented to this Court a paper whereon was drawn up something in way of distribution of the estate of his father Rob[er]t Bartlitt deceased & the third part of the lands which were the widow An Bartlit's being now likewise deceased & so her part of the said Rob[er]t Bartlit's lands being with the rest of his estate to be divided among the children which widow's part of his lands was about £140 & her part of the movables being about £60 which movables she disposed by her last will & testament when she died, the rest of the estate as aforesaid being thus divided, viz: to Sam[ue]ll Bartlitte £227 3d. in lands, houses & movables & to Nath[anie]ll Bartlitt £141 18s. in lands & movables; to Abigail [Stebbins] £113 10s. 1«d. in lands & movables, to Deberah Cowles £113 10s. 1«d. in lands & movables, this court judge meet that £12 be added to the said Nath[anie]ll Bartlitt's share or portion viz: out of the said Sam[ue]ll Bartlett's share £6 and out of the two daughter's shares or portions viz: Abigail Stebbins & Deberah Cowles £3 apiece to be deducted out of their shares & together with £6 from Bartlett's share as aforesaid & added to Nath[anie]ll's share & then the distribution of [shares is?] viz: to Sam[ue]ll Bartlit £221 3d., to Nath[anie]ll Bartlit £153 18s., to Abigall Stebbins £110 10s. 1«d. & to Debarah Cowles £110 10s. 1«d.," the additional £12 for Nathaniel Bartlett to be put into the hands of the two persons previously ordered to manage his estate [HamPR 1:188].

BIRTH: By about 1612 based on estimated date of marriage.

DEATH: Northampton 14 March 1675/6 ("slain by the Indians") [Pynchon VR 157].

MARRIAGE: By about 1637 Ann _____; she died at Northampton 3 July 1676 [Pynchon VR 141].


i ABIGAIL, born say 1637; married (1) Northampton 17 December 1657 John Stebbins [Pynchon VR 141], as his second wife; married (2) Northampton 28 December 1681 Jedediah Strong [Corbin], as his second of three wives.

ii SAMUEL, born say 1640; married (1) Northampton 27 April 1672 Mary Bridgman [Pynchon VR 142]; married (2) by 21 May 1676 Sarah Baldwin, daughter of Joseph Baldwin (in his will of 20 December 1680 Joseph Baldwin bequeathed to "daughter Sarah Bartlett of Northampton" [HamPR 1:246-47]).

iii NATHANIEL, born say 1643; the estate records cited above indicate that Nathaniel was unable to tend to his own affairs, and he evidently never married; died 8 December 1691 [NorthVR 1:140]. iv DEBORAH, bp. Hartford 8 March 1645/6 [HVR 576]; married Northampton 22 November 1668 "John Cole of Hatfield" [Pynchon VR 142].

COMMENTS: Several passengers on the Lyon in 1632 settled first at Cambridge and then moved on to Hartford with Reverend Thomas Hooker. Presumably Robert Bartlett was one of this group, but there is no record of him in Cambridge, and he first appears on record in Hartford in 1639, about the time he married. However, in the record of Hartford land grants, he appears between Edward Elmer and Seth Grant, who were also on the Lyon with Bartlett, and who did make a few appearances in the Cambridge records in the mid-1630s. This would all suggest that in 1632 Robert Bartlett was a young, single man, perhaps a servant to one of the other passengers of 1632. On 5 June 1638, while still in Massachusetts, "Rob[e]rt Bartlet, being presented for cursing & swearing, was censured to have his tongue put in a cleft stick" [MBCR 1:233]. The following year he was in Connecticut, and on 30 June 1646 "Robert Bartlett, for his gross misdemeanor in slandering Mrs. Mary Fenwicke, is to stand on the pillory, Wednesday, during the lecture, then to be whipped, & fined five pounds & half year's imprisonment" [RPCC 1:142]. On 21 August 1646 "Ro: Bartlett, for giving ill counsel to the prisoners, advising they should not peach Drake, is to be whipped" [RPCC 1:143]. Mary (Bridgman) Bartlett, first wife of Samuel, died in August 1674, in circumstances which led to a charge of witchcraft against Mary Parsons [John Putnam Demos, Entertaining Satan: Witchcraft and the Culture of Early New England (New York 1982), 270-72)]. If, as seems likely, the "daughter Bartlet" named by Ann Bartlett in her will of 21 May 1676 was the second wife of Samuel, then the marriage must have taken place by that date.

