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[Ancestral Link: Marguerite Anderson (Miller), daughter of Hannah Anderson (Anderson), daughter of Mary Margaret Edmiston (Anderson), daughter of Martha Jane Snow (Edmiston), daughter of Sarah Sawyer Hastings (Snow), daughter of Salome Burt (Hastings), daughter of Sarah Sawyer (Burt), daughter of Caleb Sawyer, son of Elizabeth Wheelock (Sawyer), daughter of Joseph Wheelock.]

History Quote from Ralph Wheelocks geneology page
Joseph Wheelock and his brother Samuel were heirs to their father's estate in Medfield, which they sold in 1690 to Joseph Plimpton. (Src: "History of Medfield", Tilden; Suffolk Deeds, 17-63). This, presumably marks the approximate date when Joseph moved to Lancaster. His brother, Timothy, is reported to have fought in an "expedition" against Canada circa 1688. He lived in Lancaster at the time, suggesting that Joseph may have arrived with his brother earlier than 1690. (Source: "The Story of Colonial Lancaster", by Marion Fuller Safford, 1937, The Tuttle Publishing Company, Rutland, Vt.)
"The Early Records of Lancaster, MA, 1643-1725", editted by Henry S. Nourse, Lancaster, 1884, makes numerous references to Joseph Wheelock.
During Queen Anne's War (1701-1713), Joseph Wheelock signed a petition along with 20 others, dated 1703, to His Excellency, Joseph Dudley, Esq., regarding, "Inasmuch as the inhabitants of the Town of Lancaster were driven out by the Enemy and the place wholly deserted, their maintenance of the Minister is now null and void". [pg 141]
A document, dated April 1704 lists all the garrisons of Lancaster. Joseph Wheelock is listed "on ye West Side Penicook River Called ye Neck - Serg't Josiah White, a Garrison Himselfe Comander - Joseph Wheelock, John Glazier, George Glazier, Joseph Glazier". [Pg. 143]
The Lancaster Vital Records record the date on which Joseph and his wife Elizabeth became members of the Church of Christ in Lancaster, under John Prentice, Pastor, 2 Feb 1728/29.
Joseph died in 1752, and left a will, Worcester County Probate case 63717. The will, written in 1743, lists (in order) his wife Elizabeth, eldest son Joseph, son Jonathan, eldest daughter Elizabeth Sawyer, daughters Mary Osgood, Abigail Eames, Ruth Houghton, Martha Houghton, granddaughter Dorothy Eames, and son John Wheelock, to whom he leaves all his real estate and appoints as the sole executor of the estate. Joseph added a codicil in 6 Mar 1752 (1750?) ammeding the will to reflect the death of his wife, which is recorded in the Lancaster VRs as 9 Feb 1751. The will was proved 20 July 1752.
The birth order of Joseph's children is uncertain. It is given here in marriage order, which is consistent with the will.
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