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[Ancestral Link: Marguerite Anderson (Miller), daughter of Hannah Anderson (Anderson), daughter of Mary Margaret Edmiston (Anderson), daughter of Martha Jane Snow (Edmiston), daughter of Sarah Sawyer Hastings (Snow), daughter of Salome Burt (Hastings), daughter of Enos Burt, son of Asahel Burt, son of Joseph Burt, son of Mary Holton (Burt), daughter of Mary Winche (Holton).]

Birth: unknown, England
Death: November 16, 1691, Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts, USA
Buried with Deacon William Holden, one of the founders of Northampton. Stone with plaque erected by the Holton Family Association 1938.
Burial: Bridge Street Cemetery, Northampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts, USA
Find A Grave Memorial# 27682091

William Holton plaque, Bridge Street Cemetery, Northampton, Massachusetts
Deacon William Holton

Born 1610 - Died Aug 2 1691

Mary, His Wife

Died Nov 16 1691

Erected by the Holton Family Association 1938
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William Holton (1610-1691) and wife Mary - Immigrants

1600s , England & CT & MA
William Holton (1610-1691) at age 23 sailed aboard the "Francis" from Ipswich, England in April of 1634 and arrived at Charlestown, MA and then Boston, MA in June of 1634. In the summer of 1636 Reverend T. Hooker led a large party to include William Holton to Suckiaug (soon Hartford). At about this time William Holton married Mary Winche (ancestry sought!) and all 8 of their children were born in Hartford. William Holton received a land grant on the south side of little River by 1637/8 and his house was at the corner of present-day Capitol Avenue and Washington Street (the site of today's Connecticut State Library) and his pasture lot was further south and west.
In 1653 William Holton was one of the settlers of Hartford who petitioned the General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony to allow them to establish a settlement at Nonotuck (soon Northampton) on the west bank of the Connecticut River 20 miles north of Springfield. In 1654 William Holton's was one of four families to move to Northampton and build log cabins and plant crops on land purchased from the Indians. William Holton paid his portion in pork and thus disposed of some of his stock in the autumn of 1653 before moving to Northampton, MA. In 1654 William Holton and others built a Town Hall at Northampton. In 1655 they petitioned the General Court to establish a government at Northampton and on 23 May 1655 that petition was granted and Willian Holton and 2 others were appointed as commissioners "to end all small causes according to law" with larger matters to be referred to Springfield. William Holton appears to have served as commissioner/magistrate there 1655-1660. William Holton was a Northampton selectman from 1657 on and elected Freeman in March 1662. In June 1661 the Northampton church was organized and William Holton and his wife and their 3 adult daughters signed that covenant. William Holton was ordained the first deacon at Northampton on 13 May 1663. William Holton was made a Sergeant of the Northampton Tranband in 1661 and this was confirmed in August 1662 after he became a Freeman. William Holton was Northampton's Representative to the General Court at Boston in 1664 (the second year that Northampton was so represented) and he was also Representative for 1665, 1666, 1667, 1670, and 1671 for Northampton. William Holton was Representative for Hadley (a town the General Court had directed William Holton and others to lay out) in 1669. William Holton was also appointed to a number of important committees (ie to lay out Hadley, to lay out Northfield, etc.). During King Philips War there was an Indian raid at Northampton, MA in 1676 and William Holton's son Thomas Holton was killed. William Holton's home on present-day Pleasant Street was the only house inside the palisade that was burned down. William Holton had no will as his property was distributed before his death. William Holton's estate inventory on 24 November 1691 was for L68 1s. On 30 March 1692 William Holton's descendants signed an agreement dividing this estate. William Holton was "a man of sincere piety as well as recognized intelligence".