The Great Migration Begins, Sketches, PRESERVED PURITAN
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Some facts
He came to America in the "ANN", 1623...landed at Plymouth July of the 1st landowners at Dartmouth, Massachusetts....served with Captain Miles Standish's Company, 1632...freeman in 1633...cooper and surveyor....

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Historical Information
Robert Bartlett father of Abigail (Bartlett) Stebbins was an early settler at Hartford, and removed to Northampton about 1655. He was slain by the Indians March 14, 1676, when they broke through the palisades into the village. His widow Anne died July 3, 1676. He was a farmer, and his estate was appraised at £654.
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Life in the New World
1623-1660, Plymouth Colony, America
He arrived in Plymouth in July of 1623 on the ANNE - along with the wife and the daughters of Richard Warren. Mary Warren was the oldest and certainly had opportunity on the trip across the Atlantic to become acquainted with young Robert Bartlett. Her four sisters probably were quite interested in their big sister's friendship with that particular young man.

In 1627 Division of Cattle Robert Bartlett was unmarried. However, on 1 July 1633 "Mrs. Warren and Robt. Bartlet" were to mow where they did last year, implying a marriage to Mary by 1632 or earlier. Two children were born to them before 1633, so it is safe to assume that Robert and Mary were married as early as 1629. They subsequently had 8 children.

One of the more interesting references to Bartlett in the Plymouth Records was made in May 1660. Robert Bartlett was brought before the Court for speaking contemptuously of the ordinance of singing psalms. On acknowledging his error and promising not to do so again he was admonished and discharged, being required to acknowledge his fault to the persons to whom he had so spoken. This would surely make him one of the first American music critics ! (and therefore, my favorite ancestor)
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Historical Information
ROBERT BARTLETT, Born May 27, 1601, at All Saints Parish, Northampton, England, died November 5, 1688 in Manomet, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. He married Mary Warren born before 1605 in England, died July 3, 1676 Plymouth, Plymouth Cointy, Massachusetts. The daughter of Richard Warren, born at St. Leonards, London in 1580, died 1627/28 Plymouth, Massachusetts. Richard married before 1604 an Elizabethborn ca. 1583, died October 22, 1673 Plymouth. Richard Warren came to America on the "Mayflower" and his wife and daughter came on the ship "Anne" in 1623 upon which they met Robert Bartlett. He married Mary in 1628 and built their home on the Eel River on and acre of land he received in the division of land on May 22, 1627.

In the division of cattle at that time, Robert and twelve others drew the tenth lot which was a "heyfer of the last yeare called the white belyd heyfer and two shee goats." Robert served as a member of the grand jury and several terms as surveyor of highways. In the Register of the Society of Colonial Wars 1899-1902, it states Robert served in Captain Myles Standish's Company in 1632.

Rebecca, born 1629 in Plymouth

George, born 1630 Guilford, Newhaven, Connecticut

Benjamin, born June 6, 1633 Newhaven, Connecticut

Elizabeth, born May 23, 1636 Plymouth

Deborah, born 1638

Sarah, born 1639

Samuel, born 1640 Cambridge, Massachusetts (See separate Bartlett Cousin Branch)

Nathaniel, born 1642

Joseph, born February 15, 1646

Lydia, born June 18, 1648

Mary, born March 10, 1650 (twin)

Merry, born March 10, 1650 (twin)
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His Will
1676, Plymouth Colony, America
He died in 1676. "The last Will and Testament of Robert Bartlett of Plymouth made September: 19:1676. The said robert Bartlett then being very weake in body but of sound memory and understanding; Did by word of Mout Declare this to be his last will and Testament as followeth: I Give my wife all my estate yett undesposed of whether it be in lands or movables Goods Chattles Debts; I Give all unto my wife to be absolutly att her Dispose amonge my Children: This will was made and Declard in the presence of John Cotton Mordicay Ellis and exhibited to the Court held att Plymouth the 29th of October 1676 on the oathes of Mr. John Cotton and Modicay Ellis." (from Mayflower Descendant, Vol. 3, page 114) On March 6, 1676/7 letters of administration were granted unto Mary Bartlett and Joseph Bartlett to administer the estate of Robert Bartlett deceased. On 13 Feb. 1677....Mary Bartlet widow of Robert Bartlett sold all the estate to her son Joseph Bartlett.
In 1683 Benjamin Bartlet Sr. of Duxborough and Joseph Bartlet of Plimouth, yoemen, confirmed that their father Robert Bartlet of Plimouth in his will made a bequest to William Harlow Jr. of Plymouth his grandson, 50 acres of land in Plymouth and that their mother Mary Bartlet now deceased did during her widowhood affirm the gift.
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Research on His Parentage
1555-1623 , England
TUDOR TIMES In the reign of ELIZABETH I Who were the parents of Robert Bartlett, the man who married Mary Warren whose father came over on the Mayflower? In the July 1979 The American Genealogist, Vol. 55: An article entitled “Possible Origin of Robert Bartlett of Plymouth” by Mr. John G. Hunt (TAG 35:214), inspired me to seek the “further evidence” he felt required to establish the identity he postulated for the Robert Bartletts of Plymouth Colony and Puddletown, county Dorset, England. What records I found do not give additional proof of the identification, but DO provide some ancestry for the Robert Bartlett baptized 27 May 1603 at Puddle town - believed to be the Plymouth immigrant. Trivial support for that identification is, however, provided by the Plymouth Robert’s having given a daughter the name ‘Lydia’ which is borne by the eldest sister of Robert Bartlett of Puddletown.

While in England, I made extracts of 18 Bartlett wills drawn prior to 1637, and recorded in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. Of these, eight were dated from 1558 to 1636 and were executed by residents of county Dorset. Ten, dated from 1621 to 1636 were drawn by residents of other counties in southern England. Two of the Dorset wills, extracted below, were dated in Puddletown - or Piddletown - the name appears to have been spelled either way.

The Dorset County Museum and Library, and the Dorset Record Office, both in Dorchester, were also visited. While there, I took from parish registers all Bartlett entries dated prior to 1625, more or less. There were many records of Bartletts in parishes other than Puddletown, particularly in the registers of St. Mary the Virgin, Charlton Marshall, a town about 12 miles northeast of Puddletown. No obvious connection of them with the Puddletown families was evident.Mr. Hunt’s article has the same Robert Bartlett marrying both Alice Barker and Agnes Gould. (however) As shown below, these bridegrooms were two different men. The name of Benjamin Bartlett of Puddletown, principal support for Mr. Hunt’s theory, is found among the baptismal records dated 3 June 1611, son of a Robert Bartlett whose identity has not been definitely established. On the other hand, the Robert Bartlett alias Hancock of Pudelton, yeoman, and his son and heir apparent, John Bartlett…..named 17 Nov. 12 (1570) also shown (ibid) Robert (#2) and John (#3) in the family records reconstructed below.

These family records clearly confirm the ownership of Munston Manor as revealed in Hutchin’s History of Dorset. The successive owners were John Bartlett (#1), Robert (#2) John (#3) and Nathaniel, son of John #3. One conflict of dates appears! Hutchin states that Nathaniel Bartlett alias Hancock sold the manor in 1619; but the parish register of Puddletown shows a Nathaniel Bartlett (surely this one) to have been BURIED there 7 June 1613. One of these dates is presumably incorrect.The following reconstructed family groups and unidentified individuals include all Bartlett entries recorded in the extant registers of St. Mary, Piddletown-Puddletown parish prior to 1625:*1. John Bartlett of Puddletown in the ‘Countie of Dors.’ drew his will 18 November 1558, proved 1 March 1558/9 ((PCC 46 Wells). Among other provisions, he left to Robert Bartlett the younger, one bullock of one year of age….to Richard Watte, xx s….to my sone Robert Bartlett, iij Ewes, iii hogs …xx Sylver Spones, one Syllver goblett….my woodde houses and vj kyne… Roger Bartlett, my house in Dorchester….to my said sonne Robert, xvj in money, to be paid to hym by the hands of Agnes, my wife….all the resydue of my goddess….to AGNES, MY WYFE, and I make my said sonne Robert myne executour…..I wyll that Sr. Thomas Garland have his meate and drynck during his lyfe, of my sonne Robert and his Mother during her wydowhod, and I wyll that my sonne Robart shall pay to the said Sr. Thomas Garland x s, yearely and that my wife shall pay him other x s. yearly during her widowed estate. To this beareth wytnes: John best, Roger ryche, John Fyllett and John Bonde, and I wyll every of them to have for theyr paynes, ij sheape; that is to say, iiij s, of my sonne Robart and other iiij of hys Mother (punctuation added).