Daughter Rachel Holton (born 1645) married first Thomas Strong (1636-1689) in 1671 at Northampton, MA and their 11 children were all born there. Widow Rachel Holton Strong in 1698 married second Nathan Bradley and they lived at East Guilford/Madison, CT.
Sources: Genealogical Dictionary, Savage, 1860; The History of the Descendants of Elder John Strong by B. W. Dwight, 1871; Memoranda ... by J. G. Leach, 1894; FDR's colonial Ancestors by A. P. Johnson; Genealogy of the Descendants in America of William Holton by E. P. Holton
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Rowland Stebbins and his family (wife, four children, and Mary Winche, age 15 -- probably a servant girl) took shipping on the ship "Francis," out of Ipswich, on the last day of April, 1634; the parents took the required oath of allegiance and thereby cleared the Ipswich Custom House on November 12 ofthe same year. The explanation for the delay between the two dates is unknown. They probably landed at Boston in late 1634 or early 1635, and may have initially settled in Roxbury (Rowland is believed to have been a friend of William Pynchon, one of the founders of Roxbury). About 1639 the family moved to Springfield, which had been founded by William Pynchon three years earlier. Rowland's name appears in a variety of Springfield town records between 1640 and 1664,
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Mary is not Winche
Mary (?)1
F, b. 1619, d. 16 November 1691
Mary was born in 1619 probably at Ipswich, County Suffolk, England.2 Rowland Stebbins and his family resided at Roxbury. Mary was probably a niece who had come under his care after the decease of her parents. Mary married William Holton, son of Edward Holton and Constance Adkindson, circa 1636 at Roxbury, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. Some say her maiden name was "Winche". A Mary Wince, age 14 years, immigrated with Rowland Stebbins in 1634.3,4 Mary departed this life on Friday, 16 November 1691 at age 72 years. She & her husband both died of a disease thought to be epidemic in the Connecticut River settlements.5 The inventory of Mary's estate was taken on Saturday, 24 November 1691 for a total worth of 68 pounds. [RFS:Estate] estate records are located. Neither William or Mary had a will. Their estate was left to be shared by their children. Their oldest son, John received a double portion and the others each a share. An agreement was signed by their sons: John, Samuel & William and son-in-laws: Thomas Lyman & Joseph Root.
Children of Mary (?) and William Holton
Mary Holton+ b. c 1637, d. b 19 Dec 1718
Sarah Holton b. c 1638
Ruth Holton b. c 1640
John Holton b. c 1642, d. 14 Apr 1712
William Holton b. c 1644, d. Dec 1711
Rachel Holton b. c 1650
[S81] Mary Lovering Holman, Ancestory of Colonel John Harrington Stevens & his wife Frances Helen Miller, pp. 390-391.
[S506] Note: Her maiden name may have bee "Winche". A Mary Winche immigrated on the same ship with WilliIam Holton. It is not believed by this author to be so, klmImmigration:The ship "Francis" left Ipswich in April 1634 under the command of Captain John Cutting, landing at Boston, Massachusetts. Abraham had in his possession a certificate allowing departure. Listed among the ship's passengers were Rowland Stebbins and his family along with Mary Winche age 15 years.
[S81] Mary Lovering Holman, Ancestory of Colonel John Harrington Stevens & his wife Frances Helen Miller, pages 390-391.
[S757] Edward Payson Holton, A Genealogy of the Descendants in America of William Holton of Hartford, Connecticut and Northhampton, Massachusetts.
[S757] Edward Payson Holton, A Genealogy of the Descendants in America of William Holton of Hartford, Connecticut and Northhampton, Massachusetts, page 7 - William's wife Maary died 16 November 1691 - both died of a disease thought to be epidemic in the Connecticut River settlements - no will was left by either - inventory for both - 24 November 1691 totaling 68 poungs The oldest son John received a double portion. The agreement was signed by the sons John, Samuel & William and son-in-laws: Thomas Lyman, Joseph Root.
A MAry Winch supposedly Married Richard Everett at Dedham bet. 1636 and 1642 (The Compendium of American Genealogy, Vol. III)
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