John Bartlett was buried 15 Dec. 1558 in Puddletown. From his will it appears that he and his wife, Agnes, had one or two sons.
i. Robert ii. ? Perhaps Roger, not identified as a son but given the substantial bequest of a house in Dorchester. He may, however, have been John’s grandson, then only one year of age.
--- Elizabeth I became queen in 1558 ---
*2. Robert Bartlett, son of John Bartlett (#1 above) and his wife Agnes, was called Robert Bartlett alias Hancock in the 2 July 1542 record of his marriage at Piddletown to Alise Prout(e). Robert was buried at Puddletown on 18 Nov . 1578. The burial register of that parish has the following unusual entry - it provides an obituary and a death (not burial ) date for his widow (these registers usually call a widow a “wife”):" Alice Bartelett, ye onelie wife of Robert Bartelett, deceased, kept great hospitalitie in this parishe ffftie years, eight monethes and eight daies, all which time the poore wanted no necessarie sustenance either in sickness or healthe. Shee departed this liffe the tenthe Marche (1592/3) to the greif of many in this world, but to the joies of manie in Heaven."

It will be noted that the 50 years, 8 months, 8 days is precisely the length of time between Alice’s marriage and death dates. She and Robert baptized nine or ten children at Puddletown:
1. John Bartlett, presumably baptized prior to extant baptisms.
2. William, baptized 19 November 1547, buried 8 August 1549
3. Agnes, baptized 22 January 1549/50
4. William, baptized 9 May 1551
5. Robert, baptized 26 December 1552, buried 2 January 1552/3
6. Edith, baptized 30 September 1555, buried 27 June 1558 “daughter of Robert and Alce.”
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There was a ROBERT BARTLETT who arrived in Boston 16 September 1632 on the "Lyon" and settled in Cambridge. Not related to the Robert Bartlett who married Mary Warren. He later moved to Hartford, Connecticut (1639) then on to Northampton, Massachusetts (1656). He died by 29 March 1676 in Northampton, Massachusetts as his estate was inventoried and presented to the court that day by his widow Ann Bartlett. The will of the widow Ann Bartlett of Northampton was presented to court 21 May 1676. He had:
1. Samuel who married first, 1672, Mary Bridgeman, and secondly Sarah Baldwin. Samuel died 1712. His children, all by his second wife were:
.....a. Samuel born 1677

.....b. Sarah, born 1679

.....c. Mindwell, born 1681

.....d. Joseph, born 1683

.....e. Ebenezer, born 1685

.....f. Elizabeth, born 1687

.....g. Preserved, born 1689

.....h. William, born 1693

.....i. David, born 1695

.....j. Benjamin, born 1696
2. Nathaniel who died unmarried.
3. Abigail who married 17 December 1657, John Stebbins of Northampton, Massachusetts.
4. Deborah baptized 8 March 1646, married John Cowles Jr. of Hatfield, Massachusetts.
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robert bartlett the immigrant b 1603
Added by MUTTS on 6 April 2008
ORIGIN: Unknown
MIGRATION: 1623 on Anne
OCCUPATION: Wine cooper
CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: On 1 May 1660 at Plymouth court "Robert Bartlett appeared, being summoned in answer for speaking contemptuously of singing of psalms, and was convict of the fact ..." [PCR 3:185-86].
FREEMAN: In the "1633" Plymouth list of freemen in proximity to those admitted on 1 January 1632/3 [PCR 1:4]. On list of 7 March 1636/7 [PCR 1:53]. In Plymouth section of lists of freemen of 1639 and (apparently) 1658 [PCR 8:174, 197].
EDUCATION: Signed all deeds by mark. Inventory included books valued at 7s.
OFFICES: Committee to lay out highways, 2 May 1637 [PCR 1:58]; Plymouth petit jury, 6 June 1643, 28 October 1645, 7 June 1648, 6 March 1649/50, 4 October 1653, 7 March 1653/4, 3 October 1654, 3 May 1659 [PCR 2:126; 7:35, 41, 47, 67, 70, 72, 93]; Plymouth grand jury, 5 June 1644, 2 June 1646, 17 May 1649, 7 June 1652, 8 June 1655 [PCR 2:71, 102, 3:9, 78; PTR 1:28]; surveyor of highways, 4 June 1645, 4 June 1661 [PCR 2:84, 3:215]; committee to lay out land, 24 May 1660 [PTR 1:41]. In Plymouth section of 1643 list of men able to bear arms [PCR 8:189].
ESTATE: In the 1623 Plymouth land division granted one acre as a passenger on the Anne [PCR 12:6]. In the 1627 Plymouth division of cattle "Robert Bartlet" was the twelfth person in the tenth company [PCR 12:12].
Assessed 9s. in the Plymouth tax lists of 25 March 1633 and 27 March 1634 [PCR 1:10, 27].
On 1 July 1633 it was ordered that "Mrs. Warren & Rob[er]t Bartlet mow where they did last year ..." [PCR 1:15]. On 28 May 1635 "Thomas Litle came before the Governor and acknowledged that he had given unto Robart Bartlet a parcel of land at the end of his lot beyond Eel River," and describes himself as brother-in-law to Bartlett [PCR 1:34]. On 14 March 1635/6 it was ordered that "Mrs. Warren, Rich. Church, Tho. Litle, & Rob[er]t Bartlet mow where they did last year ..." [PCR 1:41]. On 20 March 1636/7 it was ordered that "Richard Church, Rob[er]te Bartlet, & Thomas Little, [have] hay ground where they had the last year, and to take further supply where they can find it, in places not granted to others, and Rob[er]te Bartlet to have the swamp or pit at the head of Mr. Bradford's ground" [PCR 1:56]. On 5 May 1640 "Richard Church, Rob[er]te Bartlett, Thomas Little, & Mrs. Elizabeth Warren are granted enlargements at the heads of their lots to the foot of the Pine Hills ..." [PCR 1:152].

On 7 February 1637 "Mrs. Elizabeth Warren of the Eele River widow for and in consideration of a marriage solemnized betwixt John Cooke the younger of the Rockey Nooke and Sarah her daughter" granted to the said John Cooke "eighteen acres or thereabouts and lying on the north side of Robert Bartlett's lot formerly also given the said Robert in marriage with Mary another of the said Mrs. Warren's daughters" [PCR 12:27]. On 11 November 1637 John Cooke exchanged this eighteen acre parcel with Robert Bartlett for a "lot of land of like quantity lying on Duxborrow side betwixt the lots of Thomas Morton and Jonathan Brewster" [PCR 12:28].

On 9 April 1649 Richard Church sold to Robert Bartlett for £25 a "house and housing and land with all the meadow ground with the addition that he had of Goodman Kemton at the Eel River" [PCR 12:165-66].

On 7 March 1652 Robert Bartlett held a full share as a purchaser of Dartmouth [MD 4:185-88, citing PCLR 2:1:106-07].

On 30 January 1653 Samuel Hicks of Plymouth, planter, sold to Robert Bartlett of Plymouth, cooper, for £18 eleven acres of upland on the south side of Plymouth [MD 5:94-95, citing PCLR 2:1:97].

Robert Bartlett appears in a March 1651 Plymouth town list of those "that have interest and proprieties in the town's land at Punckateesett over against Road Iland" [PTR 1:37]. On 22 March 1663 the lots at "Puncateesett" were described, Robert Bartlett sharing the 24th lot with James Cole Sr. [PTR 1:67]. On 8 March 1668/9 Robert Bartlett of Plymouth, cooper, sold to John Almey of Portsmouth, Rhode Island, merchant, for £3 his share in land granted by the town of Plymouth in 1649 "lying over against Rhode Island aforesaid, at the place commonly called and known by the name of Punckateesett" [PCLR 3:328].

On 27 June 1659 Robert Bartlett of Plymouth, cooper, engaged to pay to Benjamin Foster, the son of Richard Foster, £8 when he reaches the age of twenty-one, on the condition that Bartlett would have the use of Richard Foster's land for the term of ten years; and "Mary the wife of the said Richard Foster deceased" engages to bring up the said Benjamin Foster, who is now four years old [MD 14:15-16, citing PCLR 2:2:28].

In 1660 the town of Plymouth granted to Robert Bartlett fifty acres "lying between the sea and the fern swamp between the Eelriver and Mannomett ponds" [PTR 1:43]; the bounds of this grant were described on 20 February 1662 [PTR 1:54]. On 26 January 1663 the town of Plymouth granted to those living at Eel River a quarter-mile extension on their lots, towards the pine hills [PTR 1:59]. On 21 February 1663 the town of Plymouth granted to Robert Bartlett eight acres of meadow that had been in dispute [PTR 1:61, 62]. On [blank] July 1667 the town of Plymouth granted to Robert Bartlett "a piece of swamp ... to make meadow of lying adjoining to his meadow at the Eelriver" [PTR 1:89].

On 14 July 1670 Robert Bartlett of Plymouth, wine cooper, gave to "my son-in-law James Barnabey, cordwinder" of Plymouth and "my daughter Lydia Barnabey his wife" twenty acres "by me purchased of the said my brother-in-law Richard Church," and four acres of upland meadow added to it [MD 3:112, citing PCLR 3:297].

On 17 February 1670/1 Robert Bartlett of Plymouth, cooper, sold to Thomas Burge Jr. of Newport, Rhode Island, for £50 half his share of land at Acushena in Dartmouth and half his share of land at Pascomansucke in Dartmouth (reserving one-third of the last named share) [MD 3:112, citing PCLR 5:118; RILE 1:140].

On 14 July 1673 "Robert Bartlett of the town of Plymouth ... wine cooper" granted to "my son Joseph Bartlett" for love and affection "all that my farm, messuage, tenement and seat, which I now live in and am possessed of, in the township of Plymouth aforesaid, situate and being at a place or river commonly called Eel River: viz: all that my house and land there"; four acres of marsh meadow there; and two acres of fresh or upland meadow; to be entered upon by his son on the death of the grantor and his wife [MD 3:112-13, citing PCLR 3:301].

On 19 September 1676 Robert Bartlett made a nuncupative will, bequeathing to "my wife all my estate yet undisposed of whether it be in lands or movables, goods, chattels, debts. I give all unto my wife to be absolutely at her dispose among my children" [MD 3:114, citing PCPR 3:2:87]. The inventory of the estate of Robert Bartlett was taken 29 October 1676 and totalled £170 16s. 6d., including £100 in real estate: "2 dwellinghouses and a barn, upland and meadow" [MD 3:114, citing PCPR 3:2:87]. On 6 March 1676/7 "Letters of administration is granted by the Court unto Mary Bartlett & Joseph Bartlett to administer the estate of Robert Bartlett, deceased" [PCR 5:220].

On 13 February 1677 "Mary Bartlett widow and late wife unto Robert Bartlett deceased" sold to "my son Joseph Bartlett" for £300 all the estate which was reserved to her use for life in the deed of gift from her husband Robert Bartlett to the said Joseph Bartlett, as well as fifty acres of upland "near a place commonly called the salt marsh ... between the Eelriver and Mannomett Ponds," fifty acres of upland lying between the land of Ephraim Morton Jr. and the land that did belong to James Barnabey deceased, a parcel of meadow on the Eelriver, and all personal estate given her by husband Robert Bartlett in his will [MD 3:115-16, citing PCLR 4:223].

BIRTH: Born by about 1604 based on estimated date of marriage.
DEATH: Plymouth between 19 September 1676 (date of will) and 29 October 1676 (date of probate).
MARRIAGE: By about 1629 Mary Warren, daughter of RICHARD WARREN (on 7 March 1636/7 Elizabeth Warren, widow of Richard Warren, was made a purchaser in his stead, in part because "of the lots of lands given formerly by her unto her sons in law, Richard Church, Robert Bartlett, and Thomas Little, in marriage with their wives, her daughters" [PCR 1:54], and this was confirmed on 5 October 1652 [PCR 3:19]); she died between 13 February 1677/8 [PCLR 4:223] and 1683 [PLR 1:132].
CHILDREN (all born Plymouth):
i BENJAMIN, born say 1629; married (1) by 1654 Susanna Jenney, daughter of JOHN JENNEY (in her will of 4 April 1654 Sarah Jenney, widow of John Jenney, bequeathed to "my son Benjamin Bartlett," and to Mr. Thomas Cushman "the bible which was my daughter Susanna's" [MD 8:171-75, citing PCPR 1:17-21]); married (2) after 4 April 1654 Sarah Brewster, daughter of LOVE BREWSTER [MFIP Warren 10-12, citing PCR 4:80, 173-4]; married (3) before 21 January 1678 Sissilla _____ (named in his will of 21 August 1691 [MFIP Warren 10-12, citing PCLR 4:281; MQ 51:131-34]).
ii REBECCA, born say 1631; married Plymouth 20 December 1649 William Harlow [PCR 8:8].
iii MARY, born say 1633; married (1) Plymouth 10 September 1651 Richard Foster [PCR 8:13]; m. (2) Plymouth 8 July 1659 Jonathan Morey [PCR 8:22 (marriage contract dated 27 June 1659 [MD 14:16, citing PCLR 2:2:28a])].
iv SARAH, born say 1636; married Plymouth 23 December 1656 Samuel Rider [PCR 8:17].
v JOSEPH, born about 1639; married by about 1663 Hannah Pope, daughter of THOMAS POPE [MD 19:24, citing PLR 1:84]; "March the 12, 1710 My dear wife Hannah Bartlet died being near 72 years of age, myself being six months younger than she when she died ..." [NEHGR 101:279 (from family Bible)]. (If the date given for the death of Hannah is 12 March 1710/1, then she was probably born in the first half of 1639, which would place her husband's birth late in 1639.)
vi ELIZABETH, born say 1641; married Plymouth 26 December 1661 Anthony Sprague [PCR 8:23].
vii LYDIA, born 8 June 1648 [PCR 8:4, 291 (despite the fact that this is published as a birth of 1647, it is clear from the sequence of the records that it should be for 1648)]; married (1) by about 1670 James Barnaby [PCLR 3:297]; married (2) shortly after 30 October 1677 John Nelson as his second of three wives [TAG 56:33-34; MFIP Warren 16-17]; she died Plymouth 11 September 1691 [PVR 135].
viii MERCY, born 10 March 1650/1 [PCR 8:11]; married Plymouth 25 December 1668 John Joy of Boston [MFIP Warren 17; PCR 8:32 (not Ivey)].

COMMENTS: In 1959 John G. Hunt suggested that Robert Bartlett of Plymouth was the same as a Robert Bartlett baptized at Puddletown, Dorsetshire, on 27 May 1603, and twenty years later Paul Prindle published a fuller pedigree of this Dorsetshire family, but at the moment this proposed identification remains only a possibility [TAG 35:214, 55:164-70]. Robert of Puddletown had brother Benjamin and sisters Mary, Lydia and Elizabeth, all names used by Robert of Plymouth.

Clues as to the ages of the children of Robert Bartlett are sparse, and several attempts have been made to determine the birth order of the children. Aside from the evidence of birth dates for the last two children, the date of freemanship for son Benjamin and the age at death for son Joseph, our most useful information comes from the marriage dates for the older daughters. The statement has frequently been made that Benjamin must have been born by 6 June 1633, since he was made free on 6 June 1654 [PCR 3:48]. But he had by 4 April 1654 already married and buried one wife, and was soon to marry a second, which suggests a man a few years older than twenty-one in that year. If we place the birth of Benjamin in 1629, then we have a gap of about six or seven years in which to place daughters Rebecca and Mary (1629-1636), but to do this we must assume that they both married when they were about eighteen, rather than rely on our usual rule of marrying daughters at age twenty in the absence of other evidence. There would be nothing unusual about this, and the resulting sequence of births for the elder children is in agreement with the evidence. Note also that under almost any interpretation there is a gap of about six years between the births of the sixth and seventh children of this couple.

On 25 December 1635 Robert Bartlett took Richard Stinnings as an apprentice for nine years, his time to begin on 1 December 1635 [PCR 1:35]. On 4 August 1638, for £6 10s. and twenty bushels of Indian corn, John Barnes assigned to Robert Bartlett the remaining term of service of Thomas Shreive (being three years from the first day of August instant), Robert Bartlett also paying Shreive £3 6s. 8d., and Shreive agreeing to serve an additional year for another £5 [PCR 12:32].

BIBLIOGRAPHIC NOTE: The most complete treatment of Robert Bartlett and his family may be found in George E. Bowman's account of the descendants of RICHARD WARREN in MD 3:105-17. This article includes abstracts of all records relating to Robert Bartlett and complete transcripts of the probate documents and some critical deeds, and is only slightly marred by a misguided effort to represent dates in both Old Style and New Style. A shorter but also excellent account may be found in Moore Anc 60-72. Paul W. Prindle included a solid version of the family in his limited edition Ancestors and Descendants of Timothy Crosby Jr. (Orleans, Mass., 1981), 2:342-50. For a more recent brief presentation of this family see Robert S. Wakefield, Janice A. Beebe, et al., Richard Warren of the Mayflower ... (MFIP, 4th ed., 1991 [referred to above as MFIP Warren]), which carefully presents the evidence for the marriages of the children.
The Great Migration Begins
Additional information about this story
Robert Charles Anderson. Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 1620-33 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2000. Original data: Robert Charles Anderson. The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England, 162
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  1. This is a very helpful book, taking Robert (1603-1675) to his English roots, listing his parents [also Robert and Anne (Livingston, dau. of Richard)], and Robert Sr.'s parents, John Bartlett and Agnes Bengar.,+1675+Northampton,+Massachusetts+Indian&source=bl&ots=NTBUSDZKJE&sig=ACfU3U0bBr4dPS81o6EbwWSIF-AuKzJlUw&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjX2oX3gKngAhWtiOAKHTUqCW0Q6AEwDXoECAMQAQ#v=onepage&q=March%2014%2C%201675%20Northampton%2C%20Massachusetts%20Indian&f=false

  2. It looks like you are a descendant of the Robert Bartlett who arrived on the Lyon and settled in Hartford and not the Robert Bartlett who arrived on the Ann, settled in Plymouth, and married Mary Warren. I am not sure if you meant to include information on both

  3. On a webpage posted by, the following is indicated about George Bartlett, the immigrant, of Guilford, Connecticut:

    “Born in Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut Colony on 1630 to Robert Bartlett and Mary Warren. George BARTLETT, Deacon, Lt (1630-1669) (CT) married Mary Crittenden and had 8 children. He passed away on 2 AUG 1669 in Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut Colony”.

    Please note the following facts:

    1) George Bartlett was NOT born in Guilford, CT in 1630, as Guilford was not settled by the English till 1639 - NOR is there any evidence to connect George to his wife’s place of English origin, Hawkhurst, Kent, as some researchers indicate.
    2) There is NEITHER an original source citation NOR even a reasoned argument to support the alleged 1630 birth year. A reasoned argument can, however, be made for a birth year of “about 1620”.
    3) George Bartlett was NOT a son of Robert & Mary (Warren) Bartlett of Plymouth, MA. Their 8 children are well documented – namely: 1) Benjamin, 2) Rebecca, 3) Mary, 4) Sarah, 5) Joseph, 6) Elizabeth, 7) Lydia, and 8) Mercy – and George is not included. For reference, see Robert Charles Anderson, The Pilgrim Migration – Immigrants to Plymouth Colony 1620-1633, Great Migration Study Project, New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, 2004, 46 & 47.
    4) In 1650, George Bartlett married Mary (Cruttenden), daughter of Abraham Sr. & Elizabeth (Usborne) Cruttenden, in Guilford. To their union, were born 7 (NOT 8) known children - namely: 1) Elizabeth b 1653, 2) Mary b 1655, 3) John b 1656, 4) Hannah b 1658, 5) Deborah b 1660, 6) Daniel b 1665, and 7) Abraham b 1667.
    5) With regard to George Bartlett’s wife, the spelling of her surname in her baptismal entry in the Hawkhurst, Kent Parish Register, was “Cruttenden”, NOT “Crittenden”, (though admittedly there has been some interchangeability between the two orthographic renderings of the surname within the family).
    6) Per "Connecticut, Vital Records Prior to 1650 / the Barbour Collection” in the Connecticut State Library, he died 03 August, NOT 02 Aug 1669.
    7) Until the winter of 1664-65, Guilford was NOT located in the Colony of Connecticut, but rather in the New Haven Colony, which thereafter ceased to exist as a separate governmental entity.